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Our Developers use Delphi to for rapid application development of desktop, mobile, web, and console software.

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Chetu's Developers write, compile, package and deploy cross-platform native applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux using Delphi.

Delphi Programming Solutions

Programming of enterprise-grade applications, firmware, cloud platforms, web services, and IoT technology with strong database support. Cross-platform Delphi mobile development for optimized native performance and display in iOS, Android, and Windows. Migration of legacy Delphi versions to Embarcadero Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, and modernization services including Unicode implementation.

Delphi Development Environment

Rapid application development and deployment of robust apps written in Delphi code with the aide of Embarcadero's RAD Studio platform, C++Builder and world-class compiler. Accelerated development aided by RAD tools including live templates, Code Insight auto-completion, component libraries (Delphi VCL, FireMonkey), as well as copious refactoring and debugging tools.

Delphi Enterprise Development

We implement custom enterprise solutions, in addition to Delphi's RAD Server built-in services, including accounting modules, CRM, ERP, user/group management, and location-based tools. We utilize the RAD Server for backend support of service-based software including API management and integration middleware.

Delphi Design Services

We design cross-platform interfaces with enhanced usability and seamless device-awareness using the FireUI multi-device designer and RAD Studio's visual development tools, including drag-and-drop library components, remote mobile editing, and the LiveBindings Designer for data/interface compliance testing.

Delphi for Web Development

We build web services and web applications, including common gateway interfaces (CGIs) and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), using the "Delphi for the Web" platform which deploys Delphi and C++ code as standard HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. RAD Studio web service access includes REST client libraries and APIs for Amazon and Azure.

Delphi Database Programming

We develop cross-platform, database-powered applications for managing transactional, analytical, and master data by utilizing RAD Studio's FireDAC universal data access library to integrate the Delphi development platform with the most popular database management systems.

Delphi Services

We offer a range of development and software architect services.

All versions of Delphi

RemObjects integration

Cloud services support

SecureBlackbox/CbFs integration

Using web SPA technologies to interface with Delphi backend components

Encryption services

Application development using Delphi

Supporting or advancing existing Delphi applications

Migration of old Delphi applications to the latest Delphi versions

Migration of legacy Delphi projects to Microsoft's Visual Studio

Interfacing with third-party libraries

Web SPA solutions using serverless backend technologies such as AWS and Google.

Chetu provides remote global support. We scale IT teams with the industry's best Delphi developers, engineers, programmers, architects, and consultants to configure, modify and deploy company projects. Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals provide scalable, on-demand support and modification service. Our experienced software teams develop applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses to provide temporary modification/integration support.

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