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Certified UiPath Partners

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Certified UiPath Partners for Your UiPath Implementation

Chetu is a UiPath partner with years of experience providing businesses with RPA solutions to automate processes across all applications, interfaces, and environments. Our experts utilize RPA and AI technologies to transform your business by implementing, integrating, and customizing branded solutions for UiPath that improve customer experience, reduce repetitive tasks, and minimize human error.

UiPath Configuration

Our UiPath developers and project managers understand the complexities of your vertical. We gather all technology and regulatory environment requirements to ensure you are operating the required Windows software, .NET Framework, and hardware for a successful configuration and implementation. We provide the most effective UiPath RPA solutions including desktop automation, web scraping automation, GUI automation, and more.

Custom UiPath Solutions

UiPath RPA development solutions are extensible tools that can be scaled and tailored to your specific needs. Our UiPath developers customize all UiPath automation solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio, NuGet Package Explorer, and DLL for requested features to best meet business requirements.

UiPath Administrator for your Business

We configure the UiPath platform for High-Density Robots, User additions and Proxy settings for improved security to help businesses have a competitive advantage. We take pride that our UiPath development services include configuration of your unique business processes that have the most impact, driving company success and revenue.

UiPath App Integration & Upgrades

Chetu makes upgrades easy. Our UiPath developers analyze your systems to ensure compatibility and data protection when upgrading your current version of UiPath Enterprise edition or transition to UiPath Community edition if it best fits your business model.

UiPath & BPO: The Perfect Fit


We utilize UiPath's intelligent computer vision and image recognition technology to seamlessly automate enterprises’ processes at speeds up to 10X faster.

Intelligent Operations Platform

We utilize Intelligent Scheduling, Intelligent Execution, Intelligent Scalability & AI/Cognitive Automation to deliver best in class BPO solutions.

Virtual Delivery Centers

Chetu develops VDCs that allow BPOs to manage their workforce virtually. Our solutions centralize operations allowing work-teams from multiple locations to coordinate activities via the cloud.


We develop operations platforms for reporting. Our reporting solutions provide data driven analytics coupled with graphical outputs and the customizable dashboards.

UiPath for Finance & Banking

Banking Automation

We streamline core banking processes with banking automation. From processing loan payments and onboarding new customers, to online sales processes, automation in banking is easier with RPA.

Risk Management

We Improve the risk profile of financial institutions by utilizing Robots to update automations as quickly as regulations change to keep pace with requirements.


We develop our Robots with Artificial Intelligence to keep financial institutions compliant with banking and FDIC regulations. Our software reduces compliance backlogs and streamlines processes.

Legacy Systems Management

We utilize UiPath for Banking & Finance automation to help financial institution manage legacy core systems.

UiPath for Insurance

Legacy Integration

We build RPA processes that work with legacy systems, including spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents, and applications like Duckcreek, Guidewire, and LexisNexis. Some insurance firms processes rely heavily on legacy systems and software – we develop integrations that bridge the gap between the legacy framework and modern applications.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

We develop fully automated processes for the insurance industry that improve governance and regulatory compliance. We produce a detailed log of activities, documenting every step in the process. Our solutions allow more cases to be processed in real-time, reducing workloads and backlogs.

Non-Invasive Deployment

Our RPA runs everyday tasks on any system or application without affecting the underlying systems. We work with existing technologies, offering a compelling alternative to core-platform integrations or replacements. Our RPA requires no coding and will provide significant savings over current processes.

Data Encryption

We use end-to-end encryption to transit your data. Data is never stored by the robots. We improve risk profiling and compliance with accurate and secure audits.

Healthcare and UiPath

Front Office Support

Our RPA solutions allow service providers to improve the quality of their forward-facing operations. We utilize UiPath's cognitive RPA, to achieve complex language, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis capabilities by integrating Google, Microsoft, IBM & ABBYY cognitive and OCR services.

Superior System Compatibility

We utilize UiPath to non-intrusively run automation with the user interface using intelligent computer vision. We automate existing healthcare systems and applications with UiPath without affecting the underlying code.

