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Utility Management with
Energy Saving AI Technology

Leverage the power of AI to revolutionize energy and utilities with cutting-edge solutions for electric, water, smart grid, heat, solar, waste management, wind, and nuclear sectors.

Custom Energy And Utilities Software Solutions

Our experts produce cutting-edge energy management solutions that cater to the growing technical needs of the energy & utilities industry.

Custom Energy Management Software Solutions

Chetu developers engineer custom energy management solutions built to streamline, automate, and simplify energy management workflows, providing resolutions for utility asset management, billing services and much more.

Utility Tracking Software

Our developers are industry experts that create tailored cutting-edge cloud-based utility tracking energy software to accurately capture data such as cost and consumption.

Energy Portfolio Management

Our energy management solutions facilitate the organization of your entire energy portfolio while significantly lowering cost & balancing energy needs.

Utility Asset Management

Our energy management developers are experts in creating software to assist utility businesses with tracking, documentation & performance monitoring.

AI-Powered Energy and Utilities Solutions

Chetu’s experts design powerful AI solutions for energy and utility companies that want more efficiency, productivity, and resourcefulness. Let Chetu’s AI technology help your staff maximize their efforts to benefit loyal customers.

Optimized Workflows

AI and machine learning systems can automate the backend processes of energy and utility spaces. Chetu developers leverage AI optimization to enhance grid operations, field production schedules, work orders, and real-time planning. These efforts ensure that there are no output interferences or inefficiencies.

Predictive Maintenance Analysis

Chetu builds properly trained AI to create prediction models of potential maintenance malfunctions that could interrupt user activities, such as power outages. Once it recognizes areas of possible failure, the AI can automate resource allocation and maintenance schedules. It can also identify safety protocol violations.

Damage Assessment and Recovery

Natural disasters disrupt not only the lives of valued customers and their families but also the daily operations of essential utilities. With Chetu’s AI solutions, your team can promptly assess any damage and create an action plan.

AI-Based Cybersecurity

Critical industries, like energy and utilities, store large amounts of classified data that could be vulnerable to hackers. To mitigate risks, Chetu’s developers design robust AI-based cybersecurity systems that protect your company from cyber threats and attacks. AI can distinguish suspicious behavior in consumer patterns and payment metrics before a data breach can occur.

Emission Tracking for Sustainability

Chetu understands the need for sustainability, especially regarding the energy and utilities we use daily. AI forecasts renewable energy, tracks greenhouse gas emissions, and optimizes energy consumption. Implementing these practices will inherently preserve the environment while also improving your company’s cost-effectiveness.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Adding virtual assistants and AI chatbots to your platforms can easily streamline customer interactions. Chetu’s developers are experts in Generative AI (GenAI), leveraging another efficient automation trait of AI technology. With these tools, you can allow the AI to direct customers to specific resources and services.

Electric Utility Software Solutions

Chetu delivers custom electric utility software solutions designed for grid modernization, automating and simplifying the management of electrical power sources and all other electric operations management workflows.

Electric Software Services

We develop software to provide Distribution Management Systems (DMS) for network monitoring and operations support.

Electrical Estimating Software

Our team of energy management developers constructs electrical estimating software to provide fast and accurate results.

Electric Mobile App Software

We program custom mobile apps that enable electricians to utilize field service tools, document management, and more.

Custom Water Management Solutions

We develop custom water quality monitoring solutions to help businesses manage and meet all of their water and wastewater management needs, tracking sampling activities, producing region-specific discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and ensuring continual compliance with all water and wastewater requirements.

Water Software Development

We develop software to accurately and efficiently manage day-to-day operations for any water treatment plant or water service provider.

Water Quality Monitoring

Our water industry experts program custom features for water sample management, pollutant identification, chemical analysis, and more.

Utility Management Software

Our custom cloud-based software solutions for utility management can automate billing and invoicing, process payments, accept payments via mobile devices, and more.

Custom Smart Grid Technology Software

Our developers can either augment existing systems or provide custom solutions to fit specific business needs, engineering advanced technologies for grid distribution, transmission, consumption processes and more.

