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We’ve Got SAP® Developers

Chetu is a leading SAP development company & certified SAP partner, we take pride in empowering businesses everywhere leveraging SAP software technologies and ensuring that your platforms have all the tools, features, and functionality needed to drive your business forward. (See Case Study)

SAP Implementation

We offer SAP software implementation services, working together to outline an SAP implementation plan that caters to all of your business goals, key challenges, and requirements. We also offer AI implementation services to give you the tools need to take your SAP environment to a new level of productivity.

SAP Configurations & Customizations

We configure unique SAP software settings, applications, features, and overall user experiences with customizable dashboards, graphs, forms, reports, layouts, and other extending functionalities.

SAP Process Integrations

Our SAP developers simplify business data collection and redundancies by integrating all on-premise and third-party apps, ERPs, CRMs, databases, websites, and so much more.

SAP Application Management

Our dedicated team of developers helps your business effectively maintain, enhance, and manage your enterprise SAP ERP environments by managing your preferred SAP ERP applications.

SAP Migration & Updates

We leverage SAP tools to migrate your business operation processes to public cloud environments, as well as update your current software systems to ensure that they’re always up-to-date.

SAP Maintenance & Support

We deliver SAP upgrades, maintenance, and support services without disruption while fixing bugs and installing software updates regularly to ensure that you reap the benefits of all SAP functionalities.

Chetu’s SAP® Service Offerings

As a certified SAP development company, we help businesses migrate their workflows to the SAP platform, automating SAP operations in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or other cloud infrastructures with the highest agility, efficiency, and security standards.

SAP Cloud Operations

By delivering a cloud experience through implementing the SAP cloud-based ERP platform, we’re giving your business the flexibility & competitive advantage that it needs to thrive.

SAP Cloud Migrations

We migrate all SAP landscapes over to public cloud environments, including traditional ERP solutions, S/4HANA, SAP PI/PO, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP Business Suite HANA solutions.

SAP Hosting & Management

We provide on-demand SAP infrastructure hosting & management services, overseeing SAP system availability, capacity, performance, and all other technical & administrative aspects.

SAP Disaster Recovery

We implement disaster recovery & backup solutions to ensure business continuity and complete recovery of your mission-critical systems within the SAP business platform.

SAP Solution Manager

We implement the ChaRM (Change Request Management) functionality to provide organizations with a reliable tool for functional changes to your SAP platform.

SAP Data Volume Management

To help businesses manage high data volume, we offer SAP DVM services, creating a more holistic, feasible solution that perfectly aligns with your business’s data archiving needs.

SAP Fiori Solutions

Harness the power of SAP Fiori to revolutionize user experience in software and applications, providing unparalleled responsiveness and adaptable workflows. Benefit from streamlined workflow and uninterrupted project progress, whether initiating tasks on a desktop or seamlessly transitioning to connected devices.

SAP Fiori Enterprise Search

Streamline data reference search with FIORI and eliminate time-consuming, manual searches of invoices and sales orders numbers. Leverage real-time data decision making with seamless access to structured and unstructured information across multiple systems and departments.

SAP FIORI Notifications

Completely personalized notifications with user-friendly, intuitive interfaces and with proactive KPI performance monitoring, end-users receive real-time workflow updates to help ensure completion of performance benchmarks and metrics.

SAP CoPilot User Assistance

Create seamless workflows with CoPilot, an intuitive digital assistant and BOT integration resource. Infused with Natural Language Processing, end-users enjoy robust resources to easily interact with business apps on a single interface.

SAP HANA Services

Leading SAP development company Chetu ensures that your SAP HANA processing platform runs securely across your current hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling businesses to facilitate quick & efficient data access across their entire organization. We also ensure that your SAP S/4HANA system is updated to the latest version to keep your competitive edge.

SAP HANA Cloud Integrations

We expertly integrate the SAP HANA Cloud system to your proprietary and third-party apps, resulting in a new scalable system with improved insight and reporting capabilities.

