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GIS Software Development Services

AI-Driven Custom GIS App Development
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Hire Developers with GIS Software Development Experience

Chetu offers experienced GIS back-end developers-for-hire who can help you capture geospatial information and develop interactive GIS mapping solutions for a range of applications, from climate research facilities to urban planning development. With AI-powered GIS software, the processing of massive amounts of spatial data is made possible, providing valuable insights into various phenomena such as urban growth and climate change. Additionally, Google location tracking apps, driven by AI technology, enable real-time analysis of user behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to deliver personalized experiences and targeted advertising. Our geolocation app can be integrated with a fleet management system, enabling transportation companies to track their vehicles in real-time, optimize routes, and improve delivery times, ultimately resulting in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

GIS Software Development

We seamlessly integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with robust database features & third-party GIS software configurations, enabling companies to generate GIS maps and address other geospatial information needs.

GIS Programming Services

Our superior back-end GIS experience comes with extensive knowledge and experience with using top application development tools & programming languages, such as C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#k Java, JSP, ASP, XML, GML, and Cold Fusion.

GIS Application Development

We create custom GIS apps designed for tracking points or objects with accurate projections & realistic scaling, then pulling geographical data from various sources, and lastly, showcasing that data on a map to use for data analysis & insight purposes.

GIS Database Design

We engineer & configure cloud-hosted relational database management systems (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL) to GIS mapping system software, and use web service APIs (REST, SOAP, JSON, XML) to create drone interfaces.

Custom Geospatial Mapping Software

Chetu’s GIS mapping software experts can customize any GIS system software to provide continuous access to geospatial data in a reliable GIS app, ensuring shareable insights of critical data to a host of different industries.

Geospatial Mapping Software

We leverage multiple big data sources & spatial mapping tools to create complex data modeling applications for topographical & hydrologic studies, precision farming, routing logistics, social science analysis, climate forecasting, and aerial drone mapping.

3D Visualization Software

Our 3D imaging/modeling experts harness the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS APIs and other rendering tools to design overlays, quantitative and qualitative symbols, legends, annotation options, transitions, and more to visualize any 2D and 3D thematic map.

Geoprocessing & Geocoding

We leverage open-source GIS platforms, like Autodesk Civil 3D software, to program automated geoprocessing software that transforms unstructured datasets (maps of addresses, businesses, landmarks, etc.) into useful inputs (geo-coordinates app).

Custom GIS Software Solutions

Whether you need customized features or a unique UI designed specifically to meet your business branding & technical needs, Chetu will design & develop the perfect turnkey GIS software applications solution to meet business integration & workflow requirements.

Data Capture Solutions

We modify and create advanced GIS mapping applications that enable users to upload geographic data, captured, collected, transposed, and analyzed in real-time from satellite images and aerial photography, using scanning or remote sensing technology.

Data Management Solutions

We’ll customize your current GIS platform with modules for data management and compilation, creating a geodatabase to manage geographic spatial and non-spatial data organized into tables, relationship classes, feature classes, topologies, and more.

Image Management Solutions

Optimized for almost any type of imagery, we leverage the Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script (MDCS) and geoprocessing tools with Python scripts to automate your current image management workflow processes for virtually any kind of raster data.


PathVu, a worldwide sidewalk network software company, chose Chetu to create & implement a mobile app to improve accessibility & walkability along sidewalks.

Hire Back-End GIS Specialists for Custom GIS App Development

Our back-end GIS specialists understand the complete GIS app development life-cycle from conceptualization through requirements definition, design, programming, testing, and maintenance.

We have superior application programming expertise in GIS programming languages like C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Java, JSP, ASP, XML, GML, and Cold Fusion. Our GIS Back-end developers are proficient in:

  • ARCIMS® Internet map server

  • ERDAS® Image Processing Products


  • Microsoft® Visual Interdev

  • Tomcat/Apache

  • Other ESRI®/Suite of products & tools

  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) enablement

  • Windows®/Unix/Linux

  • Python scripting

  • Cartography and map production

  • Advanced spatial analysis techniques

  • Expertise with mobile computing and its application to GIS

Artificial Intelligence in GIS Services

AI works with GIS and makes it easier to analyze maps and location data, predict trends, save time, and make quick decisions using smart technology. Chetu’s GIS technicians can provide custom GIS services to advance your system with AI.

Intelligent Spatial Analysis for GIS Companies

Chetu uses machine learning for geospatial data, like AI, to analyze maps and location data for GIS companies. This helps them make maps more accurate, predict environmental changes, and make work easier for GIS companies. GIS companies collaborate with planners, policymakers, and other businesses on future developments, so AI is invaluable to them.

Automated Data Mapping for Geographic System

AI helps GIS development companies create maps more easily and accurately by intelligent mapping and visualization tools. It automates the process of analyzing and displaying data on maps, making it simpler to understand and use information about places and spaces.

AI Location Intelligence

Our developers at Chetu can use AI in GIS mobile apps to make them more useful resources. This includes analyzing data automatically to give accurate locations, predict changes in places, and suggest personalized tips. Geo AI makes it easier for users to navigate and decide things based on maps.

Chetu Provides End-To-End Services and GIS Technical Support

Chetu offers GIS services by providing end-to-end solutions, from data collection to mapping. We aid GIS companies with GIS technical support, making sure integrations are seamless and systems run efficiently.

Data Backup and Recovery for Geospatial Information Systems

Chetu can provide data backup and recovery for a GIS mapping company by implementing automated backup solutions, ensuring secure storage of GIS data, and offering reliable recovery services. This helps GIS technicians maintain data integrity and smooth operations of their mapping services.

GIS Integration

Integrating GIS with other software, like GIS mobile apps and BIM systems, is a strong skill in a Chetu developer’s wheelhouse. By connecting mapping data with building information, managing and visualizing spatial data and building details is more efficient.

GIS Security Monitoring and Protection

GIS programming services to keep GIS data safe is one of the multiple support services Chetu offers. We create special security measures, always monitor for threats, and automatically respond to any risks to make sure all location data stays secure.

GIS Software: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GIS software stands for Geographic Information System software. It is a type of software that is designed to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present geospatial data. GIS software provides a framework for organizing, managing, and analyzing spatial data to better understand and solve real-world problems. Some examples of GIS software include ArcGIS, QGIS, and MapInfo.

Common features of GIS software include data collection and management tools, geoprocessing tools for analysis, mapping and visualization tools, and collaboration and sharing tools.

AI can be used to automatically detect errors and inconsistencies in GIS data mapping, such as incorrect or missing attribute values, and suggest corrections based on patterns and relationships in the data. AI can also be used to fill in missing data points by predicting values based on other known data points.

Yes, AI can be used to automate many aspects of map creation in GIS, such as identifying and labeling features, choosing appropriate colors and symbols, and creating map layouts. This can save time and reduce errors in the map creation process.

AI can be used to automatically identify and classify features in geospatial data, such as land use patterns or changes in vegetation over time. AI can also be used to detect anomalies and outliers in the data, which can be useful for identifying potential problems or opportunities.

Yes, AI can be used to develop predictive models based on historical GIS data and other environmental data, such as weather patterns and soil moisture levels. These models can be used to forecast future changes in environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature or rainfall patterns.

AI can be used to automatically detect and classify emergency events, such as natural disasters or traffic accidents, based on real-time GIS data. AI can also be used to predict the impact of these events on surrounding areas and provide real-time recommendations for emergency responders.

GIS programming services are custom software solutions and tools for GIS applications that can automate workflows, improve data quality. They also enable businesses to leverage the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge in their industry.


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