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Hire Experienced Flight Management System Developers

We develop cutting edge dispatch and flight planning operating systems to optimize airline operations.

Airline Routes Planning Software Solutions

We build flight planning operating systems to support the flight preparation process for airports, private pilots, FBO, helicopter, and business operators with features such as charts, routes generation, fuel analysis, real-time tracking, aviation weather data, and more.

Flight Management System

Our expert developers customize web-based and cloud-hosted flight management software with integrated solutions for planning, dispatching, filing, briefing, communicating (air-to-ground), tracking, and so much more.

VRF / IFR Flight Planning

We develop VRF and IFR software solutions to combine information services, flight planning management, and airport services to assist dispatchers in accessing the most economical routes and best flight planning. We custom-build modules such as automated routes planning, turbulence alerts, and fuel tankering.

Aircraft Tracking System Development

We engineer flight tracking systems to monitor, track, and communicate with aircraft fleets in real-time. We develop aircraft tracking applications to help you manage flight information using multiple fleet tracking maps for both departing and arriving flights, all from any device.

Flight Schedule App Services

We build custom apps with SIDS and STARs display, flight planning routes, MOS forecasts, and approach charts with modules for viewing of approach plates over maps with weather, wind layers, and METARs which can be viewed on various devices.

Flight Operations Programming

Our developers program software for airline flight operations with custom applications for fuel management, performance calculations, ICAO Flight Plan Filing, and more. Cloud-based solutions for crew roster scheduling, searchable flight briefings, secure flight records, and other operational data for business audits.

Plan More Cost-Effective Routes and Streamline Your Aviation Operations

We integrate data from various sources directly into the airline routes plan operating system to support flight dispatchers and airlines in achieving maximum operational and cost efficiency, safety, and stability.

We develop dispatch and aviation navigation programming that covers all aspects of your flying plan from take-off to landing such as, RAIM, EDTO, Weather, briefing with EFB integration, and graphical flight tracking. We incorporate industry-leading functionality into your custom Flight Dispatch solution such as:

  • Weight & Balance

  • ADS-B Capability

  • Translated TAF and METAR

  • Aviation Weather and NEXRAD Radar

  • En-Route GPS Navigation Via Moving Map

  • Geo-referenced Approach Plates and Taxi Diagrams

  • Flight Plan Filing

  • Search for Points of Interest

  • Fuel Prices & FBO Information

  • Automated NOTAM filtering and checking

  • Dynamic suitability monitoring of Aerodromes

  • Inflight re-dispatch capability in case of Airspace closure

  • Industry standard ARINC 633 output Data for EFB Integration

AI-Powered Flight Planning Solutions

Chetu excels in AI-powered flight planning solutions, revolutionizing aviation. Our custom AI software optimizes operations, reducing costs for efficient flight management. Enhance productivity and streamline processes with our solutions, ensuring seamless journeys.

Route Optimization

Our proficient team engineers custom AI solutions for optimizing flight routes, scrutinizing weather conditions, airspace restrictions, aircraft performance, and fuel consumption to minimize fuel costs, decrease travel time, and improve overall operational efficiency. Leveraging our route enhancement capabilities, you can attain significant savings while prioritizing safety and adherence to regulations.

Weather Forecasting

Our software engineers integrate advanced weather radar software to analyze real-time weather data and historical patterns, enabling accurate weather predictions along flight routes. Our solutions equip flight planners with up-to-date weather information encompassing turbulence, icing conditions, wind patterns, and precipitation empowering them to make well-informed decisions when planning flights.

Air Traffic Management

Our developers incorporate sophisticated algorithms to analyze current air traffic data, including the positions and trajectories of other aircraft, predicting congestion and potential conflicts, allowing flight planners to optimize routes and schedules accordingly to minimize delays, enhance safety, and ensure efficient utilization of airspace, ultimately improving the overall flow of air traffic.

Performance Monitoring

We design AI-driven performance monitoring capabilities that continuously analyze aircraft performance parameters during flight, such as fuel consumption, engine health, and system efficiency, in real-time. Our systems detect anomalies or deviations from expected behavior enabling proactive maintenance planning, optimization of performance, and early identification of potential issues, ensuring safe and reliable flight operations.

