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End-to-End IoT Software Development Services

The success of any Internet of Things (IoT) technology or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) device is dependent on the consistency of its connectivity – both to the cloud and other devices. IoT device connect to the Internet and communicate with each other to collect and exchange data and perform various functions. Chetu provides specialized M2M/IoT development services including embedded software, cross-platform apps, and integrated databases.

Embedded M2M and IoT Systems

Our skilled IoT and M2M development specialists program and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors) into a host of IoT and M2M devices, including smart home equipment, industrial automation mechanisms (IIoT), consumer electronics, smart cars, and wearables. We work with software embedded in IoT/M2M devices with sensors, touch screens, and other input methods, capable of real-time data transfers.

IoT Application Development

We specialize in IoT app development, which comprises excellent IoT mobile apps, desktop, and browser-based applications used for controlling and drawing readings from IoT device. We utilize IoT system integrators to engineer powerful custom IoT applications that are personalized and provide increased visibility and an enhanced user experience. Centralized control panels enable and disable devices, set sensor triggers, and control other settings for all integrated systems. We also integrate best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) software for generating and sharing actionable insights.

Sensor Application Development

We develop various types of sensors for detecting motion, pressure, temperature and humidity, the presence and proximity of objects, and environmental factors (water quality, chemicals and gasses). Merging AI and IoT technologies creates smart, connected systems. IoT devices such as sensors and actuators generate large amounts of big data that are analyzed by AI algorithms to extract insights for intelligent decision-making. Chetu’s developers specialize in Internet of Things app development processes to automate like location tracking, industrial machine operations, and machine learning.

IoT Database Solutions

Cloud platforms provide infrastructure and tools for IoT applications for data processing. Our Internet of Things developers program cloud-hosted and in-system NoSQL databases that are fault tolerant, consistently available, and intelligently distributed for optimal scalability. We integrate with managed IoT databases like MongoDB and AWS's Kinesis and DynamoDB. Robust pathways ensure all captured data is uploaded and restructured for rapid analysis. Chetu’s IoT solution comprise securities features to protect against cyber-attacks. Securities software includes encryption, authentication, and intrusion detection.

Seamless Networking Solutions

IoT devices communicate with each other using various protocols. We develop custom Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols that allow wireless and smart devices to be discovered over Wi-Fi networks, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, LAN, LoRaWAN, BLE and Bluetooth networks. We also develop embedded software for the automated discovery, reconciliation, and validation of smart devices.

Broad IoT/M2M Connectivity

Broad IoT/M2M connectivity refers to the ability of IoT solutions (Internet of Things Automation) and M2M modules to communicate with each other and the broader network. This connectivity enables seamless integration of devices and systems, enabling their collaboration to achieve a common goal. Our custom development IoT services include web service and API integrations services for all IoT/M2M architectures, utilizing REST and SOAP web services, as well as IPv6 identification protocols. These facilitate bi-directional JSON and XML communication between systems.

IoT Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain provides decentralization and visibility to IoT-connected devices through a secure data storage and exchange platform. IoT’s ability to collect vast amounts of data combined with DLT’s cryptographic security creates an immutable platform where data is safely shared, accessed, and monitored in real-time. Chetu’s developers build custom IoT blockchain technologies using IoT system integrators. Our M2M development programmers deploy M2M modules to build IoT-driven blockchain solutions. M2M solutions provide IoT device tracking history, vehicle telemetry services, and improved IoT fortification.

IoT-Empowered AI Applications

Chetu’s engineers specialize in Internet of Things programming incorporating AI technology with AIoT device to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and minimize downtime. AI enables IoT devices to learn user preferences and respond accordingly, creating a customized user experience. AI integration supports The Internet of Things automation, enabling organizations to maximize data capture and gain a better analysis of their IoT-connected devices. This technology drives powerful solutions that improve protection and build a strong defense against cyber-attacks.

IoT Security

We are an IoT development company providing comprehensive IoT data protection solutions comprised of embedded security software for connected devices, including edge devices and machines, industrial IoT control systems, fleet vehicles, ATMs, and The Medical Internet of Things (IoMT). IoMT comprises healthcare monitoring tools, wearables, and networked systems. Chetu secures AIoT devices, their connections, networks, and firmware, and employs securities best practices that include current software updates, utilizing the latest antivirus, encryption, and authentication tools, and network auditing to assess protection performance.

IoT Powered with 5G Technology

We program IoT connectivity powered with 5G technology by leveraging the high speed and low latency of 5G networks to create IoT applications that support real-time data processing and secure data transfers. We build IoT applications that enable data access and communication between devices. We build smart city systems that rely on sensors connected with 5G networks for traffic management or air quality monitoring. We engineer drone systems powered by 5G capable of real-time analysis in unpredictable environments, and more.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Solutions

We integrate powerful Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide organizations with improved performance, greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced decision-making to drive innovation and success.

Predictive Maintenance

Our dedicated AI specialists program machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze IoT sensor data and detect patterns and irregularities, enabling predictive maintenance, which reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs by identifying potential failures before they happen. Essential to Internet of Things development, machine learning is critical in optimizing predictive maintenance processes and improving the overall reliability and efficiency of AIoT systems.

Risk Assessment

We develop deep learning (DL) models, natural language processing (NLP) models, ML classifiers, and reinforcement learning to assist with risk assessment in the Internet of Things software development processes. These models analyze IoT data for inconsistencies, provide predictive analytics, assign risk scores, conduct security analysis, and monitor compliance. These features support predicting risk management, proactive risk mitigation, enhance security, and ensure regulatory compliance. AI empowers organizations to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maintain the safe and reliable operation of their AIoT systems.

