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PMI Americas Increases Number of Banking Software Users

PMI Americas, a global payment services provider, wanted to ensure that customers could register on its web-based banking portal and use the portal without encountering any problems.


After we did the Chetu process and we implemented all the changes, we had much smoother user experiences and less friction in creating different services inside the software.

- Alex Pereira, Founder

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- Payments

Technology Leveraged:

- Postman

- JMeter

- Java

- Spring

- Hibernate

Project Solution:

- Quality Assurance

- Manual Functional Testing

The Client – PMI Americas

PMI Americas, a global payment services provider, offers country-specific payment plans across Latin America. The company is headquartered in Mexico but has local entities in Sao Paulo, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Lima, and Montevideo.

PMI Americas works with financial institutions and provides business payroll services, mobile wallets, local payment and collection services, branded debit card programs, and online merchant account setup services.

The company’s team customizes payment solutions and offers guidance on e-commerce security protocols.

The Project

Chetu’s job was to manually test the company’s web-based banking portal to focus on preventing unexpected or problematic software defects and to ensure that the product would meet or exceed the expectations of users. The portal offers many payment solutions and products, including mobile wallets, local payouts, branded debit cards, merchant processing, and more.

The project involved all aspects of the user interface, the PMI Americas founder and CEO, Alex Pereira, noted.

Quality Assurance Testing

Chetu’s dedicated quality assurance (QA) team tested everything manually for PMI Americas. Our QA process involves meticulously testing web-based software to identify and fix bugs, detect and eradicate errors, and confirm the website’s compliance with regulatory standards.

To implement this process for PMI Americas, we took on the role of the end user, someone who might not have experience with software or the underlying technology.

“We had a banking software, or payment software, where users would go in and see their payments and upload their information and businesses would go in to create their accounts, put in their information, and create users under their profile,” Pereira said, referring to his company’s web-based banking software. “So, there was a lot of interaction between a user and the system.”

He also noted that about 50 percent of users hadn’t been completing the registration process.

Improvements in the User Experience

While testing the website, Chetu found bugs that were impeding that process. Once the bugs were identified by our QA team, the in-house developers from PMI Americas were able to eliminate them. After that, there was a substantial increase in registrations.

“The results were amazing. We have a 20- to 40-percent increase in registration,” Alex Pereira said. “We can probably even account that a lot of the new businesses were coming in because of the fixes and the things that Chetu discovered in the software.”

When Chetu finished the project for PMI Americas, there was an increase in registrations. Also, once each customer completed the registration process on PMI Americas’ website, their interaction seemed to run much more smoothly and more transactions were made.

“It was great working with Chetu,” Pereira said. “The team was amazing. They had really good engineers, the project manager was always on top of us for deliveries, and they never missed a deadline.”

Pereira was also enthusiastic about the final results. “They delivered exactly, and sometimes even more than, what they promised,” he added. “After we did the Chetu process and we implemented all the changes, we had much smoother user experiences and less friction in creating different services inside the software.”

A User-Friendly Ending

To test the user experience and interface, PMI Americas and Chetu assumed the role of a customer who had no technical knowledge and would log in to the website via a smartphone.

Chetu’s QA team tested the web-based software on many different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The results of all the testing included a user-friendly experience and an end product that produced more registrations, transactions, and lengthy interactions on the PMI Americas platform.

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