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Chetu has an in-depth understanding of the various segments that make up the finance and banking industry. We work closely with software providers to develop comprehensive technology solutions that address their businesses' developmental needs, while ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. Chetu has delivered innovative software solutions that powers the products and services used by hundreds of leading companies, plus thousands of their customers. Our software development solutions span the entire financial gamut.

Payment Gateways & Payment Processor Integration Solutions

  • Platforms for credit cards, debit cards, EMV Cards, fleet cards, ACH, EBT, and electronic check processing
  • Web based authentication, authorization, capture mechanisms, secure e-transactions, and payment gateways
  • Check-21 solutions for check truncation, imaging, creation, archival, and retrieval
  • Electronic bill presentment / payment (EBPP) - consumer to business payments
  • Electronic invoice presentment / payment (EIPP) - business to business payments

Banking Software Development

  • Integration and migration of legacy applications and infrastructure for mobile and remote banking
  • Online banking website development and programming web based authentication, secure e-transactions, and payment gateways
  • ATM and self-service kiosk software
  • Personalized financial management dashboards for Fraud protection and monitoring
  • CRM, data warehousing, and dashboard solutions
  • Our services address regulatory issues including anti-money laundering, SOX, check 21, Dodd- Frank, and consumer privacy compliance

Mortgage and Loan Software Programming

  • Credit and lending application and approval software
  • Loan and mortgage origination, amortization, processing, tracking, and servicing software applications
  • Debt collection and consolidating
  • Real estate databases
  • Mobile applications for field appraisers and inspection solutions
  • Servicing and foreclosure software

Insurance Software Development Solutions

  • Claims management systems and claims data Integration (ACORD)
  • Mobile insurance applications
  • Catastrophe management tools and loss recovery solutions
  • Adjuster tools, workflow automation, and inspection solutions
  • Fraud Protection & Monitoring Applications

Merchant-Payment Acquisition Software Engineering

  • Custom e-commerce and shopping cart plug-ins
  • EMV software development and POS hardware integration
  • Mobile payments, ATM, and kiosks
  • Merchant and ISO / MSP self-service portals
  • Back-office integration with accounting software
  • Point of sale and mobile POS development and integration
  • Merchant funding software

Capital Markets Software Solutions

  • Scheduling solutions and portfolio management
  • Automation workflow management software
  • Client reporting / monitoring and client portals
  • Advisor resources and portals
  • Mobile and tablet applications
  • Business intelligence software solutions
  • Integration of live news and historical data feeds for U.S. and foreign markets with custom analytics software engineering

Accounting, Financial Management, and Tax Prep Software Development

  • Cloud accounting systems with real-time financial overview
  • Engineering accounts payable and receivable modules
  • Fixed asset tracking with depreciation modules
  • Engineering supply chain management and logistics programs with COGS calculators
  • Accounting Information Systems (AIS) integrated with business intelligence applications
  • 3rd party integration services with popular accounting programs including Peachtree, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamic GP

If software providers are to remain competitive within the financial industry they must be prepared to meet the challenges brought on by new technologies and strict government regulations. Enablers must harness contemporary software solutions that facilitate superior customer services, enhanced user interactions, and streamlined internal processes. For more information about Chetu's services within the finance and banking industry, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing more about our high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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