Control Loop

Our software innovators deploy AI technology in IoT development to collect data from the environment through sensors, capturing information such as temperature, humidity, or motion in an iterative control loop that continuously gathers critical feedback. The collected data is processed and analyzed to extract insights and make informed predictions and decisions. The control loop is crucial in creating intelligent and autonomous IoT systems that can adapt to changing conditions, optimize their behavior over time, and operate efficiently and effectively in various scenarios.

Data Acquisition Systems

We integrate AI technologies to assist IoT data acquisition systems by filtering and prioritizing relevant data, detecting abnormalities, predicting data events, adapting sampling rates, optimizing energy efficiency, and enabling scalability. When deployed, this advanced technology helps reduce data volume, improve accuracy, and conserve resources. By automating processes, AI accelerates the intelligence and adaptability of IoT software development company, resulting in better data quality, lower costs, and improved performance.

Data Curation

We leverage AIoT software development to help organize and clean large volumes of IoT data to ensure data quality, organization, and relevancy, making it easier for developers and analysts to work with the information effectively. ML algorithms are employed to perform various data curation tasks, such as data cleaning, data filtering, anomaly detection, predictive data curation, and data transformation. ML is an essential component in harnessing the full potential of IoT data.

AI Engineering

AI engineering greatly impacts the IoT firmware processes by enhancing data processing, enabling predictive capabilities, optimizing resource management, personalizing user experiences, improving security, automating tasks, ensuring scalability, and supporting continuous improvement. When implemented, AI technologies process vast volumes of data, predict outcomes, and detect inconsistencies for predictive maintenance. AI-driven security features protect IoT networks, while automation drives efficiency. We perform AI integrations to build flexible, adaptable architectures and deliver personalized interactions. We engineer AI solutions to empower innovation, efficiency, and enhanced functionality in IoT ecosystems.

Energy Efficiency

We seamlessly integrate AI algorithms to optimize energy consumption in IoT equipment’s. AI technology is integral to the IoT development processes. This powerful technology improves the battery life of IoT devices and reduces overall power consumption. Our skilled developers program ML algorithms to enhance energy efficiency in IoT device by predicting usage patterns, detecting anomalies, load balancing, optimizing energy harvesting, enabling dynamic control, and providing valuable consumption insights. This boosts sustainability, reduces costs, and minimizes environmental impact.

Adaptive Behavior

Adaptive behavior in the Internet of Things software development processes creates flexibility, scalability, resource optimization, real-time responsiveness, enhanced security, and refined user experiences. It makes it possible for IoT system to adjust to changing conditions, optimize resource usage, respond quickly, detect and address faults, improve cybersecurity, and personalize user interactions. With adaptive behavior, IoT products becomes resilient, efficient, and accessible in the dynamic landscape of the Internet of Things.

Security Enhancements

Our expert developers mobilize AI technologies to provide organizations with advanced security capabilities, enabling them to respond to threats more effectively and protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their smart devices and data. We implement AI to identify potential security breaches and faults in real time, enhancing the overall security structure of IoT systems. By employing AI in the AIoT software development processes, organizations benefit from newly acquired threat intelligence, intrusion detection and prevention, privacy protection, and security analytics and automation.

Data Analytics

Our software solutions experts configure data analytics functionality to augment IoT application development and generate valuable insights, optimize performance, expand predictive capabilities, customize user experiences, boost security, optimize resources, ensure scalability, and improve efficiency. Data analytics empowers stakeholders in making informed decisions, optimizing processes, detecting inconsistencies, and it aids developers in customizing applications during the development process. With data analytics, AIoT software becomes more intelligent and valuable, supporting improved overall performance and user satisfaction.

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Chetu Clients Review

Recently we asked Chetu for help with the development of IoT solutions and quickly added an engineer that was familiar with the IoT technologies. I would HIGHLY recommend Chetu to any organization looking for a trusted partner in the system development space.

CIO, HCM Solutions Company

Chetu Clients Review
Chetu Clients Review

Thank you Chetu for the excellent work you have performed and continue to do so. Chetu has identified hundreds of issues, many of which are considered priorities, which have improved our platform as well as the user experience. Although we did not think at the outset that it would be such a long project, the continuous discovery of bugs has proven the project’s worthiness.

President, Clinical Lab Provider

Chetu Clients Review

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT software development is the process of creating software applications and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It involves developing device software that collects, analyzes, and exchanges data to automate processes, enabling predictive maintenance and improving efficiency. IoT software development involves programming languages, platforms, tools, and frameworks to build applications that enable the devices to communicate with each other and with other systems.

The key components of IoT software development include connectivity, data management, analytics, security, and user interface. These components enable devices to communicate, collect and process data, analyze and visualize data, and ensure the security and privacy of data.

IoT software can be used in smart homes, cities, and industries to automate various processes, monitor and manage resources in real-time, optimize energy usage, improve safety and security, enhance customer experiences, and enable predictive maintenance and asset tracking.

Some top IoT software development platforms are Microsoft Azure IoT, AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and ThingWorx. These platforms provide tools, services, and frameworks for developing, deploying, and managing IoT applications.

The key trends in the IoT software and AI industries include increased adoption of edge computing and AI-powered IoT solutions, the emergence of 5G networks and low-power IoT devices, growing demand for predictive analytics and automation, and increased focus on data privacy and security.

Businesses can leverage IoT software and AI to improve their operations and customer experiences by automating processes, optimizing resource usage, predicting and preventing downtime, personalizing customer interactions, and gaining insights into customer behavior and preferences, among other things. This can help businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IoT software development can be deployed using cloud-based platforms or on-premises solutions. Integration with other systems can be achieved by using APIs, protocols, and middleware that enable interoperability between devices and systems.

The benefits of using IoT software for businesses include improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences. IoT software can help businesses to automate processes, monitor and manage resources in real-time, and gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, among other things.


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