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Data Migration Services

Empowering Your Technology Landscape With Seamless Data Migration Services

Hire Experienced Data Migration Experts

Chetu is a leading software development company that provides expert migration service to help help consultancy & migration services modernize their technology systems. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, Chetu will migrate your database and server, including user accounts, agent jobs, and SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages all at once with almost no downtime. The company's migration solutions ensure a smooth transition from outdated technology to new systems that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance overall business performance. Whether it's migrating to the cloud or upgrading to a new platform, Chetu's migration platform are designed to meet each client's unique needs and ensure a successful outcome.

Software Migration Support

We use thorough, risk-averse migration techniques for manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation. Our migration process involves identifying potential risks, developing contingency plans, and testing the migration in a non-production environment to ensure that it will work correctly when implemented in the live environment.

Website Migration Solutions

We have vast experience migrating websites to and from different web hosting platforms (Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy) and (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace.). .). Our migration software cover all critical areas such as content migration, domain migration, platform migration, server migration, SEO migration, and other important aspects, ensuring that all requirements are met.

Cloud Migration Services

We perform reliable cloud-to-cloud and on-premise server-to-cloud migrations using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba, and more. Cloud migration services offer a range of benefits, including improved scalability, flexibility, and cost savings compared to on-premises infrastructure.

Database Migration Service

We migrate multiple data types and business logic schemas, using Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) best practices and robust version control protocols.

Server Migration Service

We implement server migration solutions for BizTalk Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), .NET, Java & PHP frameworks, MoM, RPC, ORB, and more. Chetu process includes assessing and mitigating potential security risks, ensuring secure data transfer, configuring the new environment to maintain the same or improved level of security, and testing to ensure that security measures are functioning properly.

Enterprise Platform Migration Services

We perform rapid and reliable upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms, migrating all data and business logic to new ERP, CRM, CMS, or other platforms.

Application Migration Solutions

We have a deep understanding of data adoption patterns, processes, and platforms to help your business manage your newly migrated cloud applications at scale.

Storage Migration Services

We perform storage migration services to offer faster performance and cost-effective scalability by allowing users to access their data without changing paths or links.

Experienced Data Migration Services

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Data Migration

Chetu provides world-class software solutions to exceed any data migration challenge. Our software specialists leverage the power and versatility of Artificial Intelligence to streamline workflow and ensure seamless data transition to cloud-based platforms and existing platforms with no disruption. Data migration enhanced with Artificial Intelligence automates data entry, report generation, and data consolidation and automatically monitors project progress to enable data-driven decisions, boosting business intelligence. Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts create versatile and scalable solutions to modernize business operations.

Machine Learning Data Migration

Chetu understands the critical role data plays in modern business. Utilizing powerful Machine Learning technology, our software experts program and deploy this versatile resource to automate data entry and eliminate repetitive tasks. Our Machine Learning experts deploy customized data migration strategies to improve compliance, strengthen data security, and facilitate optimized data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Data Mapping

Artificial Intelligence continues its transformative impact on industries. Chetu’s software specialists continue leveraging this cutting-edge technology to standardize existing data into cohesive reports, enabling data-driven decisions and eliminating human error within entry and monitoring. Gain unique business insights into efficiency and business intelligence and create new strategies to modernize operations.

Automated Data Transformation

Automation enables increased workflow, task reprioritizing, and traditional manual data entry mitigation. Chetu leverages Artificial Intelligence to design and deploy customized automation programs to create seamless data transformation and migration paths with optimized data encryption, ensuring all sensitive data remains protected during all processes.

Cognitive Data Integration

Chetu’s data experts create versatile solutions to enable optimized data intelligence. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, our dedicated developers design and customize algorithms to recognize unique data patterns and automatically complete precise analysis, reducing manual data entry and mitigating time consuming report generations. Chetu ensures precise extraction of complex, unstructured data and with the power of AI, transforms data into comprehensive information facilitating business intelligence.

Data Migration with Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Analytics enhanced by Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts not only enable unprecedented business intelligence but streamlined data migration with no workflow interruptions. Our software specialists utilize powerful predictive analytics to proactively assess data quality before migration, mitigating roadblocks during migration processes.

AI-Driven Strategies for Data Synchronization

Synchronization ensures uploaded data runs seamlessly within multiple systems. Chetu’s dedicated developers design and deploy AI-driven strategies to enable expedient data sharing, eliminating disruptions when sharing data across multiple devices. Data consistency is key to facilitating efficient workflow, and Chetu’s data experts provide customized AI-driven strategies, ensuring optimized data synchronization.

Automate Your Database Migrations

We approach your data with more scalability in mind by creating automated data migration systems that process, analyze, and map unlimited fields to your new database.

Automate Your Database Migrations

Database Migration Automation

We leverage schema migration tools to automate application data migrations and reverse the appropriate sequence of schema changes until we reach the desired outcome.

