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Microsoft Azure Managed Services


What is Azure Managed Service?

Azure services is growing a collection of combined cloud services that IT experts and developers use to design, deploy, and manage apps via a universal network of data centers. With this service, you'll have the ability to create and deploy from any location by utilizing your preferred applications, tools, and frameworks.

In addition to using open source technologies, the service links the on-premises and cloud with continuous hybrid cloud abilities. With this capability, it guarantees optimal portability and value from the present investments. When you opt for managed Azure service, you're selecting a public cloud service that comes with incredible flexibility.

How Does Microsoft Azure Managed Services Work?

With our Azure managed service, we can offer guidance about the best cloud service that suits your demands. Also, we can configure you to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and then manage it on your behalf on an ongoing basis.
We begin by designing your Azure needs and then configure your subscription if there is none in the system. We will bill you Azure usage charges monthly at no extra cost compared to buying from Microsoft directly.

After configuring you to the system, we offer a wide range of project services to deploy into the environment. Afterward, you will get direct access to your created Azure portal. Lastly, to minimize risks and stop prospective downtime, we run proactive and continuous monitoring of your environment.

What Azure Components Do We Cover?

We boast the needed competence and expertise to cover the following Azure components:

Azure Database

Azure Compute

Azure Security

Azure Analytics

Azure Identity

Azure Containers

Azure AI (Artificial Intelligence) plus Machine Learning

Azure DevOps

Azure Web

Azure IoT (Internet of Things)

Azure Integration

Azure Mobile

Azure Networking

Azure Migration

Azure Management and Governance

Azure Storage

Azure Media

Azure Services We Offer

Azure Administration and Troubleshooting

When it comes to administration and troubleshooting, our able team of experts will assist you in:

  • Azure services administration
  • Azure resources configuration
  • Data flow management via Azure
  • Backing up of the data stored in the Azure resources

Solving the issues that originate from server overloads, server and application misconfigurations, and examining the event logs to recognize the leading causes of incidents and avert them from recurring.

Azure Monitoring

We monitor your Azure-based apps 24/7. Our IT team continually monitors these apps and services to identify potential issues with configuration, security, and any other cause. We can professionally deploy various tools such as Azure Monitor, Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, among others, to guarantee that your apps are highly reliable and available.

We also take all precaution measures to prevent potential system downtime within your company. Additionally, we give you comprehensive reports on your Azure resources performance and utilization.

Azure Cybersecurity

We always protect your Azure environment by adhering to the following practices:

  • Designing the whole security strategy plus its technical components
  • Carrying out frequent security monitoring throughout your Azure-based systems
  • Configuring and managing access to the cloud resources
  • Offering security updates and patches
  • Identifying the cloud IT infrastructure breaches timely
  • Carrying out routine susceptibility scans and penetration testing
Azure Use Optimization

Based on your organization's goals, our professionals identify underutilized resources and plan to enhance their efficiency. We are always more than ready to offer you actionable recommendations based on the usage of your Azure services optimization.

Azure Evolution

We collaborate with your in-house IT team and your vendors to assist you in planning the much-needed changes to enhance the dependability of your Azure-based infrastructure. Besides, we offer guidelines on deploying these changes with negligible downtime.

Our IT team has the skills to train your app development and support staff to make sure that they adjust to the new IT environment fast.

Azure Compliance

We need our clients to comply with the outlined standards. As a result, for secure data processing and storage, we often assess your Azure environment's compliance with the industry's standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, DSS, ISO 27001, and NIST 800.

Whenever required, we offer the GDPR Data Processing Agreement (GPA) and HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to our customers.

Benefits of Choosing Azure Services

Whenever you get our services, we can help you to utilize the Azure services much more effectively through the following advantages:

Reduced Azure Services Costs

First, we monitor and assess your Azure resources consumption often to guarantee optimal azure resource usage. Secondly, we adjust the Azure scaling guidelines to ensure that you have the best Azure services behavior. Third, upon evaluating your application workloads, we recommend using appropriate storage and virtual machines to comply with Azure best practices.

You will love the fact that we use the ITSM (IT service management) process to lower Azure administration expenses. Our experts offer commendations on the best ways to boost or adjust your Azure-based applications to reduce the Azure services cost.

If you're searching for a company that keeps your Azure management costs within reasonable bounds, look no further! First, besides adhering to the best-consolidated billing system, we offer affordable prices. Moreover, we create a KPI (key performance indicator) system based on your company specificity to guarantee visibility over the services we offer.

Enhanced Dependability of Azure-based Services and Apps

With our services, there are minimal chances of losing crucial data since we deploy automatic failover on the Azure-based apps. Also, with our efforts plus in-house IT team support, we assure continuous application monitoring.

By avoiding finger-pointing and conflicts, we are ready to work hand-in-hand with your in-house IT team as well as your vendors to lower your management tasks.

Upgrade of The Azure-Based Systems With no Impact to Operations

To support a fast upgrade of Azure-based apps and guarantee high-reliability levels, we utilize our team's incredible know-how and safely integrate the Azure-based apps into the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline.

First Step: Responsibility Transition

First, we examine your Azure infrastructure architecture, configurations, and incident history. Secondly, we hold meetings with your company and the technical stakeholders to collect crucial details of the subscribed Azure services, applications, configurations, among others.
Afterward, we draw up an SLA (service-level agreement), specify the KPIs (Key performance indicators) and SLOs (service-level objectives). Finally, we undertake the responsibility of your Azure management goals.