Decision Support

Our developers build custom AI-powered decision support systems to provide flight planners with valuable insights and recommendations based on comprehensive data analysis, such as flight regulations, airspace restrictions, fuel costs, and operational constraints. Our systems assist in making informed decisions suggesting alternative routes to avoid congestion or optimizing fuel consumption empowering flight planners to make efficient choices that optimize resources and ensure compliance.

Aerial Routes Schedule Software For DJI Drones

We develop DJI drone image and video processing programs to create 2D maps and elevation models. Our drone solutions allow you to create maps in-field and pre-plan a photogrammetric aerial survey for your UAV

  • Create 2D maps and elevation models

  • Create maps in-field, to plan safe flights

  • Ground control and on-board control software development

  • Drone synchronization for pattern flight and aerial shows

  • Validate survey's acquired image quality and density

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Get More Functionality from the Tools You Already Use

We provide integration and custom add-on to industry leading airline routes planning operating systems. We develop solutions for routes planning to determine which aircraft will travel where and at what times and carry out day-to-day operations and optimize routes.

Sabre Flight Plan Manager

Sabre Flight Plan Manager

We utilize Sabre Flight Plan Manager to create optimum, lowest-cost flight plans to help increase the productivity of the airline's operation. We incorporate variable cost index planning and flight planning optimization to systematically reduce operating costs.

Amadeus SKY

Amadeus SKY

Our developers ustilize The Amadeus SKY Suite to provide integrated schedule reliability, scheduling platform, schedule optimization, demand forecasting, fleet optimization, and route frequency planning.



We utilize FlightBridge API to provide aircraft operations with management and booking tools. We utilize FlightBridge’s platform to connect Private Aviation providers with a network of trip service vendors and partners.



We integrate RocketRoute to provide fast, precise flight planning instructions. We allow you to book your landing slot, ground handling and other flight related bookings. Additionally we integrate RocketRoute with flight planning, briefing, filing, dispatch and tracking systems.

AIMS Commercial Planning

AIMS Commercial Planning

We use AIMS Commercial Planning to provide flight scheduling departments with the ability to compile the most efficient and and cost effective flight schedules with optimum aircraft utilization. Our developers also provide Interfaces with Crew Management modules and Operations Control.



Our developers integrate with AirMap UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Platform to provide a real-time snapshot of the airspace, ensuring safe and scalable drone operations for all stakeholders.



We provide general aviation piolots with customs solutions form the web-based iFlightPlanner application This solution allows you to perform all of your critical pre-flight tasks, including aviation weather checks, flight planning, official weather briefings etc.



Our developers use SkyPlan to give aviation experts the ability to build, test, manage, visualize, and upload flight plans to your aircraft's Flight Management System (FMS) via the web from anywhere, by using a variety of communication networks.



We provide commercial airliners with fully optimized routes based on cost, fuel, season, time of day and fuel costs. We use JetPlan to provide a framework for global regulatory compliance, including FAA and EU-OPS.

Flight Planning Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Flight planning software is a crucial tool for pilots, providing real-time updates on evolving weather conditions. By proactively informing pilots about upcoming weather patterns, this software empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their aircraft's position, enabling fuel conservation and optimizing flight operations.

A Flight Management System (FMS) is an all-in-one onboard computer that ensures seamless navigation, optimal aircraft performance, and cohesive operations. It integrates essential data and coordinates various flight phases, from pre-engine start to take-off, landing, and engine shut-down, fostering operational efficiency and synergy between different flight components.

Flight control systems for aircraft consist of primary and secondary systems. The primary control system, crucial for safe flight, comprises three key components: ailerons, elevator (or stabilator), and rudder. These elements enable precise control and maneuverability of the aircraft throughout its flight.

AI in aviation software revolutionizes the industry through various applications. Notably, AI facilitates autonomous flight by leveraging computer vision and machine learning. This technology enables self-piloted commercial aircraft to autonomously perform critical tasks such as takeoff, landing, navigation, and ground obstacle detection.

Artificial intelligence (AI) finds applications in various domains related to aviation, including aircraft maintenance, ground operations, and airport management. It plays a crucial role in optimizing fuel management, which is a primary focus for industry sustainability and cost reduction. Fuel expenses constitute a significant portion of the aviation sector's budget, making efficient fuel management a substantial cost-saving opportunity.

A flight route planning solution aims to determine the required fuel amount during the airborne navigation process for an aircraft journeying from a departure aerodrome to a destination aerodrome.


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