Cost Benifit

Our RPA delivers cost benefits by utilizing UiPath's intelligent scheduling and multi-tenancy, healthcare providers can leverage a cost-effective workforce and significantly reduce operating costs. We deploy robots in the Cloud or on-premises from a single central server, making automation possible across multiple independent business units.

HIPPA Compliant Patient Data Transfer

We utilize encryption to secure patient information during automation of data transfers or claims processing. Our solutions does not locally store any process-related data from software robots.

UiPath for Telecom

Data Transmission

We implement UiPath platform interacts with the user interface like a human and gets implemented non-invasively in addition to existing programs.

Cost Reduction

We facilitate cost reduction by using UiPath's during BPMS or ERP implementation. The UiPath platform enables telecommunications providers to attain rapid internal cost reduction and ROI.


We expertly scale UiPath's software robotic workforce up or down, to fit the current needs and no additional costs. We use UiPath's intelligent scheduling to deploy an agile workforce in the Cloud or on-premises from a single central server.

High Levels of Data Security

We maintain data security by utilizing UiPath to ensure that all customer and company information is kept confidential throughout automated operations for enterprises. The UiPath platform maintains robot-related activity reports and analytics but never locally stores any process-related data from the software robots.

Manufacturing & UiPath

Regulatory Compliance

We value security so we never store any process-related data on customers, suppliers and company information throughout the automation process. We store the robots' actions so they can be monitored and reviewed ensuring visibility throughout a manufacturer's supply chain and operations.

Paperless Operations

We design solutions enabling manufacturers to digitize their paper files and integrate physical data into their existing digital operations.

Digital Communication

We utilize UiPath to provide manufacturers with named entity recognition, language detection, and sentiment analysis capabilities. We give manufacturers the ability to respond to customers and suppliers by applying UiPath's automation capabilities to email and chat-based communication.

Process Monitoring

We provide non-invasive data extraction using UiPath to provide data analytics. We develop real-time reporting provided by the software robots that allows manufacturers to determine optimal inventory levels based on previous needs.

Uipath & Public Services


We utilize UiPath Robots to work with all applications with human like interactions like clicking, typing and reading screen information. It can handle browsers, emails, terminals, excel, word, PDFs, databases, and many others.


We create security systems for Private and Public Sector organizations. We protect and preserve sensitive data and access control via a Password Vault. Our solution runs automation under locked screens and uses the TLS 1.2 protocol to provide privacy and data integrity.

RPA Development

Visually intuitive, feature-rich and extensible Studio designer allows ease of automation of complex processes with fewer man-hours – so ROI and performance benefits arrive faster. It is packed with template activities and a powerful recorder that can follow your clicks and keyboard strokes and turn them into an automation sequence, helping you jumpstart your automation.


We create compliance solutions that provide logging, monitoring, and a full audit trails of your business practices. We store the actions of the user and robots in a log file and create custom dashboards for monitoring compliance.

Retail & CPG Meet UiPath

Trade Promotions

We utilize RPA to quickly track and analyze how promotions are performing. Our solutions eliminate the need for manual entry on spreadsheet based programs saving time and money.

Sales Data Analytics

We provide sales analytics using RPAs. Our solutions provides full audits with real-time insights, helping retailers and suppliers analyze the huge amounts of sales data at their disposal.

New Product Introductions

We easily automate processes related to alerts and client opinions in real time. Our solutions allow retailers to adjust pricing, production or inventory to respond to consumer behavior.

Store Layout Planning

Our RPA solutions utilize existing databases giving retailers access to more accurate information on a store-by-store basis. You can respond to customer behavior by segmenting store layouts according to consumer demographics and preferences.

AI Driven Solutions to Enhance UiPath

Chetu continues its successful UiPath partnership by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance today’s businesses by streamlining operations and automating processes across multiple applications, interfaces, and environments. Chetu’s UiPath experts utilize AI to design, customize, and integrate UiPath software solutions to improve end-user experience while mitigating human error, reducing repetitive tasks, and optimizing workflow.

