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Chetu: Your Comprehensive Solutions Provider

Chetu is your dedicated partner in innovation, bringing over 23 years of expertise to deliver unparalleled software development and top-tier application support services. Whether you need seamless integration, migration, maintenance, upgrades, or personalized training, our skilled team is committed to optimizing your applications for functionality and efficiency from inception.

Application Maintenance Services

Multi-Tiered Support Solutions

Our application support engineers (ASE) provide three tiers of support solutions for fixing standard issues, application and system auditing, IT environment support, and server administration as well as offer adaptive and perfective maintenance, ad hoc troubleshooting, upgrades, legacy migrations, and more.

Mobile App Maintenance and Support

We deliver mobile app support and maintenance services to prolong uptime, support larger user bases, optimize server performance, improve UX/UI, minimize uninstalls, comply with regulatory concerns, and keep integrated web services running smoothly.

Web Application Maintenance

Our web application maintenance services include testing and debugging, updating site information, database maintenance, and real-time monitoring and analysis, all within strict adherence to Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines.

Code Refactoring

We reconstruct existing code to improve external functionality while eliminating programming redundancies, streamline class designs, and improve API implementations, as well as refactor simple servlet services like RESTful and SOAP into microservices.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Stay at the forefront with our proactive maintenance and upgrade services. Our dedicated team ensures the continual optimization of your software, providing regular updates and enhancements to keep your applications secure and high performing.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our quality assurance & testing processes focus on ensuring high quality applications. Our processes include rigorous testing, thorough diagnosis of issues, and continuous performance assessments. Our cutting-edge tools and methodologies ensure optimal processes and application performance.

Application Support Services

Applications are long-term investments, and Chetu's Application Support Services encompass technical expertise, software maintenance, extended support, and exceptional customer service, all aimed at keeping your applications running optimally.


Seamlessly integrate our state-of-the-art solutions into your ecosystem. Our skilled digital architects meticulously strategize and execute deployments, ensuring a frictionless assimilation that maximizes the functionality and efficiency of your applications from inception.

Extended App Support

Our skilled application support engineers provide 24/7 assistance, swiftly resolving technical challenges for seamless operation. From maintaining peak performance through audits and server management to offering extended support for continuous improvements, we ensure your application stays secure, updated, and at the forefront of technological advancements.


Tailor your solutions precisely to your specifications. Our customization services empower you to optimize software functionality, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique requirements and enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your applications.


Seamlessly connect your systems with our integration expertise. We facilitate the smooth flow of data between applications, increasing overall proficiency and creating a cohesive technology environment that categorically supports your business objectives.

Personalized Training and Consulting

Empower your team with our customized training sessions. Our experts provide personalized guidance, ensuring your team is proficient in utilizing and maximizing the potential of your applications, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and proficiency.

Responsive 24/7 Helpdesk Support

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our round-the-clock helpdesk support. Our responsive team is dedicated to promptly resolving issues, ensuring uninterrupted operation, and maximizing the reliability of your applications, no matter the time or day.

Security Protocols

Ensure the integrity of your applications with our robust security measures. From encryption to regular audits, our support services prioritize safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining compliance with industry standards, and providing you with the peace of mind that your digital assets are well-protected.

Performance Optimization

Go beyond mere maintenance—optimize your application's performance with our support services. We actively identify and address bottlenecks, streamline processes, and implement enhancements to elevate user experience and overall operational efficiency, ensuring your applications consistently deliver peak performance.

Scalability Solutions

Future-proof your technology with our scalable support solutions. Designed to evolve alongside your business, our services seamlessly adapt to growing demands. Whether expanding user bases or incorporating new functionalities, Chetu ensures your applications remain agile, efficient, and ready to scale with your organizational objectives.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your application's health and performance through our transparent reporting. Our comprehensive analytics provide a detailed overview, allowing you to track key metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Stay in control with actionable intelligence for strategic planning and optimization.

Elevate Your Applications with Intelligent Solutions

Revolutionize your applications with our AI-powered solutions. Experience the future of application support services, where innovation meets intelligence for unparalleled performance and user satisfaction.

