Developing Field Service Applications for Mortgage Professionals

Developing Field Service Applications for Mortgage Professionals

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Jim Garlock

Jim Garlock

By the end of 2014, reported that 1.1 million properties in the United States had undergone foreclosure proceedings. That number, which is rather unsettling, represents the lowest figure that the market has seen since the housing market bubble burst in 2006. With millions of properties needing to be serviced, mortgage and real-estate professionals have been inundated with an abundance of labor intensive tasks. Hence, the necessity to be more resourceful and efficient has become paramount in order to maintain success. This presents a lucrative opportunity for software proprietors to capitalize on by offering field service management applications.

Managing a plethora of properties without a unique field service application is a nearly impossible feat. When used properly, a robust field service application can boost productivity and accuracy, encourage accountability, reduce costs and wastes, plus minimize turnover times. Quoting a senior IT project manager Bill Cook from Safeguard Properties, a prominent provider of property management services, “Even a 5% increase in field service accuracy can translate to significant speed and cost savings on back-end processing.” ( To achieve better accuracy with field service software it is pertinent that software providers develop apps with the ability to accelerate and streamline daily operations while enabling agents to maintain high service quality standards.

Utilizing Mobile Hardware and Software Capabilities

Modern smartphones and tablets possess immense computing power. This has made them instrumental tools in the mortgage field service industry. Mortgage field service software should take full advantage of the inherent hardware capabilities. Mobile access provides the ability to capture and upload photos and videos, record geo-location, and produce time stamps. These features address incessant issues that have plagued the mortgage field services industry. Many mortgage professionals have struggled to manage inconsistencies in services reported as complete, to the actual level of service provided. Accountability is key and implementing features that provide management with the ability to verify that satisfactory services are being rendered in real-time is important.

The ability to capture and upload photos and videos is beneficial in a variety of ways including electronic documenting of evidence of damage, before and after photos of services administered, and reducing paper waste and expenses. And through the use of geo-coordinates, commonly used in location APIs such as Google Maps, the location of service personnel can be established, viewed by management, and recorded with a time stamp.

Mortgage Software Development SolutionsGeo-location features are also instrumental for field service entities to allocate assets and monitor resources in the field. Telematics software enables real-time speed, location, fuel consumption, mileage, and driver behavior diagnostics modules. Through time stamping and GPS location, assets can be confirmed on location and on schedule, providing oversight and encouraging due diligence in respect to appraisals, title search, deeds, and inspections. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software arbitrates and transmits locations in real-time by triangulating the precise location of the vehicle using GPS satellites. With the information provided from robust analytics software fleet managers can use the statistics to fine-tune operations.

The Advantages of a Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based technology is spread across on-site, mobile, and web platforms and is an instrumental part of offering any hybrid application. Cloud based technology is a huge necessity for field service software as it provides a central online repository platform for service workers to easily access work orders, customer information, and important details. It enables a platform with online and offline synchronization which allows data to be cached and accessed locally until it is ready to be uploaded or syndicated to other devices and databases. Data can be collected without being connected to the internet and when the connections are reestablished data will automatically be transmitted without further user interaction. Preloaded forms can be accessed and edited in real-time no matter how remote a location.

Other Integrations

Completing the full picture for a single and robust solution field service application, the ability to interface with critical back-office platforms and other 3rd party applications is a key feature. Integrating with current software such as QuickBooks, Xactimate, and Sage ensures seamless migration of data and business operations continuity. Field service management software utilizes API proven system integration to mesh with the applicable 3rd party software to help expedite workflow speed and efficiency.

The above features permit mortgage field services professionals to operate efficiently. Some mortgage professionals may prefer to pursue turnkey solutions in an effort to placate their field service software needs, but one key does not fit every lock. Mortgage field service software should be able to be customized to the unique needs of the customer. Chetu’s world-class custom software development services can fulfill your mortgage field service software development needs. Contact the mortgage field service software development experts today to discover what we can do for you!

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