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Written by Jim Garlock
Jim Garlock

Jim Garlock

Two weeks ago, we landed in Salt Lake City to attend Xactware®'s 2018 Conference, Elevate. For three days, we were completely immersed in a melting pot of contractors, insurance and independent adjustors, and software providers all tapping into the same wealth of information and linked together by the unified belief that Xactware® offers boundless potential for growth.

The conference represented a time of convergence, where providers merged with operators, a time that allowed us to engage directly with our target market—Xactware® software users seeking implementation services and others leveraging their own unique solutions and looking to expand through addition development.

Chetu, a proud provider of Xactware® software services, had the chance to listen and understand what the market is in need of. In doing so, we were able to see technology from our clients' vantage point, learning which technologies harmonize with Xactware® and how our engineers can leverage them more effectually.

More friendly approach working an estimate on a tablet

Xactimate® Reigns Over the Xactware® System

Xactimate® has surely made a name for itself, representing Xactware® as its flagship solution. As an industry leader, Xactimate® offers users exact, precise, and real-time estimates, allowing insurance claims to process more quickly than ever before.

Xactimate® will give you a myriad of solutions that will allow you as builder, contractor or adjuster to get answers and precise costs during the building, rebuilding, renovating or repairing process.

With Geomni™ Roof, Xactimate® will give you exact data

An Elevated Way of Thinking

Xactware® has joined efforts with Geonmi, a sister company from Verisk, and now will be able to add information from significant heights. During this announcement Mike Fulton, President of Xactware®, reminisced about his time as a contractor, poking fun at the technological deficits that existed during that time to illustrate how far we have come.

Many individuals in the audience could relate deeply to his tribulations, the risk contractors take as they collect roof measurements while balancing on a ladder. Thanks to Xactimate®, those days are gone.

Jeffrey C. Taylor, Geomni™'s President, joined Fulton announcing the new capabilities of Xactware®'s Xactimate® System by adding Geomni™'s data generated by Geomni™ Property, Geomni™ Roof, or Geomni™ Roof Essentials allowing aerial views for almost of 100% of the US territory- provided by drones, fixed-wind aircrafts or mobile solutions.

Claims Processing at Lightening Speed

Last year, weather affected the lives of millions of people across the world. We are still suffering the effects of Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate during the past hurricane season.

To better service the insurance community with all kind of tools to address property claims, Xactware® is totally committed of working on research and development.

The Xactware® system has made leaps and bounds in disaster recovery research and their tools continue to evolve to better access damages. This past year Xactware® has improved access to post-catastrophe imagery, engineering a platform where operators can access 3-D renditions of storm damage.

In addition, Xactware® offers flood estimating features and storm tracking mechanisms that coexist within a singular system. Following natural disasters, quick insurance claim processing is paramount to recovery; policy holders are dependent on those claims to begin rebuilding their lives following the wreckage.

To accommodate, Xactware® has become increasingly AI friendly, incorporating artificial intelligence tools that prefill insurance claims from the data provided into their preexisting systems. Ultimately, Xactware® aims to provide the technology to resolve claims immediately. Because fast processing often raises the question of vulnerability to fraud, they have taken precautionary measures with XactAnalysis, the company's business management tool. This tool integrates with ISO ClaimSearch® to help detect potential fraud.

Finding a Developer

Often we hesitate prior to employing new systems, simply because there's no guarantee the new technology will collaborate productively with our preexisting system. Those without a development team, and sometimes even those who leverage those skills in-house, may encounter limited bandwidth and resources that prevent them from implementing the Xactware® systems they need to user their enterprise into a new era.

Fortunately, Chetu offers one-stop-shop Xactware® development solutions. Through our commitment, we evolve alongside Xactware®, learning with their technology as it grows in order to service our clients with the most intelligent code to-date.

We offer Xactware® development, platform architecture, integrations, and implementations, all tailored to the client at hand and their individual business model. After deciding Xactware® will revolutionize your claims processing and revive your native workflow, Chetu is certainly there to make the transition painless.


Chetu does not affect the opinion of this article. Any mention of a specific software, company or individual does not constitute an endorsement from either party unless otherwise specified. This blog should not be construed as legal advice.

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