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The Chetu Perspective: Creating a Custom Campground Reservation App

Written by Prem Khatri Posted July 24, 2017 by Carolina
Prem Khatri

Prem Khatri


For approximately 13 years, the client has operated in the Custom Computer Programming Services business/industry within the Business Services sector, specializing in providing services to the United States Postal Service focusing on hardware and equipment development and software and application development. The client approached Chetu, a certified software development company with vast experience developing and integrating custom software, with the idea of developing an application for reserving camping locations throughout the US.

The Problem

The application needed to serve distinct functions such as an online application to do the reservation (booking engine), registration and related activities along with the ability to view reports. A Windows application needed to be created to be used at the park site for POS transactions and for campers to check-in/out. A booking engine also needed to be created to use business rules to do the reservation. Additionally, the customer wanted to use a content management tool to give each park/camping ground a different look and feel.

During development, the team was faced a number of hurdles:

  • Business Requirements Changed – Chetu overcame this challenge by documenting each requirement and mapping it with the appropriate release. Coming up with a project plan for each release in the process.

  • Different business rules for reservations by each campground – Chetu had custom logic built for reservation types. For example, flexibility to mark the minimum reservation window.

  • Each Campground had different facilities/features – Chetu created a mass list of features/facilities that campers can select from when searching for campgrounds.

The Solution

Chetu utilized tools like MS.Net, ASP.Net, C#, DotNetNuke (CMS tool), and MS SQL Server 2005 to create a campground reservation application that is able to do following:

For Campground Owners:

  • Ability to setup new campgrounds and add pictures/facilities.

  • Select/define the reservation rules

  • Make reservations and accept the payments through a payment gateway

  • Manage reservations through a detailed dashboard.

For Campers:

  • Online system with ability to search Parks based on state/zip code as well as search based on the features/activities/site types (Cabin/RV/RV sites)

  • Make online reservations where users are able to see detailed nightly rates

  • Select classes and activities to do during stay at the campground


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