Second Step: Service Delivery

Here, we offer azure managed solutions, as indicated above. Also, we perform daily, weekly, or monthly evaluation and reporting on our work results to give you an overview of what you're getting from our Azure management tasks.

Third Step: Enhancements

What is better than offering your suggestions on possible enhancements aimed at boosting your Azure-based apps performance and dependability?

Keep Up with Azure's Invention

Lastly, operating on Azure services means you need to keep up with the continuous stream of new upgrades – and researching and developing Azure services is often a full-time job. Since most of these upgrades make a considerable impact on your organization, we always implement them to the system upon release.

Who Needs Our Azure Services?

Non-IT Companies

Keeping your IT's components diversity in mind, we pay close attention to incorporating your Azure services with the on-premises. With this in mind, you'll attain a high customer gratification while ensuring that your bills are as low as possible.

Software Product Enterprises

We are aware that IT infrastructure scalability is crucial. So, when it comes to configuring the services in a way that favors your system's constant evolution, we always keep this in mind.

Our Approach to Azure Services

Our approach to Azure managed services is as futuristic as the cloud itself. We replace the standard storage, compute, and networking with wholly skilled, clear cut 'CloudOps' delivery capability.

Our team is aware that cloud, storage, compute, security, and virtual networking are typically integrated processes. By utilizing our Hybrid IT integration systems, your company can use multi-cloud services and manage the expenses through a consolidated system, unified catalog, as well as a self-service portal.

Work with Certified Azure Developers

Today's enterprises are driven by the cloud: Business applications, websites and services are moving to the cloud, giving organizations faster development time, better scalability and elasticity than ever before. At the same time, cloud-based solutions reduce maintenance costs while providing reliable uptime and failover capabilities. Chetu is an official Microsoft partner, with a focus on Azure consultation and has access to a number of exclusive features to support your cloud software project.

Creating Full SaaS Apps on Azure

We create SaaS cloud-based applications via Azure that eliminate the need to deploy and manage offline apps on existing infrastructure. These enterprise apps include CRM, ERP and document management solutions, among others, and are easily scalable as the company grows.

Microsoft Azure Mobile App Development

Mobile apps developed with Azure App Service often have authentication through Facebook or another social platform; other mobile apps appropriate for Azure include apps that provide push notifications or have backend storage. Our Microsoft Azure Development Services include developing these types of apps and publish them to Azure.

Managing IoT Devices with Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Development services include Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using custom Azure applications. These apps connect IoT devices to the internet and to each other, allow for data collection and analysis and have device security features. They also allow for remote monitoring of IoT devices.

Deploying Web Apps on Azure

Our team develops web apps and services using .NET, Java, PHP, Python or Node.js for the Azure platform. These apps can perform data analysis thanks to Cognitive Services and incorporate continuous integration and delivery. Thanks to Azure Functions, we can build code directly through the Azure portal.

Developing Artificial Intelligence with Azure

Predictive software, bots and other AI capabilities are possible thanks to Azure apps and services. By analyzing big data, these AI apps can make informed decisions in real time. Our Microsoft Azure Development services include full creation of solutions that intelligently interact with the end user with little need for intervention.

Migrating to Azure

Chetu's team migrates enterprise infrastructures to the Azure IaaS platform. We first catalog the existing workloads and software, then place them into categories. Next, we target a new destination for them on Azure, and finally we perform the migration process. This ensures continuity and security of data.

What Can Microsoft Azure Do For You?

Architecting, developing, and hosting an application in the Azure cloud environment empowers organizations to create virtually any kind of software that can be scaled and expanded as required. Because Azure is highly fault-tolerant and backed by one of the most extensive and advanced technological footprints in the world, maximum uptime and availability is assured. Azure is a premier cloud computing platform offering:

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for organizations hosting needs

Support for wide variety of programming languages, databases, and architectures

Azure Certified Developer Software For Your Business

Our software developers and engineers are well-versed in all Microsoft Azure tools and platforms, skillfully leveraging them to build software and data solutions that fulfill your enterprise vision:

App Services

App Services



Application Insights

Application Insights



Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Server

Let Chetu's Certified Specialists Help

OurMicrosoft Azure services run the gamut from platform optimization to enterprise application development, helping both newcomers and longtime Azure users:


Scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available cloud-based applications.


Your Azure architecture for the best performance possible.


High-Performance Data and analytics solutions that support strategic decision-making.

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Azure Managed Services

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Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Chetu is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner with proven expertise in all Microsoft resources, including Azure. Managed services include database monitoring and management, infrastructure optimization, and management of all applications.

Azure is a Cloud-based computing platform that enables efficient networking, easily storing and protecting large data sets, and offers detailed analytics. Azure is a versatile resource that provides streamlined task completion and facilitates workflow collaboration.

Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts continue leveraging this cutting-edge resource to enhance and optimize programs to produce unprecedented insights into operations, while also enabling fully streamlined workflows. Our integration specialists seamlessly integrate customized, AI-based resources with Azure.

Our software experts leverage their proven expertise by monitoring, managing, and optimizing the following Azure components: Database, Compute, Security, Analytics, Identity, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence enhancements.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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