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The Client, a national estimate review company for the property, casualty & self insurance markets, chose Chetu to automate their manual vehicle insurance claims through email.


Parameters: Create Rule-Based Conditions to Handle Multiple Email Attachments

The Client wanted to allow their employees to focus more on the customer side of their business and less on the cumbersome, tedious, and repetitive tasks that took up most of their workday. They understood that manual data entry could bring unexpected errors that are costly down the line if not caught quickly.

At the time, the Client's submission process was to receive the customer claims via email and then process these email attachments one by one manually. The objective of the UiPath RPA development was to automate these manual processes to allow their employees to spend more personal time with their customers and continue the business growth.

Chetu's extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and Certified UiPath Partner made them the ideal candidate to perform this custom UiPath RPA development.


Journey: Designing the Condition-Based Architecture of the Bots

Chetu developers utilized the UiPath Studio Tool to create the back office bots scanning the emails. Their approach was to analyze the manual business processes of the email claim insurance submissions and document the procedural steps needed to be followed by the UiPath bots. Then Chetu developed the techniques in which the bots would handle other condition-based scenarios such as errors in scanning the email.

Specific error scenarios needed to be addressed during the creation of the bots, such as:

  • The claim number is not being found in the email subject or body.
  • The claim number is not found in the Client's web application.
  • If multiple claims were found with the same claim number.
  • The attachment is not found.
  • If corrupted attachments are found.
  • If the total estimate is not found.

Using the UiPath Studio Tool, Chetu created the following steps for the bot to execute for each email:

  • Please read the email and get the claim number from the email or its attachment.
  • Download the attachment and store it inside the claim number folder.
  • Resize the images and convert the pdf estimates into JPG format.
  • Search the claim in the Client's web application and desktop application.
  • Update the database by using the received estimates PDF document & web application.
  • Forward the email with resized attachment to supplement/attachment group based on claim status
  • If a document is corrupted or a claim is not found, a bot will reply to the email with a specified email body template and move the email to a specified folder for manual review.

Able to add/subtract additional developers when they reach a particular stage in development.


The cost was affordable and very much in line with a small, mid-size business budget.


Chetu completed the project within the timeframe agreed.

Result: Back Office Bots Enable Company to Give More Personal Attention to Customers

The Client has reduced their employees' manual workload while increasing the number of insurance claims they can process. Once Chetu implemented the UiPath automation, the process changed from manual labor to a bot scanning the email to search for the claim number and downloading the attachments. The bot would also resize the attachment and convert the PDF estimate to JPG format during this process. Lastly, the bot would forward the email to the supplement group with the resized attachments based on the claim status in the Client's web application.

Incorporating UiPath RPA to automate business processes that once needed a human has enabled this company to improve the employee work experience. With bots working 24/7, it allowed more flex time for employees; they can now process claims faster, thus enhancing their customer review ratings and reducing manual errors by 80%, which saved overall costs. All these factors enabled the Client to see ROI growth without doubling the workforce in overhead expenses.

Robotic Process Automation is transforming the way small-mid-size companies can grow their business without high additional costs. They can ramp up their production speeds, increasing ROI and allowing for company expansion due to increased profits.

As an UiPath Certified Partner, Chetu developers have a deep and unique understanding of RPA Solutions. Chetu can efficiently help companies implement, migrate, and upgrade UiPath Software Technologies to continue their growth.



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