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Empowering Businesses with ML Solutions Powered By Our AI Developers

We Have Experienced Machine Learning Software Engineers

Chetu’s AI developers code enterprise systems with advanced machine learning algorithms to create actionable decision models.

Machine Learning (ML) Engineering

Chetu’s ML engineers develop smart, data-driven business applications with machine learning models for data extraction & analysis, image & pattern recognition, and precision predictive engines to enable better business decision-making.

Data Migration for ML

We convert data from legacy and big data systems into usable datasets for executing multi-label classification, regression, clustering, density estimation, and dimensionality reduction analyses before deploying those models across relevant systems.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

We utilize MLOps and AutoML strategies to eliminate business machine learning adoption bottlenecks, empowering IT teams to lead production machine learning projects without compromising model quality, performance, or interpretability.

Deep Learning (DL) Development

Chetu specializes in the development of DL technologies using ML algorithms to build cognitive BI technology frameworks that imitate the way humans retrieve & store information, used to identify specific concepts within processing workflows.

Custom Machine Learning Development Company

Chetu’s machine learning development services leverages AI and ML tools, techniques, and tactics to develop machine learning models for cognitive business technology that enhances system performance and transforms raw data into clean and usable datasets.

Computer Vision

Using advanced computer vision technologies, our experts design smart algorithms to identify objects, facial, and gesture recognition, along with visual sensing, intelligent image & video analysis, real-world image processing, and much more.

Voice & Speech Recognition

Our developers build custom AI-powered voice and speech recognition systems used for customer service, healthcare organizations, in-car systems, legal institutions, etc., designed with automatic speech-to-text and text-to-speech (or command) conversion solutions.

Neural Network Development

Leverage deep learning technology to develop neural networks designed to learn a mapping function from inputs & outputs, solve non-convex optimization problems discovered within each model parameter, and update backpropagation algorithms.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We deliver advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions designed for statistical machine translation, programmatic intent analysis, optical text recognition, accurate text processing, and real-world speech pattern analysis.

Predictive Algorithms

Utilizing machine & deep learning technologies, we create predictive algorithmic systems that help industrial companies anticipate machinery malfunctions/failures, prevent accidents, and streamline the re-ordering process for enhanced maintenance workflows.

Data Mining

We deliver data mining software solutions by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies designed to explore, identify, and extract essential datasets, along with pinpointing specific key trends and anomalies to make data-driven decisions.

Custom AI/Machine Learning Solutions

Our industry-experienced machine learning development services include customizing your AI-powered/machine learning platform’s features and functionalities based on your unique business needs and industry type, catering to transportation, automotive, oil & gas, customer electronics, healthcare, and many other industries.

Conversational AI & Chatbots

Chetu designs intuitive AI-powered chatbot software solutions capable of deep conversational pattern analyses, offering sensitive contextual responses to inquiries, accurately decoding natural language, tracking user feedback, and more.

Business Intelligence (BI)

We design business intelligence and machine learning software solutions built as data warehouses & ETL systems with advanced data visualization capabilities, enabling you to automate your decision-making process by foreseeing business risks and ensuring security.


Our developers enhance cybersecurity systems using machine learning technologies, programmed to analyze patterns & learn from these patterns to proactively prevent threats, protect against possible cyber attacks, and respond to active attacks in real-time.

Data-Driven IoT

We specialize in developing complex ML/DL algorithmic systems for IoT devices, designed to produce loads of data for in-depth analysis that reveal valuable insights into monitoring behaviors, uncovering patterns, making data-driven predictions, and more.

ML Automation Solutions

Chetu develops custom-tailored machine learning automation solutions that help your business automate all of your essential business processes to improve decision-making, ensure security through foreseeing business risks, and promote enhanced operational agility and efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We design workflow automation solutions by integrating AI & machine learning with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies to automate repetitive manual tasks, along with an additional layer of human-like prediction and perception.

Marketing Automation

Integration of ML programs with CRM apps & marketing automation tools to help businesses break down market segmentation, optimize demand forecasting, qualify leads, and enhance content recommendations for specific marketing segments to attract more customers.

Financial Automation

We engineer & implement financial automation solutions using machine learning technologies to help financial professionals automate time-consuming/mundane processes, improve asset valuation quality, forecast financial performances, and so much more.

Healthcare Automation

Chetu integrates machine learning into custom embedded apps to automate the medical image analysis process, enabling healthcare professionals to identify patterns in 2D & 3D images viewed via CT, OCT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasounds, and other medical scanning equipment.

Custom ML/DL Software Development Tech Stack & Platform Integrations

Along with a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks, we utilize industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) tools & technologies to engineer intelligent, intuitive, and innovative programs.

Machine Learning (ML) Tech Stack

We harness the power of machine learning tech stacks, including Tensorflow, Pandas, Scala, Scikit-learn, etc., to effectively build, train, and deploy ML models with fully managed tools, workflows, and infrastructures.









Deep Learning (DL) Tech Stack

Our machine learning development services leverage NVIDIA CUDA-X AI’s complete deep learning software development tech stack, including Jupyter notebook, Fastau, PyTorch, and MXNet, to build high-performance GPU-accelerated apps for conversational AI.










Machine Learning Development Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Machine learning development is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science. It involves using data and algorithms to teach machines how to learn from information, improving their accuracy over time.

Machine learning has three main types: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.

AI is the broader concept, enabling machines to mimic human intelligence, while ML is a subset that focuses on autonomous learning from data.

The most basic form of machine learning is called Supervised Learning. In supervised learning, a machine learning algorithm is trained on a labeled dataset, which means that the input data is paired with corresponding output labels. The algorithm learns to make predictions or decisions based on this training data.

Facial recognition, like in mobile photo tagging and Facebook, is a prime example of machine learning. It identifies individuals by analyzing facial patterns and contours for instant tagging and verification.

Machine learning's future is poised to revolutionize multiple domains, including automation, healthcare, natural language processing, transportation, personalized experiences, cybersecurity, and scientific advancements. It promises personalized healthcare, enhanced automation, and cutting-edge solutions across various sectors.


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