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Chetu will use Pruvan’s mobile app development platform to improve its programming services

Plantation, Fla. (April 25, 2017) – Chetu has provided customized world-class software solutions to businesses around the globe for over seventeen years. Since its inception, Chetu has become a pioneer in the software development industry and has done so by holding steadfast to their original vision and, most importantly, by building meaningful partnership bridges that enable them to expand their services. Today, Chetu proudly announces its partnership with Pruvan.

"It is exceedingly rewarding for any company, especially a business-to-business software development company like Chetu, to branch out and connect with other IT and programming focues businesses," says Jim Garlock, Director of Sales for Finance. "I believe partnering with Pruvan to be a great privilege that will absolutely turn us into a stronger company and open countless doors to great business opportunities and even more beneficial partnerships."

This partnership will allow Chetu to leverage the numerous rich features of the Pruvan Online platform to tailor customized software solutions specific for the needs of businesses operating in a diverse array of industries. Pruvan's mobile application solutions help to companies connect their workers to a centralized business operations system and supply their clients with clear and actionable photos, videos, mobile forms, notifications, and business reports.

Chetu serves as a model for progressive employee program initiatives, continually evolving employee-organized clubs and expanding the benefits offerings. This year Chetu has instituted a personal assistant service that locates and complies a list of third-party services for employees upon request. This eliminates the stress of locating a doctor or an electrician during the workday. Employees simply input their desired specialist and the system provides all the relevant options.

About Chetu, Inc.:

Chetu is a US-based software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. As a Pruvan partner, Chetu has extensive experience integrating to the Pruvan platform to create robust field service management software that certifies pictures, videos, and data collection processes.

About Pruvan:

Pruvan is a mobile application for the service industry. Pruvan's next-generation mobile application is an efficient way to mobilize businesses without the high cost of investment.

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