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Hire AI-Proficient Inventory Management Software Developers

Chetu’s inventory management software solutions ensure stock syncing, full visibility, and quantity adjustments with precision detail, using RFID and QR code scanners to identify supply chain inventory items, analyze sales performance, maintain quality assurance, etc. We specialize in crafting bespoke inventory mgmt software solutions, leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to enhance inventory management for businesses. Our developers collaborate with clients to deliver tailor-made solutions that fulfill their unique requirements and streamline their inventory management workflows.

Inventory Management Software Development

Experts in computer-assisted replenishing inventory control software development, our developers engineer dynamic rule-based purchasing engines and extensive integrated analytics platforms that analyze and report historical sales performance per item.

Inventory Aggregation & Sync Software

We program data aggregation platforms and centralized repositories for inventory count and real-time stock replenishment, syncing inventory across multiple channels and locations to eliminate redundancies and double-entry errors using EDI integrations & Implementation.

Inventory Management Software Integration

We offer custom inventory control integrations with RFID, barcodes, and QR code scanners for real-time stock quantities and document management platforms to track receipts, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, and bills of lading.

Inventory Management Software Implementation

We scale robust logistics software implementation to ERP and CRM systems through expert-level logistics control software implementation of stock management, inventory control, and inventory purchasing software solutions.

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software Development

Chetu develops cloud-based inventory management software for real-time inventory tracking and visibility from desktops, mobile devices, and wearable devices, enabling easy data access from any Internet connection and featuring scalable data storage capacity.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

We create custom MRP software seamlessly integrated with your inventory management system, order procurement platforms, and resource planning automation tools to streamline the purchasing & tracking of raw materials throughout the entire supply chain process.

Custom Inventory Management Software Solutions

At Chetu, we’ll create a system to help you manage your inventory more efficiently with an all-in-one stock syncing, automatic ordering, electronic scanning, and purchase order tracking software solution that integrates seamlessly with all of your current business systems.

SCM Inventory Management Software Solutions

Create analytics platforms to report historical sales performance per item using inventory management forecasting modules that generate EOQ and develop real-time reports that track critical KPIs, including Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), turnover rates, and net profits.

Warehouse Inventory Software Solutions

Chetu delivers customized warehouse inventory management software solutions to maximize seamless stock adjustments, smooth warehouse management, error-free inventory status updates, channel-specific stocking, accurate inventory reporting, and so much more.

Fleet Inventory Management Software Solutions

We develop custom fleet management software with inventory tracking capabilities that facilitate real-time fleet tracking through GPS technology, minimizing delays, receiving fleet vehicle maintenance alerts & reminders, managing fleet fuel costs, and more.

Retail Inventory Control Software Solutions

For retailers needing to keep a closer eye on their inventory levels across multiple warehouses and store locations, we develop retail managing software solutions, ensuring that your products are always in stock at your physical or e-commerce store.

Hospitality Inventory Management Software Solutions

Whether you’re running a hotel, restaurant, or another hospitality environment, we design and develop effective inventory management software solutions that incorporate pricing/revenue, distribution, market segmentation, and order management capabilities.

Medical Inventory Management Software Solutions

We develop our medical inventory management software solutions to optimize stockroom inventory levels by providing full visibility into a healthcare organization’s medical supply storerooms, along with automated ordering & replenishment of those supplies.

Custom Inventory Management Software Features

Our expert developers customize warehouse mgmt software features, functionalities, and capabilities to help businesses of all sizes effectively manage their inventory throughout every stage of the supply chain process.

  • Inventory Control
  • Barcoding & Tagging
  • Inventory Tracking & Alerts
  • Inventory Reporting & Analytics
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Digital Labeling
  • Stock Returns Handling
  • Mobile Order Management
  • Transfer Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Integrations
  • Accounting, Purchasing & Shipping
  • Inventory Kitting & Fulfillment
  • Automatic Stock Replenishment
  • Cloud-Based Storage

AI-Powered Inventory Management Systems Solutions

At Chetu, we develop AI-based inventory optimization to help businesses optimize their inventory management software. We leverage AI to maximize warehouse efficiency and provide optimal inventory investment and smart inventory management systems.

