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Elevating Education To New Heights With AI-Driven E-Learning Solutions

Personalized eLearning Software Development Services

Chetu’s custom e-learning software developers create solutions that enable higher education establishments, colleges/universities, primary schools, trade schools, high schools, enterprise-level corporations, and SMBs.

Custom AI-Powered eLearning Solutions

With eLearning representing an interesting facet of modern education, Artificial Intelligence represents a revolutionary path to make the learning experience more engaging and fruitful for learners!

A Tailored AI-Powered eLearning Approach

At Chetu, we aim to revolutionize the learning experience by employing different algorithms like unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised learning. Combining these algorithms leads to intelligent systems that identify patterns, explore data, and adapt to specific learning styles. We’ll use our extensive programming background to deliver a seamless educational journey, whether achieved through intelligent tutoring systems, personalized content, or adaptive learning paths.

Seamless Implementation

We can seamlessly integrate incredible automation capabilities into your eLearning software. This implementation can empower educators by leveraging AI automation to streamline content creation, repetitive tasks, and student assessments. We’re able to achieve this by utilizing predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and even virtual reality integration. As a result, you’ll have an intelligently designed, personalized, and gamified learning experience that can optimize human cognitive functions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for eLearning

Chetu’s AI-driven NLP solutions unlock eLearning’s potential, enabling chatbot functionality for student support, sentiment analysis to gauge engagement, and even voice-based inquiries. Our AI systems offer adaptive learning paths and assist educators in identifying areas where they can improve. As a result, educators can cater their content to deliver a personalized and elevated learning experience.

Computer Vision in eLearning

With our knowledge of computer vision and AI, you’ll be able to monitor student engagement and enabled for facial recognition for online exams. Through advanced intelligent systems, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights through emotional assessment during the learning process. Additionally, with augmented and virtual reality implementation, we can develop immersive learning experiences to improve content understanding and retention.

Gamification with AI

Adding game mechanics into a learning space represents the gateway to fostering motivation and engagement. At Chetu, we’ll utilize AI algorithms to analyze the preferences and behaviors of learners and develop the gamified elements specifically tailored to your needs. Usher a more streamlined approach to intelligent content delivery and adaptive learning; drive student participation and knowledge retention higher. With our strategies capable of boosting enthusiasm and encouraging healthy competition, you can transform your eLearning environment and witness remarkable improvement in student performance.

Data Security and Privacy

With much of eLearning leveraging the internet, we understand how crucial it is to have security and privacy over the data created by students. We adhere to industry standards and practices. Plus, we’ll further fortify your eLearning platform with AI alongside robust firewalls and encryption. You can rest assured that learning progress, student records, and other pieces of personal information will be handled with confidentiality.

Scalable Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Our industry-experienced e-learning software developers create custom LMS software solutions to manage, track, and achieve your corporate learning goals.

Property Management Solutions

LMS Software Development

Our development team delivers custom LMS development, integration, and implementation for academic establishments ranging from public K-12 to university-level, and everything in between.

Custom Communication Interfaces

We program and interface blended learning applications with features for social learning, messaging, multimedia, web & video conferencing, streaming, recording, VoIP, and more.

Custom Gamified Environments

We create e-learning solutions with added gamification features to bring courses alive, built with 2D and 3D graphics for a more immersive, fun-filled, and engaging learning experience.

Custom Plugins & Extensions

We extend your LMS with custom activity modules, themes, course formats, enrollment & authentication, filters, document repositories, and many other plugins and extensions.

Custom AI-Powered LMS

Modifying learning through latest algorithms, personalized features, inherent interface and consistent user experience for an exceptional educational drive.

We provide custom integrations with industry-leading LMS solutions for added functionality, flexibility, and usability.

Inquisiq LMSInquisiq LMS
Abode Captivate PrimeAbode Captivate Prime

LMS Software Integrations

We leverage responsive design features, including HTML5 publishing, native support, geolocation/localization support, and more using custom integrations to third-party APIs.

LMS Data Migrations

We perform large-scale data migrations using third-party platforms, like MuleSoft and SoftChalk, and add single sign-on functionality using Clever SSO.

LMS Mobile Application Development

We develop web-based LMS platforms with native mobile apps using the devices’ inherent hardware to generate uniquely unified user experiences across iOS & Android systems.

LMS AR & VR Technology Solutions

We implement augmented reality & virtual reality capabilities within your LMS platform to increase retention, optimize engagement, and deliver the ultimate immersive experience.

