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Drive Growth and Innovation With On-Demand AI Developers

Chetu’s AI on-demand developers harness cutting-edge technology to develop custom AI solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our on-demand AI experts ensure efficient and innovative development, arming you with the tools to drive your business forward in the digital age.

On-Demand AI Solutions

We mobilize dynamic On-Demand AI solutions that redefine industries across the globe. Our comprehensive AI consulting services guide your development project, identifying tailored strategies for maximum impact. Through systematic AI solution architecture, we build robust frameworks that power innovation. Beyond design and implementation, our services include AI software maintenance and support, ensuring sustained peak performance. Focusing on efficiency, reliability, and strategic growth, our custom AI solutions are a testament to our dedication to driving your success.

AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD) Solutions

Our AI software development services include advanced AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD) solutions. Our AIoD platform enables organizations to swiftly integrate AI capabilities into their operations. Gain access to powerful AI tools, including data analytics, predictive modeling, and machine learning to extract valuable insights from vast data streams and optimize your processes. Let our on-demand AI talent put the power of AI to work for you, enhancing efficiency, delivering valuable insights, and positioning your business ahead in the dynamic landscape of modern technology.

Industry-Specific On-Demand AI Solutions

As a leading global software development services company, we specialize in delivering industry-specific on-demand AI solutions. Our expertise extends beyond generic offerings, encompassing tailored AI consulting services that comprehend your sector's nuances. With our adept AI integration services, cutting-edge technology seamlessly merges with your business, driving operational efficiency and informed decision-making. From healthcare to finance, our custom AI solutions revolutionize processes, elevate customer experiences, and amplify growth potentials, underscoring our commitment to advancing businesses through strategic AI implementations.

AI-On-Demand Services

Our on-demand machine learning engineers provide AI-on-Demand services tailored to your needs. Our AI project marketplace showcases our expertise, which comprises on-demand AI coding, where our skilled developers deploy efficient and effective AI solutions aligned with your objectives. We also specialize in AI algorithm development, programming sophisticated algorithms that drive accurate insights. With flawless AI model deployment, we ensure that these innovations become vital to your operations, maximizing productivity and improving decision-making across your organization.

Enterprise AI Solutions

As a global leader at the forefront of innovation, we deliver cutting-edge enterprise AI solutions. Our expert AI automation developers build innovative systems that streamline operations, increasing efficiency across your organization. With expertise in AI chatbot development, we create intelligent conversational interfaces that enhance customer interactions and support. Leveraging expertise in cloud-based AI development, we ensure scalability and accessibility for your solutions. Our enterprise AI solutions empower businesses to optimize processes, elevate customer experiences, and stay competitive in the modern digital landscape.

On-Demand AI Cloud Platform Solutions

Our on-demand AI experts specialize in engineering on-demand AI Cloud Platform solutions that pilot innovation. Our cloud-based AI development expertise facilitates the seamless integration of advanced technologies into your operations. Our on-demand AI experts with dedicated industry experience provide tailored guidance to harness the full potential of AI for your business. Through our AI integration services, we ensure that these transformative solutions will become part of your ecosystem with ease and precision, empowering you to unlock efficiency, insights, and growth opportunities like never before.

Hire Top Skilled On-Demand Developers

Objective-C is a popular choice for iOS and macOS application development due to its flexibility, robustness, and scalability. On-demand developers are able to easily build iOS and macOS applications during IT augmentations by using Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks to integrate existing Objective-C code with a more adaptable Swift code. This integration allows our team of developers to combine the benefits of both Objective-C and Swift languages in a single app.

Scala is a robust programming language that can scale to meet any demand and includes a variety of features such as closures, type inference, and pattern matching, making it easier to write concise, expressive, and reusable code. Scala supports object-oriented programming, making it a versatile language for building complex systems. We use Scala programming language to engineer predictive “cognitive” data response software solutions (machine learning and artificial intelligence). Scala is interoperable with Apache Spark, Javascript, and SQL-like databases.

