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Despite its early 2000's release data, Ruby on Rails still represents a viable framework for rapid app development, claiming convention over configuration.

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Discussion: The Why, What, and How of Ruby on Rails

Although it seems like we’re light-years from where we began, IT is still very much so in its infancy. As we move forward from here, the matrix will continue to grow and specialize. One framework in particular has demonstrated its resilience time and time again. This framework is Ruby on Rails – a trailblazer in the coding community. Developers now have the opportunity to align development tools with project parameters, easing the process and accelerating time to market, but a large majority are loyal to Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source, web development framework that supports rapid website and application development by simplifying rote tasks. The appeal of Ruby on Rails are the rails, so to speak, the structural integrity of the conventions. Conventions mitigate repetitive configuration. RoR takes the most arduous tasks related to coding and assuages them with preassembled templates.

Since its inception in early 2000’s, Ruby on Rails has carried many big name applications onto victory, including Shopify, Airbnb, and SoundCloud. There’s no question as to whether the framework has made waves within the developer community, influencing all tools that have come after. This is not to say that it has antiquated in the wake of frenetic advancements in technology. It has remained relevant through continual development and frequent updates.

Use Case: Mapping and Guide App

We recently leveraged Ruby on Rails for map and guide publishing franchise who was looking to enhance their existing application. The application is an integral part of over 130 franchise locations, and has its hand in propelling the tourism industry forward. Their computer-generated maps are distributed to local hotels, visitor centers, and other vacation spots around the world.

Chetu was tasked to work on the existing backlogs and take the lead on the app revitalization. The application was developed using Ruby on Rails and MySQL database, so we assembled our team around those requirements. The list of backlogged tasks was long and still evolving when our engagement began. Here are some of the requirements we received.

BugBack buttons generally broken
StoryProvide reporting on year-to-year advertiser retention
StoryFranchisees should be able to upload printer-invoice info
StoryFranchisees would like a market-specific client search
StoryAdmins and zees would like by-category reporting
TaskSupport grouping of Clients for national/chain Advertisers (esp. across Markets)
TaskAdd breadcrumbs to AdWiz
StoryAdd date filters to reporting
TaskUpdate DPS Markets Sales Report columns shown
TaskSwitch to Google authentication for AdWiz
StoryAdmins would like additional sorting and filtering options on markets list
TaskSupport multiple categories for individual Ads
StoryStore distribution data in AdWiz
StoryReplace all PNG icons with vector (SVG or font)
TaskAdd more color to AdWiz icons & buttons for additional visual queues
TaskAdd search to AdvertiserLeads controller
TaskAccount for paid-placement ads in royalty reportiIng

While executing the requirements, Chetu developers had many parameters to navigate. The Ruby on Rails app would need to operate on a variety of browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari – and remain Android compatible. We also abided by the best coding practices for Ruby on Rails.

Remaining relevant in today’s climate is the only path to sustainability, and relevancy comes from dynamic IT strategies. The client found themselves falling behind, and rather than forfeiting users, they adapted – recognizing their UX deficit, confronting backlogged items, and outsourcing development work they did not have the bandwidth or skillset to complete in-house. Having the opportunity to delegate pending responsibilities to a highly responsive and highly skilled team opened the door for evolution on other fronts.

Exploration: Exploring the Chetu Toolbox

Chetu’s model represents the rare duality expertise and efficiency, drawing from a colorful spectrum of skillsets and programming language literacies to maximize client resources. We are able to guarantee a seasoned developer that is not only an expert in a certain framework, but also attune to the nuances of a particular industry. For instance, this client received Ruby on Rails developers who have previous experience operating within the travel and tourism industry. We find aligning industry and technology preemptively leads to more powerful software.

Ruby on Rails represents only one programming language amidst a toolbox populated by dozens of niche languages. Some of our most popular languages include…

Exploring the Chetu Toolbox

The mapping franchise wanted to outsource the entire project, but there are alternatives to this. Chetu is designed to fill a deficit, regardless the depth – meaning, our clients are at liberty to scale our services to their needs. Outsource the requirements from concept to code or augment your staff with our developers. Chetu developers often work as an extension of an in-house team, filling a specific role for as long as the client needs.

If you are feeling your IT action items growing beyond your control, we recommend undergoing a consultation. Our franchise client was able to knock out several projects with one stone, upgrading their system to address user trends and recharging their existing app with some maintenance tasks. Reach out today to guide your platform into the future, guaranteeing sustainability and business security.


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