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Transportation Software Development Services


Custom Software & IT Services For Transportation Operations

As a leading provider in the transportation industry, Chetu's transportation software development and managed IT services uniquely cater to the industry's need for custom fleet, traffic, parking, dispatch, and car rental management programs. Our logistics IT solutions are designed to streamline your transportation operations.

Electric Vehicle Software Solutions

Our custom EV transportation software solutions fulfill the industry’s need for AI-enabled EV fleet management solutions, energy management solutions, and smart grid integrations.

AI-Powered Electric Vehicle Software Solutions

We develop AI-assisted electric vehicle management software that provides intelligent insights, optimization capabilities, and cost-effective strategies that maximize the benefits of electric vehicle adoption. Our skilled engineers build and implement custom fleet management software that comprises a range of AI-enabled fleet management solutions, such as enhanced fleet and route optimizations.

Custom Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Our experts build and implement custom AI-enabled EV fleet solutions that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze data in real-time to streamline fleet operations. This innovative technology enables route planning and optimization, vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, charge management, energy consumption optimization, driver behavior analysis, and more.

EV Energy Management Software

Our software experts develop solutions for AI-based energy management for electric vehicles. This cutting-edge software analyzes driving patterns, traffic conditions, and other variables to maximize EV energy usage. Features of energy management software deliver AI-enhanced battery optimization and AI-powered EV range prediction insights to extend the range of the EVs in your fleet.

Smart Grid Integration

Chetu provides smart grid integration for EV charging by connecting electric vehicle charging infrastructures with smart city systems, enabling features like optimized traffic flow, smart parking, and access to real-time information about charging station availability. Benefits include optimized grid management, reduced costs, increased renewable energy utilization, and a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Dispatch Software Solutions

Chetu’s experts develop custom dispatch software solutions that facilitate simplified and streamlined dispatch communications with built-in fleet vehicle telematics software, mobile functionality, and scheduling modules.

Dispatch Routing Software

Integrate third-party mapping and GIS software APIs, as well as custom features for multi-destination scheduling, geo-fencing, fuel price tracking, and more.

Emergency Dispatch Software

We develop computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems with dispatching features like (IAED) protocols, time compliance trackers, and ALI/ANI integrations.

Mobile Field Dispatch Software

Program native Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps and cross-platform web apps, using Xamarin or Apache Cordova, with built-in routing and mapping interfaces.

Dispatch Scheduling Software

Engineer automated dispatch scheduling software that enables more streamlined labor and asset management and promotes enhanced operational efficiency.

Fleet Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s fleet management software solutions and transportation management systems (TMS) facilitate fleet telematics, GPS fleet tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance management, and so much more.

Fleet Telematics Software

Engineer customFMCSA/DVIR-compliant TMS software with built-in telematics systems to facilitate easy asset location tracking, mileage monitoring, and more.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Automate complex routing strategies with GPS tracking, geofencing, and specific dispatch zoning, maximized by integrating third-party technologies like GeoTab or Teletrac.

Fuel Management Software

Optimize your fleet management by integrating fleet fuel card data that tracks your point-to-point fuel consumption and fuel usage fluctuations.

Asset Management Software

Integrate asset management software to effectively manage every fleet vehicle’s inventory, driver assignments, asset status history, and fleet-related documents.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Chetu’s public transportation software solutions provide public transit agencies with enhanced fleet and passenger-oriented features for safe, simplified, and streamlined public transit experiences.

Vehicle Telematics Software

Our business intelligence (BI) systems coordinate with public transportation vehicle telematics software to track real-time location, speed, mileage, inventory, and more.

Route Optimization Software

Implement advanced route optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques to help public transit authorities deliver improved service and lower operational costs.

Transportation Mapping Software

Our programmers configure GIS and GPS software equipped with route optimizers, customer mapping, drive time radius, and other features displayed on an interactive map.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

Custom paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software solutions incorporate client-scheduling platforms, communication portals, and much more.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Solutions

Chetu’s experts engineer custom-tailored rideshare & carpooling apps that enable iOS and Android users to request safe, reliable, and economical rides from enterprise-level ridesharing networks.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Solutions

Rideshare Passenger App Development

Rideshare passenger apps incorporate real-time communication, booking & cancellation, real-time alerts, ETAs, fare estimates, driver ratings & feedback, and many other features.

