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Our Casino Software Development Services

  • We program popular casino game types including the most popular poker, bingo, blackjack, slots, keno, and sweepstakes
  • We engineer and integrate reliable Random Number Generators (RNG), progressives, and pari-mutuels
  • Programing of pay out percentages, play win ratios, and jackpots
  • GLI certification and testing
  • We engineer cage management software with integrated financial data aggregation applications for real time accounting of gaming functions
  • We program credit validation systems integrated to cash advance, credit line, and check cashing kiosks with ATM capabilities
  • Engineering of loyalty kiosks with closed loop loyalty cards and player data aggregation modules
  • We create player ratings systems with personalized promotions and patron rewards
  • Custom integration services of applications with all four major casino player tracking systems such as IGT, Aristocrat, Konami, and Bally's
  • Development of appealing 2D and 3D slot game skins, symbol design, slot strip design, math engine, and backend logic
  • We define the pay table, level concept (multiplier), game rules (free spins, bonuses, winning logic, and jackpot progressives), 3x3 or 5x3 games, line representation, in order to calculate pay out percentages
  • We develop slots with a 90%, 92%, 94%, 96% and 97% payback and set the play / win to 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, and more
  • Programming of game payout emulators and math engine simulators to run a million cycles of game logic to evaluate payouts and receive high level results quickly
  • We engineer and integrate reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic for gaming using Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG library
  • We program the PAR sheets for slots of the structural characteristics such as hit frequency, payback percentage, and odds of winning
  • We maximize performance by integrating primary and secondary databases for the movement of data
  • Development of the cryptographic protocol to secure application-level data transportation such as key agreement, entity authentication, non-repudiation methods, secret sharing, secure multi-party, and symmetric encryption
  • We utilize a multi-deck blackjack game strategy and implement standard game features including insurance, surrendering, splitting, match the dealer, and doubling down
  • Programming of management portals for admin to disable the game and change rules and configurations in real-time
  • We develop auto play opponents and auto play strategies
  • We create user dashboards to manually or automatically pick numbers plus visual feeds of keno boards with call and catch indicators
  • We develop the capability for users to play multiple keno games at the same time
  • We program pre-evaluated keno pay tables and math sheets with multiple pay table selection options
  • We write popular poker game styles including Texas hold ‘em, Omaha, 7-card stud, 5-card draw, and Chicago with standard poker hand ranking systems
  • Implementation of standard functions including ante, blinds, check, bet, fold, call, and raise with auto call capabilities plus betting limits including no, pot, fixed, and spread limits
  • We develop tournament features with quick turnover and game refresh capabilities

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