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Legacy Modernization & Migration Services


Stay Relevant with Chetu’s Legacy App Modernization Services

Chetu offers reliable legacy app modernization and migration services, seamlessly transitioning from outdated software systems to the latest IT software technology, as well as creating customized migration solutions for legacy applications.

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Legacy System Modernization

We modernize legacy apps with enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), robust relational databases, and updated operating systems to ensure 100% data integrity and full functionality of mission-critical systems.

Legacy Application Modernization

Chetu’s approach to legacy application modernization is designed to reduce risk, improve productivity, and enhance user experiences while facilitating modern business requirements, integrations, security, and compatibility.

Legacy Infrastructure Modernization

We shift your current infrastructure to a new, modern infrastructure, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your outdated legacy apps and/or software systems and spend more time focusing on revenue-generating initiatives.

Overcome IT Challenges & Reduce Risks with Chetu’s Legacy Migration & Modernization Services

Experience enhanced operational agility with Chetu’s legacy system modernization services. We modify or migrate existing disparate systems running on obsolete languages (COBOL, RPG, Pascal, AS/400, etc.), help businesses adopt new technologies and drive innovation.

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Reduce Security Risks

At Chetu, we’ll help you improve security and reduce risks by implementing built-in cloud-based security measures designed to mitigate disruption risks and facilitate ongoing business operations through an automated & centralized workflow.

Enhance Performance & Stability

Chetu’s enterprise-aligned legacy migration & modernization services help overcome legacy barriers by bridging the gap between integrating legacy systems and other IT systems, thus enhancing your system’s overall stability & performance.

Minimize Cost of Care

Chetu’s legacy migration services help to significantly reduce the cost of obtaining & maintaining legacy languages & development tools, which ultimately reduces the cost of care of your old system’s underlying hardware platforms.

AI-Powered Legacy Modernization and Migration Solutions

We are a leading software development and support services provider dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses upgrade their systems, ensuring efficiency, and embracing the future seamlessly. From automated code analysis to intelligent data migration, we empower businesses to embrace the future.

Automated Code Analysis and Transformation with AI

Our AI-powered tools perform automated code analysis, identifying and refactoring redundant or inefficient code to modernize legacy systems. This process includes ETL to ELT migration, ensuring efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading.

Intelligent Data Migration Powered by AI

We develop AI algorithms to analyze and migrate data, performing tasks like data cleansing and deduplication and ensuring data integrity in modern databases. Machine Learning algorithms predict migration issues and optimize workflows. ETL to ELT migration is seamlessly integrated for improved data processing.

AI-Powered Cognitive Automation for Testing

Our AI-driven tools automate test case creation, data generation, and execution, leveraging machine learning to enhance testing efficiency and accuracy. Automated legacy system mapping is employed to dynamically map test cases to legacy system functionalities.

Document Analysis with AI-Driven NLP Technology

We leverage Natural Language Processing technology to analyze legacy system documentation, extracting vital information about functionality, business rules, and dependencies to facilitate successful migration. Dynamic resource allocation through AI ensures optimal resource utilization during the migration process.

Predictive Analytics for Risk Assessment with AI

Our AI algorithms assess risks with legacy modernization projects, utilizing predictive analytics to analyze historical data and project documentation for insights into potential challenges and the likelihood of project success. Machine Learning for legacy system anomaly detection is employed to identify and address issues proactively.

Automated Deployment, Configuration, and Continuous Monitoring through AI

Our AI-driven tools automate the deployment and configuration of modernized systems. They provide continuous monitoring, detecting anomalies, predicting issues, and optimizing system configurations for enhanced performance and resource utilization. Predictive modeling for system performance incorporates neural networks for legacy system pattern recognition, ensuring optimal performance.

Legacy Modernization and Migration Support Services

Modernize and empower your business with our cutting-edge legacy modernization and migration support services. Make the seamless transition to modern technologies, enhancing user experiences and optimizing system performance.

Migration Planning and Execution

We offer expert migration planning and execution to facilitate a seamless transition to cloud environments. We assess existing COBOL-based systems to ensure cloud compatibility for cloud migration support. We meticulously plan and execute the migration process, moving COBOL applications to modern cloud environments and provide ongoing support to optimize the re-platformed systems.

Code Refactoring and System Enhancement

Legacy code refactoring support analyzes the existing legacy code to identify inefficiencies and outdated practices, improving maintainability, scalability, and performance. Legacy system upgrades are conducted if the assessment reveals the need for them. We plan and implement upgrades to ensure compatibility with modern technologies and provide support during and after the upgrade process.