C++ is a powerful language and ideal choice for developing high-performance, efficient, and flexible applications. Complex operating systems (including mobile and console games with engaging graphics) demand experienced on-demand C++ programmers who know how to leverage the language's scalability. C++ supports low-level programming and provides direct access to memory, making it preferable for system programming and other demanding applications.

Strong HTML5 programming forms the basis of all of our web application programming and website building performance. HTML5 supports responsive web design, which allows web pages to adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring that the web page is displayed correctly on any device. We use HTML5 to create the structure of web pages and implement multimedia functionality using new features and APIs specific to HTML5, which makes it easier to develop flexible, responsive, and feature-rich applications.

PHP is an open-source programming language that can run on different operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and Linux, ensuring deployment on different platforms without modification. PHP is a fast and efficient language that can handle high traffic websites easily and its modular architecture and integrated caching mechanisms ensure web applications load quickly and perform well. We combine PHP server-side scripting with tightly-written HTML5 to create powerful web applications, content management systems, portable APIs and dynamic websites with expansive database functions.

We leverage Swift for its range of benefits that include safety, speed, interoperability, expressive syntax, and modern features. These features make Swift an ideal choice for building modern, high-performance applications for a wide range of platforms. Our Swift developers have extensive experience creating custom iOS and macOS applications with simplified code syntax, seamless migration capabilities, accelerated development capabilities, and forward compatibility with Objective-C code.

We utilize Google's open-source programming language, GO, to develop cloud-based, system-level software solutions. Golang is used in large-scale technology operations, such as server management. Golang is a powerful language that provides several benefits, including concurrency, efficiency, simplicity, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility. It can run on different operating systems, making it easier to develop applications that can be deployed on multiple platforms with minimal code changes.

Embedded C is a subset of the C programming language. It is optimized for developing firmware or programming small, low-level systems that may include components such as microcontrollers, sensors, and other embedded systems. Our expert programmers are able to perform middleware and embedded software services due to their expensive knowledge regarding C language extensions that allow for features such as basic I/O operations and fixed-point arithmetic.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language that provides a format for storing and transporting data. It is platform-independent, meaning it can be used on any system regardless of the technology used. We use AJAX and XML to develop interoperable applications, schema constraints, data mapping tools, automation programs, and more. The combination of AJAX and XML provides a powerful toolset for our skilled team to create dynamic, interactive, and efficient web applications that enhance the UX.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language used for managing and manipulating relational databases. SQL is one of the most widely used languages by developers, data analysts, and data scientists worldwide. SQL is used by data-driven businesses to make more informed decisions by analyzing large data sets. Leveraging our mastery in SQL, we design database architectures, improve automated reporting software, and optimize querying and data retrieval functions using open-source platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

Python is a powerful, versatile programming language. Python development can be used for just about anything, but we like to leverage its power to develop high-performance big data applications with complex computing capabilities, such as data analysis and automated statistical functions. Python has interpreted language capabilities, and many advantages over other programming languages with its simplicity and readability. It is highly portable across different platforms, making it an ideal choice for cross-platform development projects.

.Net offers many benefits, including cross-platform development, improved security, scalability, ease of use, rich libraries, and interoperability. These advantages make .NET an ideal platform for building robust applications for a wide range of industries. We use Visual Basic alongside Microsoft's .NET Framework Class Library (CFL). Our developers program interoperable applications, embedded software, and operating systems using Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Ruby and the RoR framework can be used to engineer highly scalable applications at a fast pace. This is an ideal framework for startups in need of expedited development or businesses wanting to ramp up their software infrastructure with on-demand development. Ruby is a full-stack framework that provides all the tools needed to build amazing web applications on both the front and back-end. Rendering HTML templates, updating databases, and managing user authentication are just a few of the tasks that it can handle.

C# is an object-oriented programming language, allowing us to model problems into objects that represent real-world concepts. This provides advantages like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism, which facilitates easier and more maintainable code development. With other benefits that include familiar syntax, strong type safety, interoperability, performance, and rich libraries, C# is a preferred choice for building enterprise applications, games, and mobile applications. We utilize C# to create Android applications with cross-platform functionality, as well as Unity Engine games including virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) games.

