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We Have Experienced Field Service Management Software Developers

We develop, integrate, and customize Field Service Management Software, implemented with Order Fulfillment Software, Inventory Management Systems, Shipping & Logistics Systems, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to increase profits, customer loyalty, and business efficiency for field service operations.

Field Service Management App Development

We deliver end-to-end Field Service Management app development solutions to improve business efficiency, real-time communication, and fast response times. We develop FSM platforms that simplify the back office processes and allow field service operators to quickly raise service requests, identify issues, and ensure that jobs are completed on time.

Real-Time FSM Communication Software Development

We engineer Real-Time Communication Software using Telephony and VoIP Programming to maintain clear communications between dispatchers and field service technicians. We develop secure communication portals for managers to facilitate service requests, follow-up on work orders, make payments, send invoices, and more.

Reports & Dashboards

We engineer custom reporting and dashboard modules allowing field service operators to create and analyze comprehensive reports, along with assigning new jobs, viewing service & ticket details, accessing schedules, invoicing customers, accessing technician attendance reports, analyze performance metrics, and so much more.

Customer FSM Self-Service Portals

We build AI-powered Customer FSM Self-Service Portals to empower customers with immediate service using chatbots and virtual agents, smart search modules, voice biometrics, and digital self-service features. We integrate these portals with drag-and-drop scheduling and work order processing functions to ensure a seamless automated experience.

Logistics Management & Reverse Logistics Engines

We develop FSM Systems to manage all logistics and reverse logistics business processes from Return Material Authorizations (RMA) for accelerated exchange and repair return on supply. We build reverse logistics engines to effectively manage the return and repair of assets, reducing costs, shortening repair turnaround time, and increasing efficiency.

Remote Assistance

We program Remote Assistance Software so that remote experts can instantly diagnose, solve, and validate issues for customers and field service technicians in inaccessible locations. These solutions merge two real-time video streams where the customer or field technician can see the remote expert’s field of view in an interactive, merged reality environment.

Custom Field Service Management Solutions

We engineer Custom FSM Solutions that incorporate Fleet Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Inventory Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Order Management, and Workforce Management Software in a centralized platform

FSM Dispatch, Planning, & Scheduling Software

We develop AI-powered Planning and Scheduling Solutions for dispatchers to effectively communicate via voice IP & SMS, create work schedules, optimize routes, and reallocate work to the proper resources and channels, all while keeping to SLAs. We also incorporate predictive modeling software to provide answers to complex capacity forecasting questions.

Mobile Field Service Application Solutions

We engineer Custom Mobile FSM Application Solutions with built-in dynamic scheduling, route optimization, real-time alerts, CRM, invoicing & accounting, reports & dashboards, inventory management software, reverse logistics, online chat modules, and more to automate and optimize operations throughout the enforce field service lifecycle.

Mobile Billing Software Solutions

Our Custom Mobile Billing Software Solutions provide up-to-date pricing lists and allow you to track inventory items, generate invoices, accept e-signatures, process payments, record payments, and complete work orders, all while integrating with card-readers and Payment Gateways seamlessly to CRM and accounting systems.

FSM Inventory Management Solutions

We integrate Inventory Management Software, enabling full inventory visibility and governance from your home office, warehouse, job sites, and fleet vehicles with custom-designed inventory modules for locating and provisioning personal and company handheld devices and essential work equipment.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Field Service Management

Chetu’s AI specialists enhance and modernize cutting-edge resources to create new industry benchmarks for performance, accuracy, efficient project management, and data-based monitoring of critical FSM assets. Discover how Chetu designs and implements AI-driven solutions to optimize all FSM workflows, reduce expenses, and transform project collateral.

AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance

Our software specialists customize AI-powered algorithms to collect and monitor data, enabling predictive analytics to forecast future outcomes. Chetu unlocks unique insight into predictive maintenance, empowering project managers with modern resources that proactively provide data-driven decisions to mitigate costly machine repairs and project workflow disruptions.

AI-Enabled Schedule Optimization

Say goodbye to the challenges of manual scheduling with AI-enabled automation. Chetu designs and implements intuitive schedule generation for all personnel by utilizing data-driven decisions to build schedules based on personnel's versatile skillsets, project budget, and deadline.

Real-time Field Service
Analytics and Insights

Chetu elevates the scope and performance of today’s modern analytics to generate actionable insights for error-free field service management. Our analytics experts design and integrate intuitive dashboards promoting collaboration, enhanced service delivery, advanced real-time project workflow reporting, and streamlined processes facilitating on-budget and on-time project completion.

AI-Powered Customer Interaction and Support

Our AI-driven solutions promote elevated customer support, providing real time feedback and responses to all customer inquiries with our intuitive chatbots, designed to enhance customer engagement, strengthen business relationships, and drive revenue while actively providing guidance and support beyond project lifecycles for today’s demanding and digital savvy clients.

AI and IoT to Boost Project Mobility

Chetu leverages the power of IoT to facilitate instant collaboration with all on and offsite personnel to expedite task completion, update clients on project progress and expense tracking in real-time, and personalize relationships by promoting one-on-one communication between field technicians and clients via connected devices.

AI-Driven Route Optimization and Supply Chain Management

Utilizing artificial intelligence reduces supply chain bottlenecks that stifle workflows and project completions. Chetu’s AI specialists design intelligent inventory management strategies and dashboards to support FSM decision-makers in making data-driven, informed decisions about all aspects of project management: tools, parts, and staff.

