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Empowering Mortgage & Lending Operations With Custom AI-Powered Solutions For Streamlined Processes And Enhanced Customer Experiences


Mortgage & Lending Software Development Services

Chetu's fintech developers build credit scoring platforms, commercial lending software, loan management software. debt collection, merchant cash advance, loan origination, automotive financing, mortgage platform and much more. We integrate Equifax APIs, appraisal software, and microloan applications into our microfinance system and microloan programs.

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Transformative AI-Powered Mortgage & Lending Software Solutions

Chetu’s team of dedicated AI specialists implement cutting-edge AI-driven tools to streamline and enhance the lending process, saving your organization time and resources and elevating the customer experience.

Credit Scoring & Risk Assessment

Our AI-powered solutions analyze vast amounts of data and develop advanced credit scoring methods. Our developers can integrate AI into lending software so that it automates the process of evaluating credit and assessing the risk. AI uses financial history, transaction data, and social media activity to provide more accurate and predictive credit assessments.

Fraud Detection

We develop AI-powered solutions that analyze patterns and anomalies to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. These solutions can flag suspicious transactions and provide early signs of fraudulent behavior, reducing potential financial losses.

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Our developers can incorporate AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Chatbots can handle inquiries, provide personalized answers, and assist with loan applications or servicing. They can help reduce response times, improve customer engagement, and provide around the clock support.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We leverage NLP technology that enables lending software to understand and process human language. NLP can be used to automate data extraction from loan documents, contracts, and other unstructured data sources. NLP analyzes customer communications, borrower feedback, and customer sentiment to identify potential issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics and Decision Support

We develop predictive analysis solutions using algorithms to analyze previous loan data and market trends to predict loan performance and inform future lending decisions. Integrating AI into lending software will optimize loan pricing, automate decision-making processes, and identify potential defaults or oversights.

Personalized Recommendations

Our experts develop AI algorithms that analyze customer data and preferences to provide personalized loan recommendations. This technology can identify and recommend tailored loan products, terms, and rates to individual borrowers based on their specific needs and financial profiles.

Mortgage Software Solutions

We create robust custom mortgage management software solutions for underwriting, title services, claims, risk assessment, and credit management processes.

Management Software

We design, develop, and integrate custom mortgage management software solutions to manage end-to-end loan cycles for commercial and residential properties.

Mortgage Origination Software

We create mortgage origination software solutions for online application portals, underwriting, credit checks, risk assessments, and loan servicing.

Title Service Software

We build mortgage title service solutions with built-in features for effectively managing appraisals, inspections, deeds, lien holders, and more.

Mortgage CRM Solutions

We incorporate pre-qualification algorithms within our custom mortgage CRM solutions designed for events tracking and regulation compliance.

AI-Powered and Centralized Database Services

Chetu is a leading provider of top-notch development services for lending management that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and database efficiently and securely.

AI-Powered Technology

Our cutting-edge solutions enable lending institutions to analyze large amounts of data efficiently, identify patterns, predict risks. By incorporating machine learning, your company will automate routine tasks such as loan application processing and document verification, freeing valuable staff time to focus on more complex and critical assignments. Our AI-powered platform is the perfect solution for organizations seeking to optimize their lending operations, reduce manual labor, and achieve superior outcomes.

Centralized Database

We offer a centralized database, so lenders can ensure data integrity, consistency, and security while gaining streamlined access to the information they need to make informed lending decisions. Chetu skilled developers provide top-notch database development to help lending companies manage their data more efficiently and securely.

Alternative Lending Software Development

We create alternative lending software solutions, including crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, Online Platform-Based Business (OPB) lending, and more.

Crowdfunding Platforms

We develop fully functional crowdfunding software and crowdfunding websites that are scalable as well as customizable per your business unique needs.

P2P Lending & borrowing

At Chetu, we understand that P2P lending is a complex and competitive industry. We work closely with clients to understand their unique business requirements and tailor our mobile development with quality assurance. We create mobile-responsive P2P lending applications, incorporating loan monitoring processes, social networking capabilities, collaboration tools, and more.

Loan Origination Software

We program pre-defined lending rule and qualification algorithms to automate loan origination, underwriting, and servicing processes.

Loan Management Modules

We develop a wide variety of loan management modules that eliminate the reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and deficient systems.

Loan Software Digital Solutions

We develop custom loan software solutions incorporating origination, servicing, and decision support features for banking, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Loan Software Development Services

We develop loan servicing & Loan management, loan origination systems, and loan decision support systems to streamline customer workflows.