SAP HANA Development & Analytics

Using best practices, we facilitate the opportunity to build apps that integrate business logic, control logic, and database layer with unprecedented performance.

SAP HANA Implementation

We install & implement SAP HANA to your proprietary business platform as an addition to your current ERP system with all capabilities transferred.

SAP HANA App Development

Using SAP HANA Chetu helps businesses build intelligent, real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions, deploying them on any device.

SAP HANA Services

SAP HANA Migrations

We streamline SAP HANA migrations and upgrade database systems to improve your business processes while maintaining data integrity and security.

SAP HANA Database

We also offer custom SAP development solutions for SAP S/4HANA, ensuring your business runs efficiently and maximizes its potential.

SAP HANA Customization & Configuration

Chetu customizes & configures your SAP HANA platform to perform in ways that best suit your business regarding your industry, speed, and scalability.

SAP HANA Support & Maintenance

At Chetu, we ensure your SAP HANA system is up-to-date, fixing bugs regularly and upgrading systems without disruption to accompany new releases & maintenance revisions.

SAP BusinessByDesign Solutions

As a certified SAP partner, Chetu leverages the versatility of BusinessByDesign to transcend today’s evolving business demands, enabling end-users to streamline workflows, reduce expenses, execute the development of new revenue streams, and mitigate costly supply chain bottlenecks.

Supply Chain Management Optimization

Chetu’s supply chain specialists implement SAP to execute logistics efficiently, seamlessly adapt to real-time market changes, and enhance data intelligence to optimize processes and reduce logistics expenses. BusinessByDesign is powered by the Cloud and facilitates cross-departmental collaboration, ensuring no costly communication bottlenecks.

Customer Relationship Management Powered by SAP

Chetu’s CRM development team designs intuitive dashboards enhanced with SAP-powered resources to automate data entry, assess, and determine qualified leads most likely to convert to sales. Integrate all customer and client data into centralized databases for quick access and gain unique insight into target audiences.

Human Resources Enhanced by SAP BusinessByDesign

Augment your human resources department with SAP to create intuitive onboarding, accurate benefits and payroll administration, and task automation. Chetu SAP specialists seamlessly integrate BusinessByDesign to provide modernized solutions to optimize human resources workflow and operations, ultimately transforming your department and streamlining personnel productivity.

SAP BusinessByDesign Solutions for Finance

Chetu leverages SAP-driven solutions to transform the financial industry by utilizing predictive analytics for accurate market forecasts, elevated quality of data-decision processes, and provide end-users with unprecedented data-based insights. Mitigate risk, determine value-based outcomes for investments, and facilitate transparency.

Enhancing Procurement with SAP BusinessByDesign

Our business development experts design new strategies to enhance procurement protocols by deploying SAP-based resources to automatically monitor vendor expenses, accurately track spending, and control costs. With SAP’s data-based assessments, businesses can monitor procurement processes in real time, gaining immediate insight into expense management while reducing time spent generating reports.

Machine Learning Cockpit for SAP BusinessByDesign

Our analytics specialists integrate this modern resource to enhance Cockpit, pushing SAP’s capabilities by enabling predictive modeling, a cost-saving measure to thoroughly study proposed strategy outcomes before beginning production or launching costly new initiatives. Proactively design and implement strategies faster.

SAP Marketing Cloud Services

We develop cloud based software solutions for SAP Marketing Cloud solutions to give your business data-driven insights, all within a unified customer view. We enable marketers to delve into customers' interests, sentiments, and behavior across the customer journey.

Unified Customer Profiles

Gain access to a detailed picture of a customer, meticulously built up from information from all sources at the company. Our SAP Marketing Cloud experts can develop custom solutions that help you curate your marketing more accurately and convert repeat customers to loyal customers.

SAP Service Cloud

Offer round-the-clock service to customers with SAP Service Cloud solutions. With this platform, customers have access to support from the call center to first-level support and SAP Field Service management.

