By Pravin Vazirani

Client Overview

The client has been an established pioneer in the payment industry for over 18 years. Their network was formed with the intent to help businesses reduce expenses, improve efficiencies in the bill remittance process, and to create the easiest method and the broadest choice for customers to make payments. The client caters their services to industries like Utility, Municipality, Property Management and Health Care, and allows businesses to accept all sorts of payment types including cash, credit cards, checks, lockbox, and online bill payments. The objective of the application it to implement a payment flow developed for the Verifone VX-520 terminal.

Automation Application For Verifone
Automation Application For Verifone

Project Overview

The objective of the project was to create a payment application for Verifone terminals to help merchants in automating their payment processes with the clients' payment gateway. The Verifone terminal application would accept magstripe, EMV, contact, and NFC contactless payments. The Verifone terminal application would interface with clients' payment gateway to submit the transaction request and show the response received from the gateway on the terminal with a detailed payment receipt. Chetu was able to complete this project using the following technologies:

  • Hardware – VeriFone VX-520 terminal
  • Language – C
  • RVDS-4.0, VCS, VMAC, eVo and ADK
  • Compiler- ARM

The Fix

The Chetu Solution

As a result, the completed project had the following capabilities:

  • The VeriFone terminal application has configurations to set-up Merchant and Terminal ID, and connect to the clients' gateway server.
  • The Merchant can then use the app to process a transaction by entering the transaction amount number, swiping or inserting the credit card, or manually entering the card number, exp date and zip code.
  • Configuration option to set transaction fees.
  • The transaction request is sent to clients' server and the response is displayed on the screen.
  • The transaction receipt can be printed from the terminal application.
Automation Application For Verifone
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