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Transforming POS Software With AI-Powered Solutions

Create Unique Payment Experiences with Custom POS Software Development

Chetu’s developers help MSPs, PSPs, ISVs, PayFacs, and other financial institutions extend the functionality of their Point of Sale (POS) systems with our custom integrations & app development services.

Custom POS Integrations

Chetu’s low-cost POS developers-for-hire integrate POS hardware and software via custom REST API development, providing you and your merchants with an all-in-one custom-tailored POS API & POS solution.

Our experienced, low-cost developers help you streamline mission-critical business functions with custom POS integrations. We offer the following custom POS development services:

  • Integration with leading POS system software (Verifone, Ingenico, PAX, Equinox, and Clover)
  • Fast & efficient POS terminal interface upgrades
  • Application approval & publishing on various POS app marketplaces
  • POS configuration using a variety of PINpad connectivity options

POS App Development

Our certified POS developers create custom apps that are compatible with all POS terminal devices, providing feature-rich payment systems customized to the needs of you and your merchants.

Hire dedicated POS developers to create or add custom features to your standalone POS app. We will leverage our expertise across 40+ industry verticals to create custom applications that extend the functionality of your existing POS systems.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence within POS Software

Point of Sale is a cornerstone within retail. Therefore, our developers at Chetu are prepared to help you ensure that you continue moving forward and fortifying your services – uninterrupted and strong.

Predictive Analytics for POS Systems

In today’s digital age, data means power. Knowing this, many businesses are looking at predictive analytics for Point of Sale to gain the edge on their competition. Consequently, Chetu is well versed in this advanced technology so that you can easily integrate it into your established systems and leverage data on transactions, customer behavior, and trends to accurately optimize your business.

Predictive Maintenance in POS

Similar to predictive analytics, we’ll leverage Machine Learning-enabled AI to learn from historical data and your systems’ performance over time and precisely predict and advise of potential issues. You’ll be able to enhance your overall efficiency, address concerns before they turn into problems, and deliver an uninterrupted service experience for your customers while saving on costs.

Cognitive Computing for POS

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing are complex solutions that are not only capable of mitigating challenging issues but also transforming various technological landscapes – including Point of Sale. With cognitive computing for POS you’ll utilize sophisticated algorithms to improve your decision making, adapt to pricing changes and dynamics, and ensure that practically every part of the POS cycle is efficient and well done.

Biometric Authentication for POS

Further strengthen your POS systems’ security with biometric authentication. At Chetu, we can do just that seamlessly and help you eliminate the need for traditional authentication. We can create a custom system or enable your system to recognize customers based on unique biological traits – upgrading your defenses significantly. As a result, you’ll be able to instill a greater sense of confidence in your customers and be a leader in advanced cybersecurity practices.


Chetu's Custom development experts ensure your payments software complies with consumer protection standards, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), EMV, Check-21, and other payments standards.

Fully & Semi-Integrated POS Solutions from Our Partners

Our certified Ingenico, VeriFone, PAX, and Clover developers provide fully integrated and semi-integrated POS solutions that integrate your standalone POS applications with critical third-party software systems.


We leverage all Ingenico SDKs, including TELIUM Tetra SDK, JavaScript SDK, Ingenico Server SDK, iOS SDK, and Android SDK, and integrate with leading Ingenico terminals, including:

  • Ingenico iSC 250
  • Ingenico iPP 320
  • Ingenico MOVE 5000
  • Ingenico Lane 5000
  • Ingenico DESK 3500
  • Ingenico iCT 220


We leverage the VeriFone Commerce App SDK, designed as a custom plugin for Android Studio IDE, to build your own POS on VX, PINpad, MX, E-series, UX, and Carbon devices, including:

  • Verifone VX 520, VX 805, and VX 820
  • Verifone VX 675, VX 680, and VX 690
  • Verifone MX 915, MX 924, and M4000
  • Verifone e265, e285, and e355
  • Verifone Carbon 5, Carbon 8, Carbon 10
  • Verifone UX 100/110, UX 300/301, and UX 400/401


