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Transforming Oil & Gas Operations With Custom AI-Powered Solutions For Enhanced Safety & Efficiency.

Oil and Gas Software Development Solutions

Chetu creates fully integrated oil & gas software that connects upstream, midstream, and downstream operation processes in a fully loaded & comprehensive platform. Plus, with our oil and gas production optimization software you’ll refine these tasks and improve overall productivity – we’re built from the ground up to benefit you and help you complete your jobs with greater ease.

Leveraging AI to Enhance Oil & Gas Solutions

At Chetu we offer tailored AI-powered solutions that aim to transform your processes for the better. Whether you’re aiming to upgrade your oil and gas mapping software, your oil production software, or your basic oil and gas software, our AI solutions are able to elevate several aspects of your business.

AI in UpstreamOperations

At Chetu, we understand the complexity attributed with exploration processes. Consequently, our solutions aim to optimize these processes by integrating computer vision to comprehend seismic images and deliver unrivaled insights on subsurface structures. Additionally, you can guard against equipment failures with our predictive maintenance algorithms – effectively transforming your operations for better efficiency and saving on costs.

AI-Enabled FieldService Management

Being efficient is the defining aspect of Field Service Management. With Chetu’s custom Artificial Intelligence solutions, you’ll achieve newfound excellence. You can fine tune your operations with real-time monitoring, you can eliminate downtime risks with predictive maintenance capabilities – further improving your quality assurance to the point of surpassing industry standards. Leverage a higher level of precision with our AI.

AI-Powered Analyticsfor Oil & Gas

The most pivotal aspect of a multitude of industries, data, is used to make decisions on the day-to-day operations and greater swings. However, with our AI-powered analytics technology, you’ll be able to harness the full potential of data and be able to have advanced demand forecasting and data analysis. You’ll have a holistic view of your processes and make use of all the information you wouldn’t even consider.

Cloud-Based LandManagement Solutions

Land management and complying with all the complexities that are found in differing regulations can be made simple and effortless with Chetu’s cloud-based solutions. You’ll be able to seamlessly manage reservoir information and ensure compliance across the board with accuracy. Optimize your supply chain and transform land administration with centralized data access and deliver an efficient and seamless process.

Refinery PerformanceBoost with AI

Reach new heights with our AI solutions! You’ll be able to make sure your operations aren’t fumbling thanks to predictive maintenance being able to foresee equipment failures, ensure compliance, and improve maintenance costs. Have the transformative edge with Chetu and redefine the landscape by optimizing production.

AI-Driven Midstream andDownstream Solutions

Within downstream and midstream sectors, we strive to pave the way for supply chain management with Artificial Intelligence. Demand forecasting coupled with real-time logistics upgrades logistics and ensures compliance and quality assurance across your distribution network – redefining efficiency within the oil and gas value chain.


Custom Upstream Software Solutions

Chetu designs custom exploration & production (E&P) software solutions that help to boost productivity and minimize risks throughout the exploration, drilling, and extraction processes.

Oil & Gas Production Software

Our custom upstream oil & gas software solutions are built with geophysical modeling software, HDD directional drilling software, daily drilling report software, QHSE management systems, 3D visualization & simulation systems, and more.

Field Service Management Software

We engineer feature-rich field service management applications with built-in GPS functionality, multi-media capture capabilities, automated time & date stamping features, and more integrated within an all-in-one ERP system.

Oil & Gas Analytics Software

Our team programs automated production analytics & reporting modules for real-time forecasting, lifecycle tracking, volumetric readings/measurements, data management, analyzing trends, budgeting, and other production processes.

Land Management Software

Seamlessly integrate cloud-based land management systems (LMS) with your ERP system to optimize processes for capturing land agreements, automating workflows for lease & title analysts, land administrators, and other land professionals.

Custom Midstream Software Solutions

Chetu delivers custom oil & gas midstream solutions that offer superior end-to-end pipeline management by optimizing the supply chain & logistics requirements.