Java helps us program dynamic Android applications, like mobile games, e-commerce apps and location-based services. We also use Java to build content-rich, enterprise-grade websites and web services during IT augmentations. Java is platform-independent, it can handle large-scale applications with ease, and it has built-in security features that make it popular for developing secure applications through the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) sandbox, which provides a secure environment for running Java applications and keeps them isolated from the host system.

Perl provides our skilled developers with several benefits, including text processing, which makes it highly suitable for tasks like parsing and modifying text files, data scraping, and pattern matching. Perl also has an extensive library of built-in and third-party modules, making it easier to develop complex programs quickly. It also offers cross-platform capability, regular expressions, and simplicity. We use Perl to program complex tasks, including web development, system administration, GUI development, and network integrations.

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that we utilize for various web applications. It is mainly used for server-side scripting, which means it can run directly in a user’s browser without needing server interaction, which enhances the interactivity and responsiveness of web pages, providing an improved UX. We design responsive websites and mobile-first applications with feature-rich user functions and adaptive interfaces using JavaScript’s interpreted programming language.

Flutter is used to create high-fidelity, high-performance applications from a single codebase for iOS, Android, and the web. Flutter provides several benefits, including fast development, native performance, comprehensive design systems, customizable widgets, and it comes with two comprehensive design systems – Material Design and Cupertino, which simplify the design process and make it easier to build applications with consistent and visually appealing interfaces.

We perform migrations of legacy versions of Delphi, all of which use the Object Pascal programming language, including the current version of Delphi - Delphi 10.4 Sydney. Delphi 10.4 Sydney provides an IDE for rapid application development (RAD) for desktop, mobile, web, and console software development on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. Delphi 10.4 Sydney supports Windows 10 VCL applications, includes improved FireMonkey support for macOS Catalina, iOS 13 SDK support, and more. Delphi AI capabilities enable smarter applications.

We utilize full stack technology in front-end and back-end development, as well as web, mobile, and desktop applications. AI is used in conjunction with full stack technology to analyze customer data, automate processes, improve UX, enable informed decision making, and detect anomalies in the system. We integrate blockchain with full stack technology to secure payments, smart contracts, and digital identity management. We leverage AI and blockchain with full stack technology to create secure, efficient, and reliable solutions offering powerful functionality.

AI Related On Demand Development FAQ’s

An AI on demand developer is a professional specialize in developing artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents and robotic process automation solutions on a project basis. They hired to work on specific AI projects and typically contracted for a defined period of time.

On demand developers can work on a wide range of AI projects, from natural language processing and computer vision to machine learning and deep learning. They can help build chatbots, recommendation engines, image recognition systems, and more.

Hiring an on demand AI developer can provide several benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, and access to specialized expertise. You can hire a developer for a specific project and pay only for the work which have done, which can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee. Additionally, you can tap into the developer's expertise without committing to a long-term contract.

There are many platforms and marketplaces that connect businesses with on demand AI developers. Yes, you can search for developers on websites such as Chetu, Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal, or through AI-focused marketplaces such as Hugging Face or OpenAI.

When hiring an on demand AI developer, look for someone with experience in your specific AI domain, such as natural language processing or computer vision. They should also have experience with popular AI tools and frameworks, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.

We offer on-demand support for various development needs, including debugging code, resolving build and deployment issues, optimizing performance, providing code reviews, and answering questions about best practices. Our team of experienced developers is available on demand whenever you need assistance.

Businesses or individuals can submit their project requirements on the On Demand Developers platform. The platform matches the client's needs with the most suitable developer. The client can communicate with the developer to complete the project.

There are diverse range of developers which have expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. It includes web developers, mobile app developers, game developers, artificial intelligence & machine learning developers, etc.

We offer transparent, flexible billing options with detailed invoices for our on-demand developer support services, such as packaged hours, monthly subscriptions, and annual contracts. Contact our sales team to discuss the billing plan that best fits your needs.

Yes, On-Demand Developers offers developers for both short-term and long-term projects. Clients can communicate with the developer to determine the project's duration and scope.


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