SAP Commerce Cloud

The SAP Commerce Cloud curates the perfect customer experience. Its digital platform, personalization, and omni-channel commerce work together to serve the ideal experience for any customer.

SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud is a modern Customer Relationship Management solution for intelligent and efficient sales. The CRM connects processes along the value chain and transforms potential customers into loyal customers.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory data requirements through the SAP Customer Data Cloud, which works with the central management of customer data across the entire SAP system environment.


Streamline the quotation process from configuration to pricing to the finished quotation with SAP CPQ. CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote, and it helps sales teams efficiently create quotations. Work with our experts to integrate and customize this tool for your business to increase revenue.

AI-Powered SAP Development Services

Our SAP AI integration addresses business problems and helps connect disjointed departments like supply, finance, purchase and others. It optimizes operations and diverts attention to more complex tasks.

AI-Enhanced Extended Warehouse Management for Supply Chain Optimization

Our AI integration for SAP Extended Warehouse Management enhances inventory visibility, streamlines warehouse operations, and improves order fulfillment. Our AI algorithms analyze demand patterns and vehicle routes to increase supply chain visibility, reduce costs, and increase functionality.

AI Intelligent Procurement for Supplier Relationship Management

Our SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with AI integration transforms SRM by analyzing purchasing data, risk assessment, and procurement processes. It uses this data to improve supplier performance management. It enables businesses to develop improvement strategies and make data-driven decisions.

AI-Enhanced Customer Service Automation for Commerce Cloud

We harness AI to power chatbots that handle repeated customer queries, provide personalized recommendations, and assist with order processing to divert valuable time to more complex tasks. AI integration in SAP Commerce Cloud enhances customer service efficiency and satisfaction.

AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance for Enterprise Asset Management

Our IoT devices and sensors gather data to enable proactive maintenance. AI integration into SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management solutions so businesses can schedule maintenance accordingly, minimize downtime, and optimize asset performance.

SAP® Product Implementation

Chetu's highly skilled, low-cost developers-for-hire utilize agile delivery and continuous deployment techniques while harnessing the power of the SAP business platform to help forward-thinkers build more sustainability into their business. Our SAP developers are highly proficient in migrating, integrating, implementing, updating, and providing IT support & maintenance for all major SAP products & modules, including SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Lumina, and SAP Fiori but also not limited to:

SAP Modules

  • SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
  • SAP Controlling (CO)
  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • SAP Production Planning (PP)
  • SAP Materials Management (MM)
  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

SAP Products

  • SAP HANA & SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Concur Expense Suite

SAP ERP Support Solutions

Whether it’s instances of downtime, difficulties with migration, or dealing with a technological solution that isn’t meeting your needs – at Chetu, we have custom SAP solutions for SAP ERP support.

Comprehensive SAP Support Services

At Chetu, we offer end-to-end SAP Enterprise Resource Planning support to elevate your business processes. We’ll go from the initial integration and subsequent ongoing maintenance and upgrading – resulting in a system that’s performing optimally.

Personalized SAP ERP Solutions

We deliver a personalized SAP ERP solution crafted just for your needs. We do this by closely examining your established workflows and relevant objectives, then we begin to craft an SAP ERP solution that’s specifically crafted to improve your operations and business outcomes.

Industry-Specific SAP ERP Support

Our custom SAP ERP solutions can be developed for your industry. We’ll provide you with a system that can give you a competitive edge and a new level of success, allowing you to make the best decisions possible to ensure regulatory compliance and optimized resource management.

Advanced Analytics and Performance Optimization

We’re prepared to help you with the advanced analytics and performance optimization you need to improve your business. With cutting-edge tools and techniques, you’ll be able to make the most of your data and discover valuable insights for informed decisions and enhanced productivity.

Proactive Issue Resolution with Predictive Insights

By taking a proactive approach via the use of advanced monitoring tools and predictive analytics, we’ll help you prevent a wide array of issues like software glitches, hardware failures, and instances of sub-par system performance.

