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Our team of software experts produce custom solutions for all sectors of the legal world.

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Legal Software Development Services

Chetu's software developers provide robust software solutions for the legal industry, including law firm software for practice and case management, litigation support and legal mobile apps. Our programmers develop legal solutions for practices of all sizes that specialize in a plethora of areas, including bankruptcy law, divorce, criminal law, personal injury and much more.

Law Firm Management Software

We customize law software to include attorney practice management solutions, case and matter management, e-discovery and court room system organization.

Legal Hold Software

Chetu's litigation experts design legal hold software tools for data preservation.

Case Management Software

Our developers code software that allows you to access files, speak with clients and manage a law practice from anywhere with a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Court Room Technology Modules

We develop courtroom tech modules for case history, jury management, subpoena and warrant tracking.

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

We develop platforms for virtual law firms that include user and client portals, collaboration tools, web and video conferencing, and more.

Law Firm Analytics Software

Our developer’s program analytics features for data-driven insight to win lawsuits and new clients.

Legal Mobile App Development

Chetu's developers create mobile apps which can be used by traditional and virtual law offices that enable customers to remain up to date on their cases.

Law Firm Billing Software Solutions

We code features for law firm billing software, including custom fee schedules, custom billing rates, automated billing functions and other properties.

Litigation Support Software

Our developers help you manage the phases of litigation by programming custom e-discovery software tools for processing, review and production.

Law Firm Software Integration

Our developers integrate your firm's existing case management platforms with legal research databases and technologies.

Title Management Software Development Services

Streamline your title management software process with Chetu's custom title management software solutions for development, production, search, closing, insurance, and more. Our developers have years of expertise creating software solutions for the legal industry and will program all of the features you need for ownership, use, and disposal requirements.

Title Software Development

Our developers code personalized features for title search software, title production software and title closing software.

Title Search Software

We engineer title search software that has features for online search, scanning, uploading and downloading, hard copy ordering, document management and reporting.

Title Production Software

Our software developers program title software solutions like web-based title search, order management, title rate management and settlement standards.

Title Closing Software

We develop title closing software with modules for secure communication, automated to-do lists, business reporting, connected banking and escrow account management.

E-Closing Software Apps

We program e-closing software applications for web-based, cloud (SaaS), and mobile platforms (native, cross-platform and hybrid).

Title Insurance Integrations

We program features for title insurance integration with CRM systems.

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Cutting-Edge Custom Audit Software Development

Custom audit software automates the investigative process of systems, reports or entities. Audits can be conducted for compliance, finances, operations, taxes and more. They can be internal or external and cover various tasks. Our custom audit software experts develop a multitude of solutions in one comprehensive framework for the complete audit lifecycle, from planning to recommendation application.

Custom Audit Workflows

We build customized audit automation software that includes workflow design, custom event triggers and automated filtering.

Powerful Audit Reporting

Our developers program custom real-time reporting applications to easily generate audit reports within minutes.

Custom Audit Software Development

Our developers create internal custom audit software and external custom audit software tools for policy and procedure compliance, finances, operations, IT, etc.

Audit Planning Systems

We program audit planning and scheduling features for the beginning process to ensure that work is properly coordinated and completed.

Mobile Audit Apps

Our developers program mobile apps that allow workers to complete audits anywhere, anytime.

Audit Checklist Services

We program features for internal quality audits which are composed of questions derived from the requirements and process documentation of the company.

Audit Alerts Management

Our software developers engineer features for automatic alerts and notifications.

Issue Management Modules

Our developers will create an ordered, managed process to document and accelerate issues within a smooth workflow.

We Make Following the Rules Easy

All organizations have to follow various laws, regulations and standards, known as compliances. Chetu assists businesses with planning, organizing, controlling and leading activities that guarantee agreement with these laws and standards. Our developers will engineer compliance management software solutions to drive your company's effortless flow and development.

Compliance Software Development Services

Our compliance experts develop custom software solutions for any industry, including tech, retail, finance, consumer goods and health care.

Compliance Management Systems

We engineer compliance management software to ensure that institutions understand their compliance responsibilities and incorporate them into business processes.

Regulatory Software Solutions

Our software solutions comply with industry-specific regulatory compliance standards, guidelines and frameworks.

IT Compliance Management Development

We develop the architecture to monitor and manage a large range of IT regulations and standards.

Database Automation Services

We prepare your business for compliance audits by automating database configurations to take corrective action.

Reporting and Analytics

Chetu's developers can create complete customizable dashboards that show exact compliance levels and data quality levels per application and system.

Compliance Management Integrations

The compliance management software features we develop will integrate directly with your company's existing software including ERP, CRM and CMS.

Security Audit Tools

Our security measures identify threats faster though technical investigations and forensics to fix concerns and ensure compliance with numerous regulations.

Law Firm Case Management Services

We centralize all project and case information, allowing you to focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline

Custom Management Systems

Custom development of case management systems including centralized databases, task / time tracking, calendaring applications, client portals, and more features.

Data Collection

Integrations of multiple data collection sources including emails, phone calls, SMS messaging, documents, and customizable intake forms using intelligent data capture technologies.

Centralized Database

We program centralized database functions including contact / case data management, search / filter controls, data import / export, secure portal sharing, role-based access control, document management, and conflict checking tools.

Calendar Management

Programming of calendar management applications including scheduling automation, statute of limitations tracking, notifications / alerts, billable time tracking tools, integrations with email systems, and more features.

Case Management Tools

We develop case management tools including custom workflows management, task assignments, staff scheduling, time management, billable hours management, case status monitoring, custom fee schedules, and more.

Client Portals

Design and development of secure client portals including custom branding, role-based access control, encryptions, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL / TLS), and more security features.

Legal Research Database Integrations

Integrations of case management software with legal research databases and supporting software including document management, practice management, legal billing / accounting systems, and more.


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