User Interface and Experience Enhancement

We can provide legacy UI/UX modernization to meet business requirements and enhance user experience and satisfaction. We provide legacy integration modernization, which includes technology and protocols. Additionally, we provide ongoing support for integrated systems to maintain smooth operation.

Application Transformation and Retirement

We assess the need for mainframe application rewrites. We use modern technologies and architectures to plan and execute the writing process. We offer support during and after the rewriting process to ensure functionality. We identify and retire outdated or redundant applications and ensure a smooth transition and migration of data from decommissioned applications.

Containerization and Language Migration

We conduct legacy application containerization to improve portability and scalability. We support the integration of containerized applications into modern deployment environments and offer ongoing support. We ensure compatibility and optimal performance for containerized mainframe applications. We assess PL/I-based migrations for applications that need to migrate to modern platforms or languages.

Legacy Integration Modernization

Legacy Integration modernization is when we assess and update the integration points within the existing legacy systems to align with current business needs. It modernizes integration technologies and protocols, ensuring the overall integration landscape is up-to-date and compatible with current standards. We provide ongoing support for these integrated systems, addressing potential challenges and maintaining optimal functionality.

Chetu’s Legacy Migration Process

Our legacy system migration experts provide end-to-end support of your data conversions, migrations, and validation testing, programming custom automated translation tools for databases, languages, and operating systems for a more agile business workflow.

Platform Migration Assessment

To determine the modernization viability of your current legacy environment, we leverage our automated assessment tools to produce an app code & infrastructure blueprint, allowing us to provide migration suggestions and create a customized legacy modernization road map.

Platform Re-Design & Architecture

Chetu’s highly experienced developers will move (migrate) the database of your current mainframe/monolithic environment to a reliable cloud environment that’s best suited to your data management requirements without affecting its existing onsite functionality.

Chetu’s Legacy Migration Process

Business Process Simplification & Automation

Chetu builds custom-tailored business process automation solutions designed to help business managers simplify their business operations, streamline workflows, and achieve success-driven results by automating time-consuming business processes & repetitive tasks.

Solution Re-Engineering & Deployment

By leveraging our extensive knowledge of open-source tools, DevOps, web services, APIs, etc., combined with our assessment of your legacy systems, we deliver a legacy migration solution that best meets your objectives & keeps your business future-proof from market disruption.

Mainframe Application Development, Deployment & Support

For government agencies, banks, and other business organizations that utilize legacy systems for their daily operations, Chetu developers have the expertise and rare skill set needed to maintain and update your legacy applications so that you don’t have to shut down operations due to lengthy migration efforts.


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We support and modernize your systems running on ColdFusion, a dynamic tag-based scripting language, to update your current web and mobile applications.



We leverage Visual COBOL 7.0 (Visual Studio Code for COBOL development) to deliver a continued commitment to COBOL development & deployment.

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7

Chetu’s developers-for-hire has extensive experience migrating and transforming your legacy Microsoft Windows 7 apps without extensive manual intervention or lengthy downtime.


Delphi Logo

Our experts analyze every line of your Delphi source code underlying your legacy systems and identify critical code clusters that must be migrated to new technology.



Depending on your needs, we can maintain your MATLAB codebase while modernizing your data tiers and infrastructure, or migrate to a new system entirely.


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Chetu developers have the expertise and rare skill set needed to maintain and update your dBase applications so that you don’t have to shut down operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legacy Modernization and Migration Services

Modernizing legacy systems enhances efficiency, agility, and competitiveness, ensuring companies stay current and adaptable in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Obstacles include high costs, resistance to change, and compatibility issues that impede the smooth transition from legacy to modern systems.

Migration strategies like rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring, and rearchitecting allow companies to choose the best approach for their needs and goals.

The project duration varies from months to years, depending on the complexity.

Risks involve potential data loss, downtime during migration, and challenges in integrating new systems with existing infrastructure, necessitating thorough risk mitigation strategies.

Cognitive computing aids in decision-making, data analysis, and automation during modernization, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual efforts.

AI assesses impact by analyzing data patterns, predicting outcomes, and providing valuable insights, ensuring informed decision-making during legacy system changes.

Legacy code refactoring is crucial for improving code quality, maintainability, and scalability, resulting in a more robust and adaptable software architecture.

Security concerns are addressed through rigorous testing, encryption measures, and continuous monitoring, ensuring the protection of sensitive data in the post-migration environment.

Organizations may require legacy support extensions for gradual transitions, budget constraints, or critical dependencies, enabling a phased approach to modernization while maintaining essential functions.


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