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By Atit Shah

Client Overview

Based in California, the client provides electronic cigarette & alternative smoke-free technology on an individual and wholesale basis through their e-commerce marketplace.

As a leader in e-cigarette sales, the client wanted the quality of their online storefront to mirror their brand. Prior to soliciting Chetu, their outdated site required user interface (UI) de-bugging, a backend capable of handling the full breadth of their products, dynamic pricing, and a new, revamped storefront

Electronic Cigarette
Ecommerce Website Development

Project Overview

The Problem:

The client had an ecommerce website debilitated by outmoded checkout functions and user features, that also lacked the ability to outfit their 2,500 catalog. The client sought a rich user experience with enhanced e-commerce features.

The Fix

Planning and Development:

As a Magento partner, the Chetu development team used their retail expertise to carefully vet their current e-commerce environment, considering which issues to address at the onset and how to implement solutions that would meet the client's objectives. Though ongoing, Chetu has integrated the following add-ons to the website:

  • An age verification pop-up
  • Product accessory suggestions
  • Gift card acceptance and processing capabilities
  • Product clearance and promotional sales functions
  • Customer notifications of store restocking for previously ordered / wish listed items

Technologies Implemented:

Chetu utilized the Magento Enterprise platform in conjunction with a MySQL database to meet project goals.

The Impact:

Quality of UI has increased significantly, operating on a level that suits the client's growing customer base—a direct result of intelligent e-commerce solutions, unique to the client's needs. Storing previous customer order history in an easily accessible MySQL database, has allowed the client to effortlessly generate recurring sales based on historical data. The ability to push product-specific promotional info and pair it with a customer's order history, creates a platform that dynamically meets the client's desire to increase sales of new products, while keeping their customers informed of deals on products that may interest them.

As the project evolves, the team communicates progress to the client, and verifies the success of each add-on by implementing them in a phased approach. There are frequent production releases and constant tests confirming usability on live site.

An ongoing partnership:

Chetu and this client have an ongoing, productive business relationship of over three years, allowing clear project progression and assisting in client satisfaction.

Prior work had included development and implementation of client-specific add-ons, and after the initiative, they decided to retain Chetu's services as they continued to evolve their e-commerce marketplace.

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