Agile SAP ERP Support For Your Evolving Needs

We offer agile SAP ERP support services that will help you expand into new markets, propel new products and services forward, and deal with your ever-changing regulatory requirements. Our teams are equipped to help you navigate the challenges that come with change.

Transforming Business Operations with AI-Enabled SAP

The way in which businesses operate is consistently changing. We leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions to provide you the methods to not only improve your business but transform it for the better.

Elevate Your SAP Environment with AI Integration

At Chetu, we offer AI implementation services to give you the tools need to take your SAP environment to a new level of productivity. Take advantage of intelligent automation through the use of predictive analytics to optimize your workflows.

Custom AI Enhancements for SAP Applications

Level-up your System Analysis Program Development application with our cutting-edge AI solutions that can be uniquely crafted to your business needs and goals. Our AI specialists can create the specific solutions to bolster your existing SAP functionalities.

Transforming SAP with AI

With our careful hand and clear communication you can revolutionize the way you do business and improve areas that need to see it. By leveraging cutting-edge AI-powered SAP solutions like intelligent data analysis or cognitive analysis, you’ll be able to make your systems more adaptive.

AI-Driven Insights Across SAP Modules

We’ll utilize AI-enabled analytics software and Machine Learning algorithms to study vast amounts of relevant data from your SAP ecosystem; consequently, this process will help you discover impactful information and workflow patterns and trends.

Sector-Specific SAPAI Solutions

At Chetu, we’re equipped and ready to deliver a custom AI solution that is crafted to meet your needs and open up your business to new opportunities. Whether you’re within retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or any other industry, we can drive your business into the future.

Future-Proof Your SAP Systems with AI

We can leverage Artificial Intelligence to equip your SAP environment with the capability to derive key insights from unassuming patterns within real-time events through data – allowing your company to be privy to potential shifts and directions within the market.

SAP® Block of Hours Support Services

We house over 2,800 industry-experienced developers with extensive domain expertise and the technical know-how to deliver superior sap development services and solutions through convenient, cost-effective Block of Hours support services.

We offer technical and non-technical support services for all SAP products. Services are sold per 100 Block of Hours with reduced rates contingent on hours purchased. Our lowest rates are attained when utilizing our full-time, dedicated resource(s).

SAP® Block of Hours Support Services

SAP Partner BoH Support:

  • Programming (Technical) Support
  • Non-Programming (Functional) Support
  • Implementations & Integrations
  • DevOps Support
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Migration & Updates
  • Application Support

Frequently Asked Questions: SAP Development Services

The intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support services within SAP leverage Artificial Intelligence to deliver proactive insights, streamlined processes, and improve resource optimization alongside their decision-making efficiency.

SAP Leonardo can bolster SAP support services by integrating Internet of Things and AI functionality. These technological solutions are used for automation, predictive maintenance, and delivering individualized experiences – ultimately improving overall support services.

The initial discovery phase defines your goals and maps your current process. From there, you’ll choose and configure the ERP software most suited to your needs, including data migration from other systems. We conduct thorough testing, provide employee training, and offer continuous support.

SAP HANA refers to the in-memory computing engine, while SAP S/4HANA is the business suite built on the HANA platform.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is capable of delivering intuitive interactions, personalized responses, and sentiment analysis within SAP support – upgrading efficiency and the overall user experience.

SAP AI Foundation is significant within support services through the use of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, generating insights, improving automation, and delivering tailored experiences for users.

Business users can access self-service analytics through SAP Lumira’s user-friendly interface. Its flexible deployment and enhanced collaboration foster synergy in analytic initiatives. Lumira has real-time performance and insights, driving users to make data-driven decisions.

SAP Conversational enables the creation of AI chatbots. These bots improve experiences within the SAP ecosystem by offering customer support, assisting employees, and automating tasks.


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