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Written by Aaron Harker, founder of CanQualify and Gaurav Sharma, Director of Operations at Chetu Posted August 29, 2017 by Carolina
Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Client Overview

Founded in 2015, CanQualify, LLC operates within the supply chain and logistics industry, focusing on connecting the world's largest companies with the safest and most qualified suppliers.

Aaron Harker, founder of CanQualify, noticed an absence of customer service, communication, standardized technology, and overall lack of care about the suppliers.

To address these issues, he sought out to develop a web-based portal for supplier compliance, where companies can track the performance of suppliers working for them.

The Project

Despite the fact that they had previously hired a developer to create this software, the project had seen very little progress. Chetu's cost-effective model was inexpensive compared to what Harker had already invested, and unlike his previous developer, Harker experienced a closer connection with the Chetu team and felt more involved in the development process.

His requirements for this platform were straightforward. The software needed to feature a user-friendly interface that was clean and easy for customers to navigate through. Both parties (companies and suppliers) needed to have their own accounts. Companies had to have the capability to setup a pre qualification form for their suppliers. Every year, these forms must be completed by the suppliers working for the companies. Should a supplier not provide the required details, the system would need to notify the companies.

If a supplier were qualified for "Company A," then they would likely also be qualified for "Company B." This was the logic behind CanQualify's software. By designing the platform as a quote consortium, information would be shared on a network. Suppliers would also be ranked using specific colors to facilitate the process of identifying the most qualified candidates.

Overcoming Obstacles

Based on a supplier's NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code, Harker wanted to be able to set benchmarks for suppliers based on industry risk and average industry safety statistics.

To solve this problem, Chetu implemented the associated industry (NAICS) code with the associated industry risk into the CanQualify database allowing the companies to assign specific benchmarks to a specific industry. This allows a supplier to qualify based on industry risk reducing the burden on the supplier and still meet the company's internal standards. For example, a low-risk janitor would not be required to submit the same verification documents that a high-risk electrician would be required.

The Results

Chetu utilized technologies like CakePHP, MySQL, and HTML5 to create a web-based, cloud-based platform with a robust database for measuring supplier compliance that also features different functions and user levels for clients and suppliers.


  • Can create custom login credentials for different departments and user types (admin, basic or view only.

  • Can see the compliance report at different levels. Chetu grouped all the sites (each work location) under the following hierarchy:

    • Corporate(Highest)
      • Corporate administrator can see the list of all suppliers working in the organization.

    • Region or Business Unit
      • The regional or business unit administrator can only see the list of all the contractors working in a specific region or business unit.

    • Site
      • The site administrator can only see the list of all the suppliers working on a site.

  • Can search for supplier from the list of those who meet their criteria.

  • Can see all the contractors who are not fulfilling the criteria in red.

  • Can send reminders to the suppliers to complete the required tasks.


  • Can create a login for themselves.

  • Can see the list of all the clients he/she can work for.

  • If a supplier is working for multiple companies then they will only complete the deltas between the companies worked for.

In terms of the revenue model, suppliers are only charged for the verifications needed by the companies. Because of this design, CanQualify is able to provide verifications at a reduced cost to the suppliers. Chetu integrated an online payment feature for the suppliers to securely submit payments.

"For [Chetu] to understand what we were needing… that really helped us cut down on costs and development," says Aaron Harker, founder of CanQualify. "For anyone who is on the fence about outsourcing software development I usually say, 'Look, just do it. You need an IT company, call Chetu, they're great.' "

The collaboration between Chetu and Harker has also enabled CanQualify to be a finalist in the international 2017 SaaS Awards qualifying in three categories, Best Analytics, Best Supply Chain Management Tool and Best Newcomer.


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