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What is Environmental Management Technology?

What is Environmental Management System?

By: Prem Khatri


Environmental Waste

One of mankind's biggest social issue within society has been the management of waste. Environmental waste is a problem that affects every person, plant, and animal on the planet. However, waste is defined as the result of living organisms consuming raw materials. When companies dispatch waste into the environment improperly our environment responds and reacts to changes in the ecosystem. As our world's economic infrastructure grows so does our carbon footprint. Luckily, there are organizations dedicated to regulating the amount of waste we produce and how the waste is disposed. Non-compliances of those regulations result in imposed production halts and fines to corporate entities.

Businesses implement custom programming to help monitor and gauge their PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) using industry-specific Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software. An EMS focuses on effective and efficient ways to recycle and dispose of waste through seamless automation and notification triggers. EMS software can be scaled for large city municipals or small enterprise production factories. A custom-tailored EMS with an operational database solution works in the background to collect and produce data for full-scale reporting. Configuration of multi-user capabilities allows real-time reporting of GIS mapping and geospatial technology to and from the field to provide live database updates and up to the minute server communication. EMS integration effectively monitors the production cycle of waste regulated by local, state and federal entities.

ISO industry compliance standardization seals

ISO industry compliance standardization seals.

Who is the ISO? What does the ISO do?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide environmental organization. They develop ISO compliances for responsible business standards. Regionally they provide businesses with guidelines for sustainable consumption and waste production allowed into the environmental eco-system.

The ISO creates standardization that affects all industries to provide environmental guidance and social responsibility globally. Environmental management technology implements the standardization set by the ISO into custom software development to ensure compliance obligations.

Green eco-friendly city with socially responsible corporations

Green eco-friendly city with socially responsible corporations.

Why is corporate social responsibility important?

It is imperative that organizations not only produce quality merchandise and services, but those goods also have to be produced through legal and ethical measures. Organizations are obligated to be socially responsible to the communities they operate in.

Integrity is a corporate responsibility that is especially important to the socially conscious Millennial workforce. Understanding the buying power of the Millennial generation means knowing they are partial to "green" living. The greater an organization can tout a minimal impact on the environment and eco-systems the more attractive their products become to this generation. The integration of environmental management technology will assure corporations of their social responsibility by being able to monitor compliance and risk management using an EMS.


What urgencies do auditing and compliance present?

The information collected from audits should be used to make operational changes to save a business both time and money. Compliance software development is important because failure to comply with industry standardization often results in low productivity, work stoppages, and possibly closures. Auditing allows an organization to understand where they are not in compliance and presents an opportunity on how to avoid the error using environmental management technology.

EMS compliance software keeps organizations honest by balancing productivity with legality. Notification triggers and document management solutions are built-in capabilities designed to automate non-compliance status audits to authorized personnel for a quick and timely resolution.

Custom development of environmental compliance software will help to avoid production halts and fines are taxing to a company.

Interconnectivity of environmental management technology Chetu uses for EMS platform development

Interconnectivity of environmental management technology Chetu uses for EMS platform development.

EMS Software Modification and Development.

Chetu, Inc. is a leader for custom software development using the current trends in technology. The ability to develop custom platforms with these technologies is why Chetu's software development surpasses the expectations of clients. Facilities that utilize custom environmental management software have a huge advantage over those that do not. The integration of environmental management software allows for efficient ways for businesses to monitor and dispose of waste production. The goal of waste management software is to effectively create better ways of collecting and disposal of waste.

Compliance software helps organizations remain within ISO standards set for industries globally.

Chetu can create custom environmental management systems and combine all of the above software on one platform. Our extensive expertise can also modify existing environmental management systems to integrate environmental management technologies such as auditing capabilities, waste management, risk management, GIS mapping, geospatial technology, compliance or operational database software for optimal and robust EMS solutions.


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