We use in-app & card reader SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and Cloud, publishing apps on the Clover App Marketplace and integrating with leading Clover devices, including:

  • Clover Station
  • Clover Station Solo
  • Clover Station Pro
  • Clover Flex
  • Clover Mini
  • Clover Go


We use PAX POSLink SDK to develop custom POS apps that are deployed onto the PAXSTORE marketplace and integrated within the following PAX POS terminals:

  • PAX A910, A920, A920Pro, and A930
  • PAX A30, A35, A50, A60, A77, and A80
  • PAX E500, E600, E700, and E800
  • PAX SK600, SK700, and SK800
  • PAX IM300, IM500, and IM700
  • PAX D135, D177, D188, D190, D199

Custom POS Applications and AI Integrations

We create custom POS applications that offer seamless integration compatibility with all POS hardware devices, designed uniquely for restaurants, F&B, grocery stores, PETRO, hospitality, and retail industries.

AI-Integrated Loyalty Apps

We design, develop, and deploy specialty AI-based loyalty apps compatible with POS hardware, aimed at providing personalized incentives and engagements for customers.

Pay-at-Table Solutions

We integrate custom payment solutions that allow users to browse a menu, order, and pay right from the table as well as scan to pay with QR code functionality.

Cash Discounts

Chetu creates Custom apps that offer cash discount payment flows with functionalities to set service charge percentages and/or flat fees right from the POS.

Online Ordering

We build custom online ordering platforms with AI integrations for retail companies, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. for online and self-service order placement within POS apps.

Order/Inventory Management

Our specialized programmers integrate custom-tailored inventory management modules for real-time inventory and order tracking, fully visible on all POS devices.

Automated AI-Reporting

Using deep learning, we create automated sales and data visualization modules that display rich data sets, including tables, charts, diagrams, maps, candlesticks, gauges, and more.

Point of Sale Software Support Services

Point of Sale systems are the cornerstone of a functioning retail business in today’s age. That’s why we’re here to deliver comprehensive support services for POS systems, from troubleshooting to updates and maintenance.

POS System Troubleshooting

Facing challenges with your Point of Sale (POS) system? With Chetu as your POS experts, you’ll be able to resolve frequent issues punctually and assure that your business operations remain unbroken. We’re committed to customer satisfaction as we’ll provide 24/7 POS assistance to enable seamless transactions and aid you in troubleshooting both common and complex problems.

Retail POS Support

With Chetu, you can upgrade your retail experience with unrivaled retail software support. We'll provide customized support to meet your specific demands – whether that's inventory management or in-depth point-of-sale analytics, we've got you covered. Our software experts are dedicated to providing excellence to your retail business in a landscape defined by its competiveness.

POS Help Desk

Our support team is available around the clock, 24/7 to provide responsive assistance, powered by our advanced ticketing system. We can diagnose and resolve POS system issues in a timely manner. Our help desk support system includes cutting-edge tools and resources to ensure quick and efficient resolutions to keep your operations running seamlessly.

POS Maintenance

Every business is unique. At Chetu, we specialize in developing custom solutions that aim to mitigate your needs and solely your needs. We can also provide extended support and maintenance to proactively identify issues before they impact your system. Aside from implementation, we’re committed to go beyond with POS software maintenance to make sure your systems are working as intended.

FAQs: POS Software Development

Point of Sale (POS) systems primarily process cash, credit, and digital sales transactions. Depending on your system, some POS features include inventory management, sales reports, and printed or emailed receipts.

Payment processing API sends payment details between systems. When your customer taps their credit card on your payment terminal, the API shares the payment data with the payment processor and the bank to transfer the funds.

Modern POS systems come in many variations besides just traditional cash registers. POS apps, mobile POS, tablets, self-service kiosks, and cloud-based POS systems each fulfill different needs depending on your business, industry, and services.

The first step in utilizing a POS system is integrating one into your existing business software. With Chetu’s customizable POS integrations, your organization can manage inventory, accounting, e-commerce, and more with an all-in-one solution.

Are You an MSP, PayFac, or PSP?

Increase transaction volume without breaking the bank. Our POS app developers have experience creating niche payment solutions for POS Systems.

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