AI-Enhanced Demand Forecasting

Our developers are well-versed in demand forecasting and can implement it into your business today. Our AI algorithms analyze previous data, market trends, seasonal patterns, and external factors to predict demand accurately. Inventory forecasting automation systems help businesses adjust their inventory levels proactively, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Revolutionizing Warehouse Management with AI

Our experts are knowledgeable across many industries, and we know how important warehouse management can be. With our AI-powered solutions, we can design an optimal layout for warehouses by considering storage capacity, picking efficiency, and order fulfillment speed. The algorithms can also allocate inventory across different warehouses or storage locations, improving order fulfillment.

Streamlining Efficiency through Automation and AI

Our developers can implement automation for routine tasks and optimizing processes; AI-powered software reduces the labor and time required for inventory management. It contributes to overall cost savings and better utilization of inventory investment.

AI-Supported Supplier Performance Analysis

Our AI-Powered Inventory management can analyze supplier data and historical performance to identify reliable and cost-effective suppliers. It can also assess supplier risk and recommend alternatives when necessary.

Efficient ABC Analysis with AI

Our developers can leverage AI to classify products into categories (A, B, C) based on their sales volume and value. It helps prioritize inventory management efforts and focus resources on high-value items. This type of classification helps promote a clear organization that is easy to understand.

AI-Driven Inventory Optimization

Our developers implement inventory monitoring using AI technology to analyze lead times, demand variability, carrying costs, and order costs to find the right balance between holding excess inventory and running out of stock. AI can determine the optimal time and quantity for reordering items from these factors. Automated replenishment systems help streamline the inventory process, maximizing efficiency and providing the optimal inventory investment.

AI-Backed Supply Chain Management

Our AI solutions can identify seasonal demand patterns and adjust inventory investments accordingly. They also provide insights into the supply chain, including supplier performance, transportation, and production status. This visibility optimizes inventory investment by enabling informed decisions based on sourcing and lead times.

Smart Safety Stock Management with AI

Our experts can implement algorithms that calculate safety stock levels dynamically based on real-time demand and supply data. It ensures a buffer is maintained to handle unexpected demand or supply disruption fluctuations. This responsiveness ensures reduced overstocks and drives down costly problems.

Improved Inventory Segmentation with AI

Our experts develop AI to segment inventory based on product characteristics, demand patterns, and seasonality. It enables more tailored inventory management strategies for different groups of products.

AI-Powered Risk Management Solutions

We develop AI that can predict potential supply chain disruptions, such as shipment delays due to weather conditions or geopolitical events. It allows businesses to adjust their inventory plans according to extenuating factors.

Custom Logistics Software Integrations

Chetu seamlessly integrates with industry-leading logistics software, including Cin7, Fishbowl, Katana, Overhive, Oracle NetSuite, and InventoryCloud to generate Economic Order Quantities (EOQ) automatically, track Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), track assets, and so much more.


We integrate your current business systems with Cin7 to offer a highly configurable inventory and order management solution designed to scale product sellers and manage complex B2B and D2C sales channels, 3PLs, warehouses, and EDI connections.


Integrating with Fishbowl provides small-to-midsize companies with a hybrid manufacturing and warehouse management solution that offers advanced features like inventory control, barcoding, asset management, automated ordering & reporting, etc.


For optimized inventory and manufacturing management, total floor-level inventory control, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, automated resource allocation, and more centralized operations via an all-in-one manufacturing ERP, we integrate with Katana.


We help businesses efficiently track, transfer, pick, receive, and adjust inventory levels using an intelligent barcode labeling system for generating SKUs and moving their inventory faster by integrating their current systems with inFlow software.

Oracle NetSuiteOracle NetSuite

Integrating with Oracle NetSuite streamlined the supply chain process by offering advanced inventory and order management features, including real-time demand planning, end-to-end visibility across the product lifecycle, and native back-end process integrations.


