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At Chetu, we provide custom software development services and IT staffing solutions for businesses of every size, across all industries. We optimize development lifecycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology and industry expertise. We are a seamless back-end technology partner providing transparent communication and scalability, keeping projects on time and within budget. Contact us now to discuss your transportation software development needs.

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Chetu's Custom Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Management Software Services

  • We integrate with all existing infrastructures of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including inductive loop systems, traffic management centers, traffic cameras, Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN), Commercial Vehicle Roadside Information Sorting System (CRISS), and Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
  • We develop software for xFCD (Extended Floating Car Data) to collect and disseminate information from vehicle telematics systems
  • Our implementation capabilities include custom Traffic Management System (TMS) applications
  • We develop software for roadside detection technology including CCTV, infrared and RFID sensors, plus inductive loop detectors, and other monitoring devices
  • We program real-time traffic monitoring software to seamlessly integrate with the (ITS) infrastructure
  • We implement firmware solutions for Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), traffic camera monitoring, roadway access controllers, ramp metering, and other equipment
  • We program software for Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) and Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • We seamlessly integrate with existing or new dynamic signage and route guidance system technologies
  • We implement Floating Car Data software applications across standard wireless communications (IEE 802.11) networks
  • We develop custom algorithms to detect and analyze traffic patterns, allowing for traffic flow improvements
  • We implement security protocols and randomly generate generic trip IDs to insure no personally identifiable information (no login data, UDID, etc.) or unauthorized data is shared without consent
  • We engineer Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication platforms for automobile safety and mobility technology

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  • American Public Transportation Association
  • International Parking Institute
  • National Business Aviation Association

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