Custom FSM Software Features

We implement software that streamlines the entire lifespan of the Field Service Management process, enabling field service technicians, engineers, and dispatchers to automate their work processes through user-friendly back-office systems.

FSM Application Software

Workforce Management Software

Our Custom Workforce Management Software incorporates industry-leading solutions that streamline the entire FSM process from start to finish. We implement software to automate the following tasks within your existing FSM application:

  • Fleet Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Work Order Management

  • Spare Parts Management

GIS Solutions

GIS Solutions

We develop and integrate Custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to capture geospatial information, create interactive mapping solutions, and optimize planning & route optimization. We develop GIS solutions to include the following

  • Dynamic Mapping Interfaces

  • Data Capture Solutions

  • Geoprocessing & Geocoding

  • Geospatial Mapping Software

  • Interoperable Data Management

  • Elevation & Spatial Analysis

Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

We integrate Field Service Inventory Planning, Management, and Parts Tracking Software, allowing field service operators to manage inventory and track all parts at all times. We implement the following features in our Custom Mobile Inventory Management Systems:

  • Automate Real-Time Notifications

  • Maintain Serial Numbers & Lot Numbers

  • Search Inventory Hierarchy

  • Access Audit Trail of Parts Inventory

  • Real-Time Inventory Location Tracking

  • Automated Alerts for Maintaining Inventory Replenishment

  • Scan Barcodes & RFID Tags

  • Accurately Report Costs

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We integrate a custom Fleet Management System with your existing FSM Solution to track, monitor, and manage your fleets in real-time. We implement the following features to help you effectively manage your fleets:

  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)

  • Telematics & Dispatching Software

  • Fleet Maintenance Tools

  • GPS Fleet Tracking Software

  • Fleet Fuel Management (Fleet Cards)

  • Fleet Asset Management Systems

FSM Software Integrations

We integrate custom features with existing off-the-shelf Field Service Management Solution APIs, or within your newly developed FSM solution built from scratch to optimize your workflows, improve customer engagement, and streamline processes.

Field Service Management Software

Our developers will customize an off-the-shelf FSM software solution to best fit your operational needs and optimize your workflows.





GPS Tracking & Telematics

We integrate GPS tracking and telematics systems and third-party mapping apps to help you maximize route optimization, navigation, and fleet tracking.





Payment Processing & Gateways

We integrate your preferred third-party payment gateway system so that your team can receive and process payments quickly and efficiently.



Chat, Video, & Telephony

We integrate advanced, high-performance communication modules to connect dispatchers, managers, and field service technicians from various locations.

Google Voice

Google Voice



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Support Services for Field Service Management Software

Chetu strives to provide continuous support and guidance for all customized FSM resources and strategies. Our dedicated support services team ensures all AI-driven software solutions function optimally and offers troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, and unrivaled expertise to drive your FSM goals forward.

FSM Software Solutions

Chetu collaborates with clients to design and implement individualized strategies to exceed the unique business challenges of every business, regardless of industry. Our FSM software solutions provide end-users with modernized resources to streamline workflow, mitigate human error during critical data-based tasks, and transform service delivery metrics to fully optimize all facets of FSM processes.

Preventive Maintenance and Support

Our software specialists leverage modern, predictive analytics to empower FSM personnel with powerful resources to implement proactive, predictive maintenance to ensure all machinery and expensive assets critical to project completion continue functioning optimally.

Inventory Management Support

Eliminate duplication of manual inventory management processes with Chetu’s customized inventory and supply chain management software solutions—access live inventory tracking via connected devices designed to empower inventory managers.

Mobile Field Service Support

Harnessing the versatility of IoT, Chetu’s software specialists provide mobile support services to promote collaboration in real-time via powerful connected devices, ensuring all personnel have access to critical documents, project statuses, staffing schedules, and all pertinent information required to facilitate on-budget, and on-time project completion.

Real-Time Tracking Support

Our real-time tracking support services enable great insight into project management, from resource allocation to machine and staff efficiency. Chetu enhances FSM performance while augmenting project managers by providing another powerful resource to streamline workflows and reduce expenses.

Customer Self-Service Portal Support

Chetu designs and implements intuitive, self-service dashboards to empower customers to gain 24/7 access to critical FSM documents, enabling fast review of expense tracking, project progress, and worksite strategies. Let us design and implement customized self-service portals to reduce service requests and inquiries and improve customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions for AI in Field Service Management

Predictive maintenance relies on accurate data collection and monitoring, and paired with AI, it automatically creates data-driven decisions to forecast future outcomes. Applied in FSM, predictive maintenance enables unique insight into the health and performance of machinery and critical assets.

IoT integration enables greater insight into machinery and asset health and performance, real-time data collection monitoring project expenses, remote worksite monitoring, and remote collaboration to reduce expenses and expedite project completion.

AI augments FSM by automating repetitive tasks, generating error-free project blueprint measurements, automating remote customer service inquiries, and providing route optimization and efficient supply chain management to eliminate project delays.

Chetu’s support services team continuously monitors and maintains all AI-driven resources, ensuring all custom software solutions function optimally. Our dedicated support team offers troubleshooting, guidance, and timely maintenance and upgrades with no costly workflow interruption or system downtime.


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