Offering an automated, user-friendly approach to warehouse and inventory management, integrating with InventoryCloud allows organizations of all sizes to significantly increase their profitability, perform quick audits, and eliminate inventory write-offs.

Inventory Management Software Support

Modern business requires precision and agility, meaning software and tools must have optimal functionality, security, and be kept up to date. Our inventory management software experts offer comprehensive support services to keep inventory management systems at their best.

Asset Tracking Software Helpdesk

Our asset tracking software help desk is more than a tool; it’s your companion in sustaining an in-depth view of your asset tracking tools. You’ll be able to track machinery, equipment, and relevant digital assets and effectively use every piece of your business efficiently.

Cloud-Based Inventory System Troubleshooting

Our cloud-based inventory systems are tailored to adapt and grow with any business. Additionally, we’re prepared to remotely access your inventory systems to help you identify and troubleshoot any issues you may have – ultimately leading to reduced downtime and a dependable and flexible system.

Warehouse Management Support

We offer support services to help alleviate the stress and pain of warehouse management. Aside from custom software, we offer support solutions that go beyond troubleshooting. With Chetu as your support partner, you’ll be able to leverage our expertise to improve inventory flow, optimize the layout of your facilities, and enhance operations as a whole.

Stock Management Software Technical Support

We’ve crafted our stock management software technical support services to help you smooth out any issues and tackle the challenges you may face. We offer remote assistance, customization, and other support to assure your stock can be managed with accuracy.

Supply Chain Management Tool Assistance

As a reliable developer, you can trust our expertise to help you harness the full potential of your supply chain tools. With our supply chain management tool assistance, you’ll be able to facilitate seamless coordination and ultimately contribute to the success of your business.

Inventory Control System Technical Support

When assessing your unique business needs, especially when it comes to the aspect of inventory can be stressful. At the core of this stress is decision-making. Knowing this, we’re prepared to deliver the inventory control system technical support you need to not only for your specific needs but also help you navigate the process and generate data-driven insight.

AI Inventory Management Software: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

AI inventory management software employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance inventory management processes by automating and simplifying tasks such as inventory tracking, stock control, forecasting, and reordering. This type of software is beneficial for businesses seeking to optimize their inventory management operations.

AI inventory management software offers several advantages, such as enhanced efficiency and accuracy in managing inventory, decreased dependence on manual labor and reduced human errors, improved inventory forecasting and planning, better management of inventory costs and stock levels, and improved customer satisfaction due to increased inventory availability and better order fulfillment.

By utilizing machine learning algorithms, AI inventory management software can analyze data from multiple sources, including sales history, order data, and inventory levels. Based on this analysis, the software generates valuable insights and recommendations for making informed inventory management decisions, such as determining when to reorder stock, which products to prioritize, and how much inventory to maintain.

Yes. You’ll be able to share your issues, suggestions, and insights on your experience. User feedback is foundational to help us upgrade and refine our software solutions.

AI inventory management software should offer several essential features, including real-time inventory tracking, automated stock control and reordering, forecasting and demand planning, analytics and reporting, integrations with other business systems like POS and ERP, and customizable alerts and notifications. These features are crucial for effective inventory management and help businesses operate more efficiently.

Selecting AI inventory management software requires careful consideration of several factors, such as the size and complexity of the business, specific inventory management requirements, software pricing and scalability, and user interface and ease of use. In addition, reading reviews and comparing features across various software options can be beneficial in making an informed decision.

Yes. Our support teams will be able to help you with your data integration troubleshooting needs. Whether that’d be error messages, system configuration, or compatibility issues – we’ve got you covered.

We’re equipped to address common issues via thorough analysis, communication, and collaboration. Our technical experts leverage their extensive experience and knowledge to promptly and effectively resolve any challenges you may face.


Drop us a line regarding our inventory management software development, or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and would happily answer any questions.

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