Smart Grid Communication

Our smart grid communication solutions can help to reduce energy consumption and maximize grid operation with actual time status notifications and automatic resource detection features.

Grid Integrations & IOT

We develop solutions for smart grid data analytics, automation workflows, machine-to-machine communications, and smart grid technology interfaces with grid integrations and IOT.

Smart Grid Meter Programming

We program smart grid meters with a robust set of features for automatic meter reading, advanced metering infrastructure, meter data management, two-way communication, and more.

Custom Heat Software Solutions

At Chetu, our software developers are well-versed in the energy & utilities industry along with developing comprehensive heat monitoring software, creating all-in-one solutions for district heating systems, individual heating systems, heating plants, heat monitoring software, and much more.

Heat Software Solutions

We have utility industry experts who develop custom heat software solutions for district heating networks, individual heating systems, and more.

Utility Mobile App Services

We develop utility mobile applications for field service technicians and consumers that include intuitive UI/UX, branding, and real-time updates.

Heating System Design Softeware

We engineer our energy management solutions to include integration with renewable energy heat sources, database tools, piping system modeling, and more.

Heat Monitoring Software

We program heat monitoring software solutions that include energy usage tracking & climate condition monitoring that can easily be integrated with existing metering applications.

Custom Solar Asset Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s expert developers utilize a wide range of technologies, such as solar heating, artificial photosynthesis, photovoltaics, and more to customize solar asset management software solutions engineered to improve the design, construction, and management of solar power as a sustainable, renewable energy source.

Solar Software Development

We develop custom solar software to create solar resource assessments, advance site-specific energy forecasts & more.

Solar Energy Management System

Our developers program energy tracking software that allows you to monitor projects, view energy usage, reduce travel time & more.

Photovoltaic Software

We implement advanced software solutions for high-functioning PV management systems for optimal solar energy management.

Waste Management Software Solutions

Our software developers have a vast amount of knowledge and experience building custom software for the waste industry, aumenting existing IT teams and optimizing solutions through custom integrations to create a more interoperable system that encompasses all aspects of waste management.

Waste Tracking Software

Our developers engineer software for container tracking to be used on handheld scanners, smartphone apps, and any existing hardware devices.

Sustainable Waste Management

We program software equipped with tools to manage and monitor sustainability initiatives, waste management plans, source reduction, and more.

Waste Profile Management Tools

Our engineers create profile management tools equipped with databases for recording waste descriptions, properties, disposal methods, and more.

Waste Management Mobile App

Chetu develops mobile apps that can include features such as waste source location tracking, fleet route planning, real-time GPS monitoring, and more.

We Ensure Compliance With EPA & RCRA Standards

Chetu’s energy and utilities software experts ensure compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) laws.

Custom Wind Software Solutions

Chetu delivers custom-developed wind software solutions and applications designed to assist in the operation and development of wind farms, as well as monitoring wind speed forecasting, utilizing 3D farm modeling & visualization, monitoring wind flow/energy output window simulations, and more.

Wind Analysis Software

Chetu's developers design advanced and accurate wind analysis software to analyze wind speed, turbulence, environmental restrictions & more.

Wind Monitoring System Software

Chetu is home to expert developers who construct intuitive wind monitoring systems that display actual time monitoring through graphic interfaces.

Wind Turbine Management

We develop software to document important information like building permits and provide wind farm efficiency calculators & Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Custom Nuclear Energy Software Solutions

At Chetu, we deliver comprehensive nuclear energy software solutions to help businesses with nuclear facilities to automate & streamline their workflows regarding their nuclear power plant planning, power plant equipment design, spent fuel analysis & safety management monitoring, and operations management & analysis.

Quality Management System

Our developers program nuclear safety and quality management system to include features like Instrumentation & Control (I&C).

Nuclear Analysis Software

We engineer software for nuclear analysis equipped with features such as production-level run time tracking and full plant transient analysis.

Power Plant Design Software

Our custom design software includes 3D models, visualizations, material and procurement projects, and other tools for forecasting, testing, and compliance tracking.


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