AI-Enabled Automations

Chetu’s software experts program and deploy AI-driven resources to eliminate redundant tasks within the business landscape, enabling personnel to reprioritize tasks. Our skilled software developers program UiPath’s proven robotic process automation to streamline any business, within any industry.

UiPath Document Understanding

Powered by AI and implemented by Chetu’s adept software programmers, UiPath’s document understanding resources accurately process documents, such as contracts, invoices and human resources onboarding documents automatically. Let Chetu’s software experts program and deploy UiPath’s Document Understanding resource and increase productivity while eliminating human-error within critical documentation processing.

UiPath Enhanced Image Analysis

Chetu leverages AI to enable the most accurate and expedient image analysis to process the fundamental components of an image while streamlining all extraction of pertinent information. From rudimentary tasks such as barcode scanning to analyzing large volumes of data, Chetu’s dedicated developers enhance UiPath image analysis with cutting-edge, AI resources to optimize your business.

Optimizing Language Analysis

Chetu’s dedicated developers program and integrate AI-driven Natural Language Processing resources to enhance language extraction, study text sentiment, and accurately translate critical text within the top 100 languages. Our NLP experts quickly identify key language nuances and integrate UiPath’s newest language analysis programs.

UiPath Studio

Our expert-level software developers utilize UiPath Studio’s advanced automation programs to enable seamless communication and completion of all business tasks. Chetu’s AI experts program this cutting-edge resource to provide your business with a robust, user-friendly solution enabling efficient and optimized project completion.

Task Mining

Chetu understands the value of data-driven decisions. Our software experts enhance, program, and integrate invaluable Machine Learning resources to accurately analyze data sets and identify patterns and sequences to automatically complete daily work tasks. Our adept software specialists enable automation, eliminate duplication of tasks, and optimize workflow.

AI Solutions for E-Mail Templates

Streamlining e-mail-based communication is paramount for efficient collaboration. Chetu’s AI experts customize e-mail solutions by enabling quick identification and translation of sentiment and tone to route messages and extract pertinent data to enhance workflows properly. Our software design experts create and integrate customized, intuitive dashboards driven by AI to facilitate automation and streamline all communications.

Flexible Deployment

Chetu’s dedicated developers can seamlessly deploy UiPath software resources within multiple production departments, enabling your business to meet goals and successfully mitigate challenges unique to departments. Efficiently manage multiple projects across multiple environments with flexible UiPath deployment, customized by Chetu to exceed expectations and produce seamless functionality for convenient end-user experiences and optimized workflow and project completion.

UiPath Partners Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that incorporates AI to enhance automation capabilities. It uses AI to understand unstructured data, make decisions based on logic mimicking human intelligence, and learn from experiences to improve over time.

Yes, you can utilize pre-trained AI models within your UiPath automation. UiPath also facilitates the training of your custom models with your data set. This enables the automation of complex tasks that traditionally require human intelligence.

'UiPath AI Fabric' is a platform provided by UiPath that manages and deploys AI models and connects them to the RPA platform. It supports AI implementation by allowing users to directly call and manage AI skills within the automation process.

AI in UiPath improves business process automation by enhancing the capacity to understand and process unstructured data, providing predictive analytics to forecast future trends, and enabling efficient decision-making, thus reducing time and increasing productivity.

AI integration brings considerable improvements to UiPath's RPA, such as the ability to handle unstructured data, make intelligent decisions, and learn from past experiences to enhance accuracy over time. Also, AI capabilities enhance predictive analysis and improves process optimization that were previously not possible with traditional RPA.

UiPath offers out-of-the-box AI capabilities like Machine Learning Extractor for data extraction, Computer Vision for interacting with any application at the user interface level, and multiple AI models available in its AI Marketplace.

UiPath has created a framework that easily integrates with external AI services. For example, it can connect with cloud platforms like IBM Watson and Google AI, to use their language translator service or text analytics APIs, enhancing its own capabilities.

Yes, AI in UiPath can be used for predicting future outcomes based on current data. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze past data and create predictive models that provide a future projection.


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