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We create custom Google Maps Applications with immersive location experiences and accurate real time data and dynamic imagery.

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Customized Map-based Applications

Whether a static or interactive map, mobile or browser-based, with the Google Maps Platform you can integrate customizable maps into shops, websites, apps, and business software.

Google Maps JavaScript API

Chetu's Google Maps developers use JavaScript programming and object-oriented processes, and utilize the Javascript API in the Google Maps platform to customize maps, content and imagery for display on web pages and Android devices

Location Based Services

We leverage Google Maps in custom location based integrations, that include location based beaconing services, GIS Mapping, geocoding, spatial analytics, and geospatial web services.

Google Maps GIS

Our developers use Google Maps GIS (Geographic Information System) to facilitate GIS map layer solutions to feature vector data, points of interest, and map tiles for advanced geographic features to provide detailed and enhanced maps.

Google Maps Asset Tracking

Google maps asset tracking development facilitates up–to-date, accurate location data for assets, devices, and fleets, with features such as distance matrix calculating, speed limit notifications, and route tracing.

Google Mobile Development

We provide Google mobile development for Android and iOS platforms with supporting APIs and SDKs such as SDK for Android and iOS, Maps Static API, Street View API, Embedded API, as well as cross-platform URLs schemes.

Google Maps Gaming Platform

Our Google Maps experts leverage the Google Maps and Unity SDK platforms to enable the development of GPS/location-based, real-world, mobile games while incorporating mapping data.

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Google Maps' Solutions for Companies

Classifieds Portals

We imbed a map display in apps and websites that enables customers to quickly find their destination and calculate their route. We integrate autocomplete features that automatic completion of addresses in forms, ensures that the address exists and that the customer or product arrives safely at the destination.

Delivery and Routing Services

We develop 'last mile' functionality for delivery companies that include interactive maps and the services of the Google Maps Platform. Our solutions enable optimal scheduling and thus efficient use of delivery vehicles. We allow customers to track orders in real-time via a map displayed in the app.

Retail and E-commerce

We utilize Google Maps store finder to develop apps that provide customers with important information such as opening hours, parking, and distance to the nearest store. In the online shop, customers can also see whether their desired product is available in a nearby store.

Tourism and Travel

We integrate Google Maps into booking platforms for hotels, airlines, and Tour Operating firms. We use features such as Street View to provide gets an impression of the hotel, calculate the travel time, and view nearby points of interest including opening hours.


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