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Loan Origination and Servicing Software

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Custom Loan Origination and Servicing Software

Loan servicing and origination software must be robust, containing a comprehensive and diverse set of capabilities. Chetu develops the best custom Loan to keep your business on top and helps the team manage loan applications and manage risks to your business. It needs to handle everything from underwriting originations to disbursement, servicing, and amortization for maximized efficiency.

Loan Servicing and
Management Systems

Chetu creates custom loan servicing systems, and Loan Management Systems (LMS) for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. These systems contain robust features for loan, underwriting, amortization, processing, and disbursement. We also track various loans types including personal, business, student, mortgage, car, installment, payday, and cash advance.

Loans Originations

We program Loan Origination System (LOS), including modules for online lending applications, underwriting, credit pull, decision support, conditions tracking, and more. We develop loan document management applications with upload, parsing, data extraction, document storage, and document preparation features integrated with compliance management modules. Chetu LOS with data-based AI empowered to streamline risks and identify potential account troubles.

Loan Decision Support

We engineer Decision Support Systems (DSS), integrated with background check and credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion & Equifax). These systems contain customizable rule-based engines Artificial Intelligence for risk assessment, using third parties such as Data X, Microbilt, Clarity, and DecisionLogic.

Loan Amortization Calculation

We program multiple loan rates, including fixed, variable, step-rate, credit lines, multi-draw, Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), interest-only mortgage, term, commitment, and non-revolving. We also support multiple interest calculations, including simple, compound, regular periodic, actual days, and the Rule of 78s.

Custom Loan Servicing Portals

We program loan acquisition portal software, integrated with CRM platforms, for accurate data capture, pipeline management, and account aggregation. We code self-service customer portals for document management, statement and balance viewing, payment processing, and payoff calculating. We also develop borrower and creditor dashboards for managing multi-lender and syndicated loans, co-borrowing, multiple loan officers, and Metro 2 credits reporting.

Loan Settlement Software Platforms

Chetu's expert programmers create debt payment and settlement platforms that feature automated billing and auto debit. These platforms support Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, credit cards, bank accounts, electronic wallets, and other payment types. We provide the best mortgage loan processing and disbursement software solution by leveraging third-party vendors like BlastPay and AutoPal.

Powered AI Loan Origination and servicing

Powered AI technology loan origination and servicing software developed by Chetu developers can streamline this process significantly. Chetu PLATFORM uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to quickly and accurately evaluate borrower data, including credit scores, financial statements, and employment history. Also, the platform will automate loan application processing, reducing the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. Furthermore, lenders can benefit from the software's ability to identify potential defaulters, mitigating the risk of loan delinquencies. By automating the loan origination process, lenders can reduce turnaround times, improve efficiency, and increase lending volumes, ultimately improving customer profitability.

Database Platform

Chetu professional developers create a database designed to be highly scalable so that it can handle large volumes of loan data over time as the loan portfolio grows. It may also be designed to support multiple users or departments within the organization, with access controls to ensure that each user can only access the directory they are authorized to view or modify. Loan servicing databases may also be integrated with other systems within the organization, such as accounting or reporting software, to provide a comprehensive view of the loan portfolio and its impact on the business's overall financial health.


Chetu's loan software development experts ensure your software complies with fair lending standards, including the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA).

Lending Management Software Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Loan servicing software is a type of software used by lenders, banks, and financial institutions to manage loans and mortgages. It helps with tasks such as payment processing, borrower communication, document management, and reporting.

Loan servicing software typically integrates with other systems, such as payment processing and document management tools. It automates many loan management tasks, such as payment processing and account updates. It also provides features to help with borrower communication and reporting.

Loan origination software is tool lenders, and financial institutions use to automate the loan application process. It allows them to manage the entire loan lifecycle, from application to underwriting, funding and servicing.

Loan origination software automates the loan application process, improving efficiency, better customer experience, and improved compliance.

Artificial Intelligence loan origination software can improve the customer experience by providing a faster and more streamlined loan application and approval process, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving the accuracy of credit decisions. This can help to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, most AI loan origination software solutions can be integrated with other systems, such as core banking and customer relationship management systems.


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