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Chetu’s expert developers engineer custom Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software solutions that enable strategic inventory levels adjustments while communicating with vendors effectively across the entire supply chain.

MRP Software Development

We create custom MRP software, seamlessly integrated with your inventory management system, order procurement platforms, and resource planning automation tools to streamline the purchasing & tracking of raw materials throughout the entire supply chain process.

MRP Software Implementation

Our developers implement MRP systems to enable communication using EDI systems, apply BI modules to enterprise resource planning (ERP) for real-time reports and forecasting, and code MRP to Electronic Batch Record (EBR) systems for accurate data documentation.

MRP Software Automation

We provide custom automation to workflows that streamline processes such as purchasing, documentation, warehouse management, inventory tracking, and more as well as integrate third-party software like Oracle NetSuite, Epicor, and Prodsmart into existing systems.

ERP & MRP System Integration

Our developers integrate with supply chain analytics and ERP systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Halobi, to provide complete visibility of materials and product metrics throughout the supply chain to businesses using ERP software modifications.

MRP & WCM EDI Integration

We integrate EDI with MRP & WCM platforms to create a complete EDI workflow, accurately analyze and predict inventory needs, and automatically generate shipping labels, while adhering to EDIFACT, TRADECOMS, HL7, XML, JSON, and ANSI ASC X12 compliance standards.

Asset Tracking (RFID & Barcode)

We implement asset tracking capabilities through RFID software, QR barcode scanning software, photo tagging, GPS, and mobile scanning apps to provide real-time insights throughout a product’s lifecycle in the supply chain from start to finish.

Regulatory MRP Compliance Software

We develop and evolve MRP software to maintain compliance with control frameworks like NIST CSF, COBIT, COS0, and ISO 27001/27002/3100, federal regulations including HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, 45 CFR Part 164, 17 CFR Part 240, and GDPR, and industry guidelines such as FDA, FERC, FAA, NIST 800-53, NIST 171, CIS, SSAE 16, SIG, CSA, FedRAMP, and more.

Custom MRP Software Solutions

Our Material Requirement Planning experts develop robust solutions to streamline purchasing, accelerate productivity, prevent inventory shortages, and reduce costs.

Cloud-Based MRP Software Solutions

We create cloud-based solutions that enable multi-site logistics, allow BOM processing of raw materials, and migrate data to a central cloud for work-in-process functions, sales, order entries, finished goods inventory management, and purchasing capabilities.

Raw Materials Management Solutions

Chetu engineers create custom solutions for managing and purchasing indirect and direct raw materials in an automated system to promote on-time deliveries, reduce waste, improve communication, and streamline the flow of transition from vendor to customer.

MRP Supply Chain (SCM) Software Solutions

We develop MRP supply chain solutions for end-to-end visibility, including inventory control, order procurement, warehouse management, tracking systems, and reverse logistics, complete with reporting tools to track performance and metrics system-wide.

Warehouse Inventory Management Software Solutions

Our experts provide warehouse inventory management solutions for stock adjustments, inventory status updates, channel-specific stocking, and more with EDI integrations and features to add or edit existing information like supplier, customer, item, and location.

Bill of Materials Solutions

Our developers create solutions for automatically generating multi-level bills of materials (BOM) for every stage of the product lifecycle that connects multiple sources of information in a centralized database for clear visibility and simplified management.

Vendor Management Solutions

We program solutions to streamline vendor management processes by enabling users to purchase from and pay every vendor from a centralized location regardless of what payment method is accepted, creating a curated catalog for all purchasing.

Forecasting Solutions

Our MRP experts build forecasting solutions that can accurately predict consumer demand across multiple locations, automatically calculate ATP, increase EBITDA by reducing inventory and increasing sales, and provide AI analysis and recommendations that highlight anomalies.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solutions

We customize and implement advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions to optimize every aspect of production scheduling including time, labor, and machinery, as well as create plans to automatically account for losses, delays, or other issues.

Streamline Your Supply Chain & Logistics Processes

We develop custom MRP systems to help organizations streamline and optimize their entire supply chain management workflows, maintaining complete visibility, quality control, and traceability from beginning to end.

Identify Demand

We develop MRP solutions to break down customer demand into individual components and raw materials using the BOM and account for required subassemblies so you can ensure you are purchasing the proper requirements from vendors to meet demands.

Manage Inventory

Our MRP solutions provide complete, real-time inventory visibility across multiple locations, forecast modules that generate Economic Order Quantities (EOQ), and develop reporting dashboards to track KPIs like Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), turnover rates, and net profits.

Allocate Resources

We provide solutions to allocate resources accordingly after demand has been checked against inventory, move inventory across multiple locations, track the lifecycle of allocated resources in transit, and prompt reorder recommendations.

Schedule Production

Our solutions provide features to calculate the amount of time and labor required to complete manufacturing, generate a schedule according to timeframe, quantity, and capacity, and provide deadlines for completion.

Ship Product

We customize MRP solutions to facilitate seamless distribution of your fully manufactured product with shipping and logistics tools to enhance supply chain visibility, optimize shipping and delivery schedules, and track your product throughout the entire supply chain.

Monitor Issues

We develop MRP software with the ability to sync raw materials with work orders and customer orders, send alerts when delays occur, make recommendations for existing orders, and generate plans for issues and exceptions.

Product Delivery

Throughout the entire delivery process, you must ensure that you properly scan the items as “delivered on schedule” using QR barcode scanner technology, which should have been utilized throughout the entire shipping & logistics process until the items finally reach the customer’s shipping destination.

Custom MRP Integrations

We seamlessly integrate our MRP solutions with popular third-party ERP and MRP systems to provide interoperability, scalability, and personalization.


We provide integrations with Fishbowl for cloud-based and on-premise warehouse management that includes job shop floor control, barcoding, and more.


We integrate with Oracle NetSuite to enable small to mid-sized manufacturing companies to streamline operations with real-time demand planning and end-to-end visibility.


Our MRP solutions can be integrated with Katana for live inventory visibility, batch tracking, complete floor-level control, open API, and other real-time master planning features.


Our experts provide seamless integrations with Oodo MRP software to help businesses tackle everything from quality control methods and creating bills of materials to reporting and fulfillment procedures with ease.


We integrate with Epicor in order to tailor our MRP solutions to fit your industry-specific needs and improve operations for any type of manufacturing business.


Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with Prodsmart to provide a user-friendly experience tracking product lifecycles from raw materials to finished products.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI-Powered MRP Software development leverages the power of AI to optimize operations and decision-making. This type of software uses machine learning algorithms and data to identify patterns, personalize experiences, and make better decisions.

AI-powered MRP software offers many benefits, including improved efficiency, demand forecasting accuracy, production scheduling, resource planning, decision-making, reduced costs associated with manual tasks, and better customer service. It also helps in identifying potential risks and providing solutions before they arise. Lastly, it can also generate reports and provide insights in real-time.

Examples of AI in manufacturing include:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Autonomous Robots and Drones for Material Handling and
  • Logistics

AI can also be used for process optimization, such as optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste in manufacturing processes.

AI-powered MRP software uses advanced algorithms and data to identify patterns and make decisions. The software also uses Machine Learning to analyze data and identify potential solutions to problems. It can also use predictive analytics to anticipate problems and suggest solutions before they arise.

The challenges to implementing AI in manufacturing include the cost of implementing and maintaining AI systems, the need for skilled AI and data science talent, and the integration of AI systems with existing manufacturing processes and systems. There may also be concerns around data privacy and security when using AI in manufacturing.


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