LMS Cloud-Based Software Solutions

We build cloud-based LMS solutions that offer limitless amounts of file uploads and gigabyte storage, allowing users to store online videos, presentations, graphics, and so much more.

LMS Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

We incorporate RBAC modules to provide specific access levels to anyone within the organization for managing subscriptions, billing, universal reports, scheduling, and more.

Customized Content Authoring Software Services

We develop custom-tailored content authoring software solutions for easy content generation, branding, sharing, hosting, publishing, and authoring collaboration.

Content Authoring Software Solutions

Content Authoring Software Development

We develop responsive web and mobile applications to help streamline real estate business operations, automate routine tasks, and ensure easy access to market information.

Instructional Designs

We integrate instructional design models into your custom e-learning platform, including Kemp, Kirkpatrick, ADDIE, Merrill, SAM, Gagne, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and other models.

Interactive Education

We implement interactive features and effects, including motion paths, animations, games, quizzes, and tailored audio feedback to deliver a more interactive experience.

Gamification of Content

We gamify your e-learning content by boosting it with 2D and 3D graphics and integrated leaderboards, rewards, activity feeds, points trackers, badges, progress bars, and more.

Hosting & Publishing

Hosting & Publishing

Our custom content authoring solutions allow you to stream your content across multiple devices, as well as a cloud-based learning portal for instant access to content downloads.

Comprehensive Reports

We integrate built-in analytics dashboarding and reporting capabilities with custom search & filter features categorized by date range, geography, device type, and more.

Bespoke Subject Matter

Our custom content authoring solutions incorporate custom-tailored course embellishment with global fonts and pickers, plus 360° images and video to create bespoke subject matter.

AI Generated Content

It transforming creativity, enhancing productivity, delivering engaging and diverse content, basically changing the way we generate and consume information.

Personalized Student Information System (SIS) Development

Our knowledgeable e-learning software developers build SISs and perform seamless SIS integrations that enable bilateral communication & interoperability.

Student Information System

Student Information System (SIS) Development

We design custom SIS solutions with built-in functions that enable full control and visibility over scheduling, attendance tracking, course registration, academic grade results, transcripts, and communications.

Self-Service Portal Development

We integrate scalable self-service SIS portals for students, parents, teachers, and professors to view grades, transcripts, school-wide bulletin boards, and more.

Record & Document Management

Our SIS development eliminate paper filing by allowing users to upload, download, store, and organize records, documents, images, excel files, signatures, and more.

Enrollment & Onboarding Management

We implement customizable enrollment and onboarding steps with video orientation, online side presentations, digital handbooks, welcome emails, and more.

Student Attendance Monitoring

Our student attendance monitoring tools allow administrators to monitor student attendance easily with programmed reporting and real-time attendance status views.

Student Disciplinary Tracking

Our student disciplinary tracking modules include incident tracking and reporting, penalty tracking features, and parental notification/mobile alert system integrations.

Student Financial Services

We create automated billing, course payment, and student financial tracking systems with modules for vendor invoice management, account payable reporting, and more.

Student Information Applications

We develop advanced SIS applications that collect, organize, and maintain student data and various scheduling modules with intuitive interfaces for online courses.


We engineer e-learning systems to conform to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aviation Industry computer-based training Committee (AICC) to publish e-learning content across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms.

Customized Web-Based Training (WBT) Software Development

We create custom-tailored web-based training (WBT) systems that give businesses, academic institutions, and other organizations a chance to improve job performances.

End-to-End Real Estate Software Development

Web-Based Training (WBT) Software Development

Chetu delivers highly advanced and sophisticated WBT systems for academic institutions, enterprise-level corporations, and small-to-midsize businesses to conveniently, cost-effectively, and flexibly train employees.

Self-Paced & Collaborative Training

We develop interactive, self-paced learning platforms built with competency-based models, timed/un-timed assessments, quizzes, and more to evaluate and assess students.

Heightened Learner Usability

We integrate your online training software directly into your corporate intranet so that you can adopt the branding of your school or company to match your website.

Credentials & Digital Badges

We incorporate digital badge capabilities that provide users with official credentials and certification tracks to reward their accomplishments.

eLearning Software Support Services

Our support services team provides responsive around-the-clock eLearning software support. We troubleshoot issues and carefully monitor the performance of all e-learning resources to eliminate latency and costly workflow interruption and ensure high-performing education materials that are SCORM compliant.

