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Quality Assurance (QA) & Software Testing Services

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Software Quality Assurance Testing Services

Chetu brings together the most reliable expertise, processes, technologies, and QA testing specialists to deliver high value-added and agile-aligned QA & software testing solutions that you can trust.

Software QA Web & Mobile App Testing

Chetu’s seasoned test architects and engineers provide world-class QA testing services for web and mobile applications, ensuring full compliance and high-quality software every time. We harness the power of innovative AI, IoT, and RPA technologies to perform advanced QA web & mobile app testing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide end-to-end IoT security and penetration testing services to help businesses successfully balance time-to-market pressures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We utilize AI-powered tools, including machine learning, computer vision, and NLP, to deliver highly intelligent software QA testing of your apps.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We leverage RPA technologies to develop state-of-the-art QA testing solutions designed specially to handle unit and regression tests.

Harness the Power of Chetu’s QA Testing Solutions

Augment your software development A-team with Chetu’s custom-tailored QA software testing solutions.

Software QA Automation Testing

We deliver full-cycle QA automated software testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications to enable improved test coverage, enhance product quality, optimize testing activities, boost productivity, and decrease overall testing times.

Software QA Manual Testing

Our dedicated QA team will test your mobile, web, or desktop application manually to identify & fix bugs, detect & eradicate errors, and confirm its compliance with regulatory standards, providing you with the highest quality result possible.

Software QA Functional Testing

Chetu provides advanced-level QA functional testing services that focus on preventing unexpected or problematic software behaviors and detecting functionality defects early to ensure that it meets end-user expectations for functionality.

Software QA Usability Testing

We design QA usability testing platforms that incorporate specific usability testing tools and UX research methods selected based on the client, focused on measuring how user-friendly and flexible your application or website is.

Custom Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Solutions

We develop custom QA testing solutions from scratch or enhance your existing QA testing solutions through modifications, integrations, and feature implementations.

Software QA Testing Solutions

Our experienced test architects and engineers develop top-of-the-line software QA testing solutions for API, unit, multi-browser, and multi-device testing focused on all testing categories, including penetration, functional, localization, regression, performance, usability security, and compatibility testing.

Managed Testing

We create end-to-end managed testing solutions, enabling our expert QA team to take over the entire scope of your testing activities to provide the best possible outcomes.

Project-Specific Testing

We develop QA testing solutions and perform independent third-party testing services based on specific company projects to deliver successful results.

Quality Assessment

We engineer software auditing solutions to provide you with a detailed report of any detected issues along with thorough instructions on how to fix them.

Reinforce Your IT Team With Chetu’s Experienced QA Testing Experts

Elevate your IT efforts to new heights by leveraging our custom QA Testing Solutions designed specifically for your website or application.

QA Performance Testing Solutions

We create non-functional QA performance testing solutions that authenticate the responsiveness, scalability, reliability, speed, and other essential features within your software solution or web/mobile applications.

QA Penetration Testing Solutions

Our experts create advanced network and penetration QA testing solutions that simulate high-impact security breaches and real-world attacks to help organizations solve cybersecurity issues before they progress.

QA Localization Testing Solutions

Our QA localization testing solutions focus on verifying if the localized content is linguistically, culturally, and contextually correct, as well as examining the functionality of the localized operation systems and supported platforms.

QA Regression Testing Solutions

We design our QA regression testing solutions to ensure that there aren’t any adverse effects occurring within existing application functionalities once code changes have been executed in terms of debugging or system enhancements.

QA Security Testing Solutions

Our QA security testing solutions enable our experts to dynamically and proactively assess your application’s vulnerabilities by analyzing your source code for security defects to prevent authentication, input, and other system attacks.

QA Compatibility Testing Solutions

We create QA compatibility testing solutions designed to test an application’s ability to perform on multiple operating systems, mobile devices, browsers & versions, connection speeds, and in conjunction with third-party apps.

Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing Tools

We leverage third-party QA testing software APIs and harness the power of industry-proven tools and QA best practices to create custom-tailored test strategies for your application or software solution

QA Testing Software

We customize and integrate industry-leading QA testing tools, such as MasterControl, TestComplete, Testsigma, and Telerik, to effectively test your web, mobile, and desktop applications.

QA Testing Software

Functional Testing Tools

We integrate third-party functional testing software APIs, such as Digivante, Selenium, Cucumber, and Test IO, to ensure that your web apps, mobile apps, and websites are fully functioning.

Functional Testing Tools

API Testing Tools

We integrate leading API testing tools for APIs, including Postman, Apiary, Katalon Studio, and SoapUI, with custom features and modifications to support your systems and testing requirements.

API Testing Tools

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

We customize and integrate the best cross-browser testing tools on the market, such as LambdaTest, TestingBot, Ghostlab, and Browsershots, to test your applications and ensure successful results.

Cross-Browser Testing Tools


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