Beacon Integration to Branded Apps

Beacon Integration to Branded Apps to Increase Customer Loyalty

Written by Dave Wood Posted December 13, 2016 by Carolina
Dave Wood

Dave Wood

When Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons were first introduced, retailers were among the first to jump on board. Marketers quickly realized they could leverage beacon technology and other Location-Based Services (LBS) to help them track how customers behave in stores and guide them into doing certain actions. Such technologies become especially beneficial to have during the holiday season when potential shoppers who are looking for great deals are most accessible.

Beacons range in size and signal strength. In most cases, they are small devices that can be placed on the walls of stores, both inside and out. The signal they produce travels one-way to nearby mobile devices, transmitting relevant information and targeted messages to likely patrons.

A beacon can detect the position of a customer in a store and send coupons to their mobile device for the specific product they may be looking at. If the customer has the store's app on their device, the beacon can also send special offers for items they may have been eyeing in-store. In some settings, they have even been placed inside mannequins in window displays to encourage passersby to enter.

Ultimately, beacons give marketers the advantage of tracking a shopper's behavior and they can utilize this invaluable information to identify if they need to make changes to the store layout or merchandise flow displays, as well as offer loyal clients customized offers and discounts. Additionally, retailers can observe the activity of their staff to ensure the store is being maintained and operated according to industry standards.

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