Loan Servicing & Management

We develop loan servicing and Loan Management Systems (LMS) containing robust loan underwriting, processing, and disbursement features. The Chetu platform is built with AI that helps lenders increase revenue, reduce risk, automate compliance, and make a better decision.

Loan Origination Systems

We create custom Loan Origination Systems (LOS) app development built with online loan application origination, underwriting, and conditions tracking modules.

Loan Decision Support Software

We develop sophisticated loan decision making support software to help lend valuable insight into behavioral characteristics and patterns.

Auto Finance Loan Software Solutions

We develop custom auto finance loan software solutions that streamline and support real-time loan approvals.

Buy Here, Pay Here Solutions

We custom engineer auto finance loan software solutions for car dealerships with robust features that handle the entire auto loan processing lifecycle.

Auto Finance Loan Servicing

We develop best-in-class auto finance servicing software solutions to manage every aspect of the servicing lifecycle through delinquency management, recovery, and placement.

Car Dealer Collections Platforms

We engineer automated “Buy Here, Pay Here” car dealer collection platforms by integrating GPS hardware with account management and asset tracking software.

Auto Dealer DMS Software

We develop “Buy Here, Pay Here” software integrated with Document Management Software (DMS) platforms to track loan accounts and loan performance analysis.

Merchant Cash Advance Software Solutions

We develop world-class software solutions for end-to-end organization of various merchant cash advance processes.

Merchant Cash Advance Servicing

We develop MCA servicing software solutions, built with custom commissions management modules and designed to manage merchant deals.

MCA Payment Processing Integration

We integrate with payment processing providers and ACH payment gateway APIs, monitoring daily transactions, status updates, and other processes.

MCA Portal Software Development

We leverage role-based access control software development to build user account portals designed for brokers to submit merchant deals.

Merchant Cash Advance CRM Solutions

We create advanced merchant cash advance CRM software solutions designed to gauge agent performances and effectively track pipelines.

ICE Mortgage Technology Integration & Support Services

Chetu is one of the few ICE Mortgage Technology Pro-Select and Developer Partners backed with industry acumen to analyze business processes and assist with ICE Mortgage Technology development.

ICE Mortgage Technology Encompass® Lending Platform Development

We harness the power of the Encompass® Lending Platform, connected to Encompass® applications and extensions to facilitate workflow automation processes.

Encompass® Developer Connect Assistance

We leverage ICE Mortgage Technology's Encompass® Developer Connect Assistance to provide lenders and independent software vendors with full access to developer resources.

Custom Encompass® Services

We implement customizable components for ICE Mortgage Technology Encompass® to help lenders adhere to the latest federal mortgage industry regulations and standards.

ICE Mortgage Technology Integrations

We perform software integrations within the Encompass® Lending Platform to enable up-to-date communication, loan origination, and compliance control.

Debt Collection Software Solutions

We engineer custom debt collection software solutions to help companies keep track of collection cases, establish relationships with team and customers, and integrate with credit bureaus.

Credit Risk Reporting

We develop credit risk reporting software integrated with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit bureaus for advanced credit report scoring and analysis.

Debt Collection Case Management

We engineer custom software solutions that enable agencies team to control, manage, and automate end-to-end debt collection and case management.

Debt Collection Payment Portal

We create custom debt collection payment portals integrated with payment processing software to simplify the collection payment process.

Contact Management Algorithms

We engineer debt collection contact management algorithms that incorporate contact database management, callback scheduling, predictive dialing, and more.

Frequent asked questions about lending software

Lending software is a tool for lending institutions that provide many benefits, including reduced manual labor, monitoring risk, improved decision-making, and streamlined loan management.

This software can automate routine lending processes like application processing and document verification, freeing up staff to tackle more complex tasks.

Commercial lending software is a platform that is designed to assist commercial lenders in managing their lending operations more efficiently.

The real estate industry, in particular, benefits from lending software, as it simplifies loan procedures and speeds up loan approval times. It enables real estate lenders to efficiently process loan applications, verify creditworthiness, and track loan repayment schedules.

AI in your loan software can provide several benefits, such as automating routine tasks, analyzing vast amounts of data to identify patterns and predict risks, and making informed lending decisions. AI-powered software can improve accuracy, reduce errors, and provide faster loan processing times, increasing your lending business's efficiency and profitability.

CRM can improve lending industries by providing a central system to manage customer interactions and data, automate loan origination processes, and track leads and sales.


Drop us a line or give us a ring about Lending Software Development. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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