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Content Authoring Software Development

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First-Rate Content Authoring Software

Chetu’s industry-experienced developers program and implement first-rate software for e-learning course content authoring. We develop software and solutions tailored to various organizations and educational institutions.

First-Rate Content Authoring Software

Content Authoring Software Development

Chetu’s expert developers create content authoring software that suits the unique needs of educational institutions and business organizations. We develop modules that facilitate an interactive learning experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Immersive Learning with AR and VR

Our developers engineer immersive learning features that integrate with virtual and augmented reality technologies. These features facilitate the addition of media assets, hotspots, quizzes, and interactive elements for greater learning engagement through realistic virtual tasks.

Content Authoring Collaboration

We program cloud-based content authoring collaboration tools to enable easy access and communication among creators, editors, and administrators of e-learning content. Our developers incorporate login authentication, third-party API integration, and collaboration tools like JIRA and Confluence.

Template Management

Our developers will program a template management system for content authoring software that will make it possible to create, save, import, and repurpose templates for different course content types and related elements with seamless implementation.

Smart Video Recording

Our programmers can develop smart video recording capabilities that enhance interactivity for video-based learning. Our developers have the expertise to provide video support for all key standard HD video formats with device-specific automated resolution adjustments. We can also implement AI-powered video editing capabilities.

Seamless Content Conversion

Chetu’s programming experts can build content conversion components that allow the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into interoperable e-learning content. After conversion, the course will look like the original PowerPoint with all animation effects, combinations, and triggers playable on any device.

First-Rate Content Authoring Software

Custom Content Authoring Solutions

Our developers build content authoring solutions to help your organization provide an engaging e-learning experience through custom courses, assessments, branding, and hosting solutions.

Custom Course Development

Chetu’s skilled developers build and implement custom courses for your e-learning platform. In addition to easy content generation, we incorporate custom design, 360-degree images and video, and individualized subject matter.

Interactive Assessment Solutions

Our experts will develop interactive tests and quizzes for you to effectively assess user progress and content retention. These interactive assessments are custom-tailored with effects, transitions, and graphics to fit your organization’s culture and objectives.

Course Localization

Chetu’s developers can localize your e-learning content to meet your market's language and cultural needs. Course localization enables users to have easier, more effective learning experiences while eliminating inconsistencies. These capabilities improve learning outcomes.

Custom Themes and Branding

Our developers build custom themes and incorporate your branding to differentiate your content. Our configurable themes can be saved as templates and can be switched at any time. Our custom theme solutions allow you to pick from various global fonts.

Custom Instructional Design Models

Our software experts can turn educational content into engaging learning experiences by customizing instructional design models with interactivity tools. We insert slide layers and responsive objects into existing design models such as ADDIE and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Content Hosting Solutions

Chetu’s developers can implement cloud-based hosting and content delivery to allow you to stream your course content to users across multiple devices. Our hosting solutions allow for instant access, content downloads, and user feedback collectible through Experience API analytics.

E-Learning Content Gamification Solutions

Chetu’s experts can enhance your e-learning content with gamification solutions, including cutting-edge designs, implementation of activity, rewards, and associated metrics.

E-Learning Content Gamification Solutions

Custom Gamification Solutions

Our experts bring innovation to e-learning processes by enhancing content authoring tools through gamification. With customized components such as 2D and 3D graphics, avatars, challenges, badges, leaderboards, and rewards, we take the e-learning experience to the next level.

User Activity Tracking

Our developers create and implement activity tracking capabilities to measure user progression based on your organization’s metrics. We integrate analytics for the capture and measurement of user data and progress metrics, also creating custom reports.

Gamification Design

Chetu’s programmers provide top-notch gamification design by leveraging popular gaming engines such as Unity to model, texturize, and animate gaming assets. We code HTML5 for responsive design across devices and incorporate other design elements such as 2D and 3D graphics and avatars.

Rewards Implementation

Our experts will help you strategize and implement a rewards system for your users. We will build a scoring system linked to internal rewards such as badges and status to engage learners and improve participation for your e-learning content.

Content Authoring Software Integrations & Plugins

Integration with Platforms

Our expert developers configure content authoring software integrations with third-party e-learning platforms such as Lectora, Articulate Storyline 360, LearnUpon, and 360Learning.


Our programmers enhance content authoring tools through the building and implementation of plugins for greater functionality and user experience.

Content Authoring Standards

Chetu’s developers build content authoring software solutions in full compliance with standards such as the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI), Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC), and the Experience API (xAPI).


Learn more about our content authoring software and elearning development services and drop us a line or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions regarding our authoring tool solutions.

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