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Cultivating Success with Operations Management Software

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- David White, Ervinas Founder and President

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- E-Learning & Education

Technology Leveraged:

- WordPress 5.9


- PHP 7.4

Project Solution:

- Redeveloped and enriched operations management software application using WordPress 5.9 and MySQL database management system.

Consulting Firm Cultivates Success with Customized Operations Management Software

Ervinas is a business consulting and services firm serving companies that happen to be in heavily regulated markets. Ervinas empowers its clients with strategic planning and provides them with a solid operational infrastructure, arming them with the tools and guidance they need to operate efficiently, achieve goals, and maximize profits.

Assisting clients in every aspect of business, from strategic planning, financial projections, operating procedures, compliance requirements, daily operations, and other processes, Ervinas became the purveyor of its own operations management software to expertly provide this full suite of services.

When Ervinas needed assistance with incorporating features, managing bug fixes, and additional development of the software, Ervinas founder, David White, did some research and enlisted the expert development services of Chetu to complete the project.

Professional, Reliable, and Results-Driven

Originally having recruited freelance developers, Ervinas soon changed course to partner with a professional software development company that was reliable, easily accessible, more cost effective, and able to provide consistent, measurable results, stating:

“When we looked at Chetu and the their extensive service offerings, as well as a dedicated project management team included, it was so much easier to work with your organization as opposed to other options we explored. Our project manager was on the ball, he set up regular meetings, he was always on time with the deliverables, and Chetu was much more cost effective on an hourly basis.”

Developing a Robust Operations Management Software Application

Front-End and Back-End Programming

GitHub was the revision control application. The database was in MySQL, an open source relational database management system.

Chetu’s development environment consisted of WordPress 5.9 on the front-end, and PHP 7.4, a programming scripting language, on the back-end.

Selecting the Right Approach

This project had multiple objectives. Chetu’s development team followed an agile iterative approach, which is best suited for projects that have an ever-changing scope. It allows developers to review and adjust software development processes continuously to improve how they operate sequentially. This approach focuses on delivering value as quickly as possible incrementally rather than all at once.

After gathering requirements of the whole application flow, the team divided application development based on each component and module. The primary focus was to update the UI/UX of the existing dashboard module based on the client’s requirements. Additionally, existing workflows needed to be updated, and integrations on both the front-end and back-end of the existing system needed to be programmed.

Chetu’s development team’s objectives included integrating the client’s existing application features into the proposed system. The following optimizations were needed for integrations with the existing system:

  • Redeveloping the existing application in WordPress (CMS), as it is extendable and compatible with servers like MySQL and APACHE. Also, the development and maintenance costs associated with WordPress are low and it offers very high performance and reliability.

  • WordPress application for front-end and Golang programming language for back-end.

  • All code to be written in separate files module-wise and in WordPress.

  • Maintaining existing code standard of micro services.

The project entailed adding admin and sub-admin dashboards, creating a compliance report view, and a report that would show tasks completed. Bug fixes were needed on the certifications display, outstanding tasks widget, and the drop-down menus.

Also, the development team needed to make front-end sidebar changes, redirect users to the front-end upon login, change how announcements were being displayed, add a pin and unpin feature, order category pages, change titles, and change button colors.

Mr. White was impressed by the work processes Chetu followed during the project, sharing:

“Your team followed the processes that you had in place very well, making things go extremely smooth. I was always aware of what was happening. I had regular conversations with everyone down to the developers, and the lines of communication even between meetings were always open. I think the best thing is that your system seems to be very tested, tried, true, and implemented very well.”

A Custom Operations Management Software Solution

The project included extensive redevelopment of the application to fix bugs, add new features and functionality, as well as optimize its workflows. Mr. White, quite pleased with the results, added,

“The added features that were developed by Chetu were a massive value add for our clients. These were important, very valuable features that had been asked for. They provide great efficiency to our clients’ operations, and they help them maintain their compliance.”

The project to redevelop and enhance Ervinas’ custom operations management software yielded tremendous success. In addition to Chetu’s expert knowledge in operations management software development, the team understood what Ervinas wanted to achieve that would allow them to improve their service offering to clients. Chetu looks forward to developing long-term relationships with clients, and in this case, the sentiment is mutual, according to Mr. White:

“My experience with Chetu has been outstanding. Even though that portion of the project has been completed, our plan is to grow and our plan remains to integrate Chetu into our future development and create more of a long-term relationship as part of our development team once we get there. We definitely look forward to working with you guys again and I highly recommend Chetu’s services.”

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