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What is a Property Management System?

Why is it Important and What Factors Should You Consider?

By: Pravin Vazirani


What Exactly is Property Management Software?

Property management software (PMS) is an application that helps manage a number of different operations in the hospitality industry. Often regarded as a hotel operating system or a hotel OS, it provides accommodations for commercial and residential properties.

These accommodations include making reservations, delegating everyday tasks, and increasing a company’s online presence. Let’s review how each accommodation can improve the efficiency of companies within the hospitality industry.

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Why is it Important?

Streamline the Reservation Process

One of the main reasons why PMS software is important for hotels and other hospitality businesses is its ability to streamlines reservation processes. No one wants to wait in line to check in or out of a hotel.

It should be the goal of every hospitality company to quickly check people in or out. However, the benefit isn’t just limited to the guests.

A hotel using a PMS will be in position to increase its productivity as well as provide excellent guest experiences for visitors.

Organize Everyday Tasks

Waiting for maintenance is a thing of the past. Organizations would better delegate tasks such as maintenance requests, as soon as they are inputted in the system.

In addition the software will help a hotel or hospitality organization work more efficiently by automating mundane task so employees can focus more on the customer. With the ability to automate the delegation of everyday tasks, hotels will be in position to improve their overall operations.

Increased Online Presence

In this day and age, it’s highly important for companies to increase its presence on the internet. A PMS system can help provide the needed exposure by allowing companies to receive reservations online 24/7.

It will make it easier for potential guest to find hotels and book directly with the company without having to speak to a representative. As a result, businesses will be in better position to increase its bookings, as well as increase overall revenue.

Increased Online Presence

Custom vs Off-the-Shelf Software

Whenever a hospitality business is looking to choose a PMS software, a choice needs to be made between custom software development, or an off-the-shelf software product.

Both of these software packages have their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, any business that is looking to get the most out of their software will be better off if they get the custom PMS software.

Here is why custom PMS software is the better option including exceptional integration operations with existing software, more cost effective long term, and also provides businesses with an edge over the competition.

Better Integration with Existing Equipment

When using the custom PMS software, hotels will be able to install it and integrate the software with other programs without needing any equipment. This can allow the process of integration to be much easier as well as save money.

Cost Effective Long Term

The upfront cost of custom PMS software is higher however you will save money in the long run by avoiding ongoing license fees. Since it is not packaged software, you will not have to pay this licensing fee every year.

Also, since it is a built in software that is made for your business, you won’t have to replace it every year like you have to with out of the box software.

Edge Over the Competition

Stand out among the competition through the use of custom software. Who knows your business and your customers better than you?

By creating a custom software designed specifically for your company and your guest’s needs, you will have an edge your competitors cannot replicate.

Software Makes a Good Impression on Guests

Using custom PMS software will help make a very good impression on guests. It will indicate to guests that the hotel is very reliable and is able to provide fast and efficient service.

Additionally, having a service that is both agile and efficient, guests will be more likely to stay at the hotel in the future, or recommend it to others.

Software Makes a Good Impression on Guests

Clear Communication

When a hotel uses custom PMS software, it will ensure clear lines of communication between all of the departments.

With clear lines of communication between departments, the hotel will be able to easily operate and work towards providing the best possible accommodations to each guest.

No Double Bookings

Using custom PMS software will allow a hotel to avoid double bookings. The software will be easily accessible to managers and employees while keeping them updated on all of the available hotel rooms and hotel operations.

This will help save time as well as assist guests with securing a room without any complications. As a result, it will help provide a good overall experience for guest.

More Focus on Guests

By using a custom PMS software, businesses reduce the likelihood of having technical issues. It will allow them to focus on their guests and streamlined software will also help save time with their daily processes.

As a result, employees will be in position to spend more time interacting with guests and providing them with a very personalize experience at all times.

Installing software can be a bit tricky and complicated. As a business in the hospitality industry, it is important that valuable time is never wasted. When looking for a software package that is easy to install and integrate, the custom PMS software is the better option to use.

It provides hotel staff with an easy to integrate software that will work will with the rest of their equipment. As a result, a business will be able to save time and continue to conduct its daily operations without any unnecessary interruptions.

For more information, visit our property management software page.


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