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Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Cloud Services

Autodesk cloud services allow Chetu to use Forge's cloud environment to provide end-to-end software development services to industries such as AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), manufacturing, and various media entities. Designers, engineers, and architects can collaborate on production and operational workflows using Autodesk Forge.

Autodesk 3D Solutions

Chetu's Autodesk 3D services enable seamless integration and management of 3D objects, utilizing software such as Revit, Maya, and Motion Builder, as well as 2D programs such as AutoCAD and After Effects. Autodesk 3D and 2D software use range from modelling, unwrapping, rigging, and texturing, to motion graphics, compositing, rendering and effects animations.

Autodesk Forge APIs

Our experts leverage Autodesk Forge APIs such as Data Management API that gives access to data across A360, Fusion, and the Object Storage Service, Design Automation API which uses Autodesk's cloud to execute automation scripts, and Model Derivative API that prepares files for the Viewer and extracts geometrics. The Viewer facilitates embedding, interaction, and retrieval of meta data of design files in over 50 formats.

More Autodesk Forge API's

Chetu developers also leverage the following Autodesk Forge API's: Reality Capture API, Webhooks API, and BIM 360 API. Reality Capture API allows developers to create 3D models, orthoimages and scalable solutions with Forge via cloud computing. BIM 360 API allows developers to automate construction projects, build apps and create custom integrations. Webhooks API help to improve integration processes by allowing developers to create, edit, and customize event types and resources to receive notifications for.

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