Web Portal can Keep Travel Agencies

Having a Quality Web Portal can Keep Travel Agencies Alive

Written by Michelle Ogden Posted December 01, 2016 by Carolina

Online travel booking engines have transformed the way individuals and businesses plan vacations and trips. Travelers no longer need to find an agency to prepare their itineraries now that contemporary technologies have given them the ability to book trips with the push of a button.

The majority of booking engines available in the market today can compare travel data across myriad travel sites and distribution systems. The convenience these technologies offer has increasingly been overlooked as they become more and more of a necessary norm.

Maintaining a presence on the internet has become essential, and travel entities cannot neglect the importance of having a first-rate web portal. Travel booking businesses need a custom website that provides an easy-to-navigate User Interface (UI) and a good User Experience (UX) to distinguish themselves in a saturated market. To not do so means falling behind the competition and into obscurity.

Developing a Powerful SPMS for Cruise Line Operators

Developing a Powerful SPMS for Cruise Line Operators

Written by Michelle Ogden and Seth Burger Posted March 11, 2015 by Carolina

As cruise ships increase in size to accommodate more passengers and amenities, cruise operators are employing the use of powerful Ship Property Management Systems (SPMS) to propel operations. Similar in function to hotel PMSs the SPMS is a central database and information aggregate from the latitudinous range of software that is leveraged to manage and streamline on-board and onshore operations. Software proprietors have a prime opportunity to offer SPMS software by tailoring existing PMS software or developing unique modules to be integrated in that specifically target the needs of cruise line operators. A complete and powerful SPMS platform encompasses a central reservation system, crew and fleet management software, material management, plus food and beverage management.


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