Automation Software Services

We provide solutions that automate midstream processes, including crude management, LNG & NGL management, contract & assets management, and more to keep vendors organized, simplify contracts, and optimize inventory management.

Oil & Gas Transportation Systems

Our custom transportation systems facilitate dispatching, telematics, GPS, dynamic route optimization, scheduled cargo tracking, communication, and more to streamline refined oil & gas transportation, storage, and wholesale processes.

Pipeline Performance Tracking

We program pipeline performance tracking & simulation software (PPTS) that seamlessly integrates with intelligent sensor technology for real-time data visibility, auditing of pressure & metering, environmental risk analysis, and other metrics.

Pipeline Management Solutions

End-to-end pipeline management solutions track transactions, including allocations, nominations, gathering, plan processing accruals, transportation, accounting, regulatory reporting, and more, viewed on customizable activity dashboards.

Custom Downstream Software Solutions

Chetu develops innovative oil & gas downstream solutions that help oil refineries and natural gas processing plants boost refinery performance, maximize energy trading, and effectively manage the downstream supply chain.

Refinery Scheduling Software

We implement refinery scheduling automation software that enables refiners to collaborate and respond to disruptions quickly while increasing production throughput by simultaneously scheduling all key activities within a single, unified platform.

Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS)

Integrated with manufacturing execution systems (MEA), we build custom IRIS apps using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide full visibility & control of manufacturing processes from ordering & production inception to process control & output.

Downstream Supply Chain Management

Deliver customizable dashboards that provide full visibility of the entire SCM process from crude oil procurement to product distribution, incorporating supply/demand data, forecasting, backcasting, retro analysis, and other evaluation capabilities.

Oil & Gas Downstream Solutions

Incorporate robust supply chain and trading management systems equipped with solutions for EDI, inventory management, dispatching, asset tracking, purchasing operations, replenishment, and logistics to streamline operations from production to point of sale.

Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations With Custom ERP Solutions

We specialize in customized ERP software solutions, offering expertise in tailoring systems to meet the specific needs of diverse industries. Our team excels in providing end-to-end services, including consulting, implementation, integration, migration, customization, testing, support, and maintenance.

Streamlined Efficiency Through ERP Customization

ERP for oil and gas industries integrates data from various departments, ensuring accuracy and eliminating silos. It plays a vital role in compliance management, automating reporting processes to meet regulatory requirements, including finance and billing. ERP tools assist in planning and resource allocation, including distribution and sales order management. Supply chain optimization, asset management, and financial processes are streamlined, contributing to improved overall efficiency.

Tailoring Functionality to Industry Needs

ERP customization allows systems to be tailored to specific needs. Asset management tracks assets throughout their lifecycle, including features like predictive maintenance and IoT integration. In production control, customization optimizes manufacturing processes and resource utilization. Quality management customization implements control measures and integrates quality assurance seamlessly. In supply chain optimization, customization provides real-time visibility into inventory, demand forecasting, and efficient supplier management, ensuring streamlined material flow.

Seamless Integration for Real-Time Insights

ERP systems are crucial for streamlined business operations. Integrating CRMs enhances customer-centric processes, IoT cloud enables real-time data collection, and CMMSs ensure proactive maintenance. Human resource management system integration optimizes workforce management. EDI enhances transaction speed and accuracy, business intelligence software facilitates data-driven decisions, and communication tool integration fosters collaboration. These integrations contribute to operational efficiency, accurate data handling, and a comprehensive view of organizational processes.

Specialized ERP Services For Oil & Gas

Chetu is a leader in end-to-end solutions in ERP services, offering expertise in consulting, implementation, integration, migration, customization, testing, support, and maintenance. From strategic guidance in the consulting phase to seamless integration and data migration, we ensure a smooth and tailored ERP solution for clients. Our customization capabilities adapt ERP systems to business needs and rigorous testing guarantees reliability. With ongoing support and maintenance services, we ensure sustained peak performance of ERP systems, providing clients with a comprehensive and reliable solution for their enterprise requirements.