Virtual Classroom Platform Assistance

Chetu designs and customizes virtual classroom platforms to facilitate seamless instruction, maximum course content comprehension, and the implementation of intuitive dashboards to create a robust resource for end-users. Our technical assistance team continuously monitors all classroom platforms for performance and security and offers 24/7 tech support.

Student Management Software Support

Chetu’s software specialists enhance e-classroom resources to assist with student management, enabling instructors to gain unprecedented insight into student performance. Our experts leverage predictive analytics to carefully study student progress, identify patterns and anomalies, and create data-driven reports proactively identifying which student is more vulnerable to struggling with content.

eLearning Software Upgrades

Student comprehension evolves with changing learning paths, and software resources must meet these changing needs to serve the growth of all students effectively. Chetu’s e-learning experts continue refining resources to exceed these demands and provide seamless software upgrades without system downtime or workflow interruption, ensuring a smooth transition path for end-users to begin utilizing the newest e-learning software tools.

Mobile Learning App Assistance

Our app development specialists transform learning by creating modern pathways to course content. Chetu’s dedicated developers design fully customized mobile learning apps to successfully create new educational pathways, enabling end-users new access points to education and creating new collaboration opportunities with instructors. Chetu’s mobile app assistance team continuously monitors and maintains all app resources, eliminating latency and costly workflow interruptions.

Cloud-Based eLearning Support

Cloud-based resources enable collaborative workflow, reduced expenses, and flexibility in accessing protected data across different devices, making cloud-based e-learning a versatile platform for students and educators. Chetu’s Cloud experts ensure all compliance and data security while enhancing this invaluable resource to provide and disseminate all required eLearning programming efficiently.

LMS Customization Services

Learning Management Systems allow educators and companies to interactively share large volumes of pertinent information, reducing in-person requirements and fostering independent, self-guided learning paths. Chetu designs fully customized LMS courses for individualized learning strategies, enabling end-users to access lessons independently. At the same time, educators can adjust and customize lesson parameters to meet the unique needs of each student.

Video Conferencing Integration Assistance

Chetu’s software integration experts integrate video conferencing capabilities for instructors to provide individualized instruction and support services for students requiring additional support. Our integration specialists enhance video conferencing resources to eliminate lag time and system downtime, providing instructors and students with an invaluable resource for remote learning opportunities and individualized instruction.

SCORM Compliance Support

SCORM is the international standard for all eLearning course materials, creating benchmarks to ensure operability on multiple platforms. Chetu’s compliance experts carefully monitor and check all course resources to ensure compliance and optimum performance across multiple platforms. Our SCORM-compliant developers perform rigorous testing to guarantee that all customized learning materials are compliant and run efficiently within multiple platforms.

Web-Based Training Portals

Web-Based Training Portals

We engineer extendable training portals that incorporate customizable e-learning courses for employees, as well as B2B sales management modules.

Training Payment Modules

Our WBT software solutions support the worldwide support of payment of all currencies and can be seamlessly integrated with LMS, LCMS, and e-commerce tools.

Reporting Dashboards

We implement customizable reporting templates and dashboards within your WBT system, making it easy to create precise reports in real-time.

Continuing Education Software

We develop webinar management software solutions that include tools for session recording, screen sharing, presentations, and more embedded into the LMS.

FAQs Related to eLearning Software Development

eLearning software development involves crafting digital tools, platforms, and resources for online learning, enabling easy access to educational content and interactive experiences, fostering dynamic and personalized learning journeys.

Common technologies used in eLearning include learning management systems (LMS), content authoring tools, video conferencing platforms, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, and mobile learning apps.

It includes instructional design, programming (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), multimedia development (graphics, audio, and video), LMS administration, and a strong understanding of educational principles and user experience design.

Yes, we integrate third-party tools into your eLearning platform, ensuring seamless functionality and user experience.

It includes flexible access to education, cost-effectiveness, scalability for many learners, personalized learning experiences, and the ability to track and measure learning outcomes effectively.

It includes a potential lack of face-to-face interaction, reliance on technology and internet access, limited social interaction, reduced hands-on learning opportunities, and the need for self-motivation and discipline.

AI enriches eLearning by personalizing experiences, automating tasks, offering adaptive feedback, suggesting tailored content, and utilizing data analytics for valuable learning insights.

Stringent security measures safeguard student data and privacy, employing encryption, access controls, and regular audits to maintain a secure eLearning environment.


To learn more about our custom elearning software development solutions, drop us a line or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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