Rideshare Driver App Development

Rideshare driver apps are designed with turn-by-turn navigation systems and comprehensive driver dashboards that showcase details on daily earnings, trip summaries, and more.

Rideshare Admin Panel Development

Rideshare admin panel portals enable high-level, real-time visibility of key rideshare business metrics, fleet management system integration, and comprehensive reporting/analytics.

Car Rental Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s feature-rich car rental management solutions are designed with customer portals, car rental owner controls, and admin panels, which include customization and integration options, to provide a complete overview of the car rental process from start to finish.

Booking & Reservation System

Develop feature-rich central reservation systems that seamlessly integrate with existing GDSs, online booking tools (OBT), extranets, and tour operator & OTA websites.

Rental Fleet Management Software

Engineer fleet management dashboards detailing rental statuses, return authorization numbers, maintenance records, registration dates, travel history, and other features.

Rental Insurance Software Solutions

Design rental insurance solutions to quote personal accident insurance, supplemental liability protection, roadside assistance protection, damage waivers, and more.

Car Tracking Software Solutions

Experts implement custom and third-party GPS software solutions for real-time car rental tracking, plus program recovery service platforms with advanced ignition controls.

Traffic Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s custom traffic management software (TMS) solutions incorporate report retrieval tools, field communication capabilities, traffic camera monitoring, and more, providing full control over your traffic infrastructure.

Traffic Management Software Solutions

Intelligent Transportation System Software

Developers implement software and firmware capable of monitoring traffic in real-time with features such as automatic plate number recognition, RFID sensors, RWIS, and communication portals.

Traffic Camera Software Integrations

Engineers program incident and speed detecting software by integrating video management systems (VMS) and networked video recorders (NVRs) with any traffic camera.

Network Traffic Monitoring Software

Enable advanced speed tracking with floating car data (xFCD) software equipped with GPS, vehicle re-identification sensors, and telematics devices.

Parking Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s custom parking management software solutions, optimized with business intelligence solutions, streamline parking permit management, mobile operations, and surveillance workflows.

Parking Management Software Solutions

Parking Permit Management Software

Defines and manages permit types/rates, customizable time-limit and renewals, extended stays, inventory tracking, registration management, payment hosting, and more.

Parking Mobile & Kiosk Solutions

Implement advanced self-service kiosk software, payment processing & accounting, e-ticket software, TICO/CICO functions, and so much more with full mobile functionality.

Parking Enforcement Management

Develop mobile parking attendant apps that facilitate virtual and QR-coded paper ticket issuing, ANPR, photo documentation, automated fee calculations, and more.

Managed IT Services for Transportation

Chetu’s IT services for transportation seek to improve and support established businesses in ensuring simple and integral services can still be provided and run smoothly.

Business Continuity Solutions

With our business continuity solutions, you’ll be able to ensure uninterrupted transportation operations. We achieve this by developing robust plans that will assure continual business operations, even in unforeseen events – whether it’s emergency response strategies or data backups, our solutions keep logistics moving.

IT Services for Logistics Management Solutions

At Chetu, we believe in tailored solutions. Therefore, we offer support, integration, and software development services to help you streamline your supply chain. Take advantage of our IT services to reduce costs, provide end-to-end visibility within warehouses, and enhance overall efficiency so that your logistics network is running at top shape.

Disaster Recovery

Mitigating disasters isn’t always possible, however, recovering from them can be made easier and better. We aim to minimize data loss and downtime in instances of disruptions; with in-depth solutions ranging from automatic recovery protocols to total system restoration, we’ll help you safeguard critical data and get you back online.

Managed IT Security

Utilizing Chetu, you’ll be able to protect your transportation infrastructure with proactive means. We will deliver solutions to protect your systems, networks, and data, whether through threat detection or regular updates and compliance checks, we understand the importance of cybersecurity.

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