ERP Software Integrations

We provide scalable ERP integrations tailored to businesses of various sizes. Our solutions encompass industry-leading SaaS solutions, such as Oracle Netsuite, SAP Business ByDesign, Sage Intacct, AP Business One, Odoo, and more. Our diverse array of options allows us to cater to specific needs and scales of businesses, ensuring seamless integration with ERP systems that align with their size and operational requirements.

Enhanced Data Security Measures

Our experts can develop custom ERP solutions that help you safeguard your critical oil & gas data. We implement robust security measures such as encryption, data backups, access controls, and compliance protocols, protecting any sensitive information at all times. Trust us to fortify your oil & gas ERP system against potential cyber threats and breaches.

Powering Precision with Specialized IT Support

Chetu's tailored IT services are pivotal in addressing the needs of oil and gas exploration and production and its overall industry. Our services customize software solutions to align with industry-specific processes, compliance standards, and safety regulations.

Managed IT Services

Chetu stands out in delivering exclusive managed IT services tailored for oil and gas companies, providing specialized support for the industry's unique demands. Our offerings feature around-the-clock monitoring by seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring the seamless functioning of oil and gas operations. We focus on 24/7 monitoring, and our IT services guarantee instant fault response, effectively minimizing downtime.

IT Security Solutions

We take pride in offering IT solutions tailored for the oil and gas industry, featuring 24/7 monitoring and testing services to safeguard critical operations proactively. Our commitment to excellence is evident in deploying cutting-edge technologies and software, ensuring a robust security infrastructure that aligns with the industry's unique challenges.

Strategic IT Consulting

We excel in providing specialized IT consulting services, showcasing expertise in crafting comprehensive strategies exclusively designed for the intricate needs of the oil and gas industry. Our capabilities extend to translating corporate strategy seamlessly into technology development, ensuring an alignment between business goals and technological advancements. We pride ourselves on overseeing the process, from conceptualization to implementation.

Tailored Digital Transformation

Our innovative offerings enhance drilling quality, optimize reservoir management, facilitate enhanced oil recovery, and reduce operational costs. With our focus on digital transformation, our IT solutions empower oil and gas companies to harness the latest technologies, improving efficiency and effectiveness across critical processes. Our solutions promote a comprehensive and cost-effective approach, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the evolving landscape of the energy sector.

Frequently Asked Questions: Oil & Gas Industry Software Development

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the oil and gas industry refers to software solutions that streamline and integrate various business processes within the sector. These processes include project management, supply chain management, procurement, finance, human resources, and more.

Oil and gas software contains a range of applications tailored to meet the industry's specific needs. It includes exploration and production (E&P) software, drilling and well management tools, reservoir management software, GPS software, and more.

AI robots, often in the form of autonomous systems or drones, are employed in the oil and gas industry for various tasks, including inspecting pipelines and facilities and assisting in dangerous operations where human intervention might be risky.

Tools for modeling, planning, and data management are part of the oil production software our offerings. Additionally, integrated tools meant to improve decision-making and operational efficiency are supplementary solutions we’re ready to give you.

AI is used in various ways, such as in exploration and production, where it analyzes geological and seismic data to identify potential drilling sites and optimize production processes. AI helps predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance activities, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.

Determining the best ERP software depends on specific business requirements. Some commonly used ERP solutions in the oil and gas industry include SAP S/4Hana, Oracle E-Business Suite 365, and IFS Applications. The choice often depends on company size, budget, and specific functionalities needed.

E&P stands for exploration and production, and the E&P value chain in the oil and gas industry involves various stages, from discovering potential resources to extracting and bringing them to the market.

The future of technology within oil and gas software companies lies with interconnectivity, improved efficiency, and environmental sustainability through the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced big data analytics solutions via AI and drones.


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