Automated Issue Resolution

Our specialized tech experts deploy advanced AI algorithms and automation tools to swiftly identify, diagnose, and autonomously resolve issues within applications. Prioritizing real-time detection, it eliminates manual intervention, minimizes downtime, and ensures continuous functionality, contributing to an elevated and efficient support experience.

Cognitive Support Assistance

Experience streamlined support with cognitive computing technology. Our intelligent assistance optimizes processes, automating routine tasks intelligently and enhancing the overall workflow efficiency. Elevate user experiences and achieve operational excellence through advanced cognitive support assistance.

Machine Learning Integration

Explore the transformative benefits of Machine Learning seamlessly woven into our support services. Elevate adaptability and decision-making within your applications through advanced data analysis and adaptive learning tools that provide continuous assessment and feedback. Our dynamic Machine Learning integration ensures a proactive and intelligent approach to maintaining robust application health.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Experience the transformative impact of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in our support services. NLP facilitates seamless communication and interaction between users and applications, empowering advanced functionalities such as intelligent chatbots, precise ticket analysis, sentiment analysis, and more. Elevate your support experience through enhanced linguistic understanding and response capabilities.

Anomaly Detection and Remediation

Explore our AI-driven anomaly detection solutions, safeguarding your applications by identifying irregular patterns and potential threats. Our advanced algorithms provide real-time insights, allowing for prompt remediation and ensuring the security and stability of your supported applications.

Predictive Analytics

Our specialized tech experts leverage statistical algorithms and Machine Learning models to analyze historical and real-time data to anticipate issues, optimize performance, and proactively address potential challenges in your applications.

Block of Hours Support Services

Chetu's team comprises over 2,800 industry-experienced developers with comprehensive domain expertise and technical proficiency. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the delivery of superior support through flexible and cost-effective Block of Hours support services tailored for various applications.

Technical & Non-Technical Support

Chetu’s Block of Hours program is a cost-effective alternative to our standard flat-rate support offered to new, current, and past customers.

We offer technical and non-technical support services for all software applications. Services are sold per 100 Block of Hours with reduced rates contingent on hours purchased. Our lowest rates are attained when utilizing our full-time, dedicated resource(s).

BOH Support:

  • Programming (Technical) Support
  • Non-Programming (Functional) Support
  • Implementations & Integrations
  • DevOps Support
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Migration & Updates
  • Application Support

We’ve Got App Developers With On-Demand Experience

Our programmers, developers, and engineers are highly proficient in all popular programming languages, frameworks, databases, and development tools. We monitor, manage, and maintain your custom application using our industry knowledge combined with our advanced technical experience.

Programming Languages

We leverage the most popular programming languages like, Python, Javascript, Java, and Ruby on Rails to develop a mobile or web application custom-tailored for your business.



We use high-level frameworks that encourage rapid application development and elegant UX/UI design to create your custom application such as Python, Angular, Django, and node.js.



We leverage well-known relational database management and analytics systems to develop your industry-specific application such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

sql-serverMicrosoft SQL Server

Programming Tools

We utilize the best programming tools to develop, design, and launch iOS, Android, and Windows applications to best suit your brand such as Xamarin, IntelliJ IDEA, XCode, and Docker.

intellil-ideaIntelliJ IDEA

App Maintenance & Support: Frequently Asked Questions

App maintenance and support involve the ongoing activities of updating, modifying, and evaluating existing software applications to eliminate bugs and enhance performance. It is a continual process essential for ensuring seamless, error-free operation of the application.

Troubleshooting, which is crucial for issue resolution, typically involves seven key steps:

To manage application downtime effectively, proactively detect potential issues and address them before they lead to downtime. Utilize automation to promptly resolve common problems, like restarting failed services or addressing network connectivity issues, reducing manual intervention and minimizing recovery time.

Extended support provides ongoing assistance, including security updates and bug fixes, after standard support ends, ensuring product functionality and security.

Absolutely. Chetu's application support services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse industries. Our team of experts understands the workings of various sectors, enabling us to customize support solutions that align precisely with your industry's unique needs and challenges.

Absolutely. Explore our client portfolio to see firsthand how Chetu's application support services have positively impacted diverse industries. Our tailored solutions, coupled with a commitment to excellence, have consistently delivered optimal outcomes for our clients.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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