Schema Migration Automation

We develop automated migration systems to migrate business logic schemas and perform fast upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms.

XML Structure Scalability

Our automated data migration tool recognizes XML elements and attributes them to create mapping documents quickly and reliably.

Reusable & Configurable Data

Your framework is entirely reusable and configurable, so you can alter your data or data structures even after we migrate the data for you.

Remote DBA Services From Chetu’s Experts

Whether you need to migrate to a new platform, move to the cloud, or upgrade your legacy systems, Chetu can augment your existing IT team to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Remote DBA Services From Chetu’s Experts

Data Legacy Modernization

We upgrade outdated technology systems to provide businesses with greater efficiency and cost reduction without disrupting business workflows & processes.

Business Value Assessment

We perform a thorough application assessment, carefully analyzing your legacy code and architecture to chart a modernization strategy that best fits your business needs.

Application Re-Engineering

We breathe new life into your existing code, redesigning your systems to boost functionality, scalability, and performance without affecting your business logic.

On-Premise to IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS

We migrate applications and data from your existing on-premise infrastructure to IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud service models without downtime or data loss.

Data Analytics & Discovery

We incorporate data science, data mining, forecasting, machine learning, and predictive simulations to deliver a solution designed to solve business challenges and drive growth.

Data Standardization & QA Testing

We provide data cleansing, de-duplication, quality assurance (QA) testing, and data standardization services to ensure your data is optimized for accuracy & consistency.

Data Replication Services

We leverage leading tools and best practices to perform continuous data replication services for both homogenous and heterogeneous data of all supported database engines.

Data Backup & Recovery

We offer well-established data backup & recovery services, ensuring robust, reliable, and vigorously maintained data safeguards that protect your data from devastating loss.

We Use Leading Open-Source, On-Premise, & Cloud-Based Data Migration Tools

Our data migration experts have global, multi-industry experience executing business solutions using proven, digitally-gathered data methodologies, practices, and tools.

On-Premise Data Migration Tools

We leverage on-premise data migration tools, like IBM, SQL, Oracle, and AWS, to easily migrate your data, schema, and objects from multiple data sources to the cloud at scale.

SQL ServerSQL Server

Cloud-Based Data Migration Tools

We use flexible cloud-based data migration tools, like Alooma, Matillion, Snaplogic, and Fivetran to move data to the cloud from an application or on-premise store.


Open-Source Data Migration Tools

We migrate your data using open-source data migration tools, like Apache NiFi, CloverETL, Pentaho, and Talend Open Studio, that offer more elasticity and faster performance.

Apache NiFiApache NiFi
Talend Open StudioTalend Open Studio

Data Migration Support Services

Our highly skilled IT professionals provide expert data migration support services to ensure seamless transitions. We offer specialized assistance, timely troubleshooting and debugging, and active monitoring services.

Migration Tool Installation

We assist in installing and configuring migration tools tailored to your specific data migration needs. This ensures compatibility with your existing systems and infrastructure. We implement data migration monitoring tools to track the progress in real time, identify bottlenecks, monitor data quality metrics, and ensure timely completion.

Data Extraction Troubleshooting

We proactively identify and resolve issues found during the extraction phase, such as incomplete data extraction, data corruption, or connectivity problems with source systems. We conduct data integrity validation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the extracted data. Additionally, we provide data security configuration to safeguard sensitive data throughout the migration process.

Data Transformation Debugging

We debug and refine the data transformation processes to ensure accurate mapping and formatting of data from the source to the target system. We address issues like data format mismatches, missing data, or transformation errors, utilizing advanced troubleshooting techniques to guarantee seamless data flow through the migration process.

Data Loading Assistance

We guide and support the loading of transformed data into the target system, optimizing performance and minimizing downtime. Assistance may include batch processing, parallel loading, or real-time data streaming techniques. Additionally, we conduct post-migration support and maintenance to address issues after implementation.

Frequent Asked Questions About Data Migration Services

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system or storage location to another. It is important for organizations that need to move data from one system to another while ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and security.

Virtually any type of data can be migrated, including structured data such as databases and spreadsheets, as well as unstructured data such as files, emails, and multimedia content.

AI can assist in data migration services by intelligent mapping and matching data, automating testing and validation, providing predictive analytics, analyzing unstructured data through NLP, training algorithms with machine learning, and supporting users in real time with chatbots and virtual assistants. This technology can speed up the process, increase accuracy, and provide insights for informed decision-making.

The cost of data migration can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the data environment, the amount of data being migrated, and the level of customization required.

There are many reasons why a business might need to migrate their data. Some common reasons include switching to a new software application, upgrading to a newer version of an existing application, or moving data to a more secure or reliable platform.

Manual data migration involves transferring data manually, such as by copying and pasting, while automated data migration involves using software tools to automate the process. Automated data migration is generally faster, more accurate, and less prone to errors than manual migration.


Learn more about our full data migration services and drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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