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The Key Elements of Franchise Management Software

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood

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The Intricacies of Franchise Management

Many contemporary franchises that boast of incremental success have done well by implementing advanced technologies and tools into their platforms. Franchise owners are taking advantage of time freeing automation configurations, real-time scheduling updates, and resume keyword recognition provided by custom franchise management software development. Theses software platforms are taking franchise performance and efficiency to the next level and beyond.

Franchisors establish and orchestrate marketing campaigns that are most comprehensive and effective across their markets. The additional advantages of using a universal franchise management system ensures that franchise owners have access to information and assets needed for operation.

A flexible system presents end users with plugin modification capabilities while branded franchise development solutions provide the end-user with core software support in key areas.

Custom development makes everything from handling gift cards to assigning store credits a lot simpler.

Franchise management software will enable comprehensive web analytics, user databases, and centralized marketing promotion.

Franchise software provides franchisees with a robust platform system that is simple enough to deploy and navigate.

A brand creates their customer's journey. It is their franchise selling point that should be unwavering, detail-oriented, and streamlined even within semi-centralized franchise management.

Franchise Support System Software

The objective of any software development is to solve a problem. A custom franchise software platform should serve as a communication tool between franchisors and franchisees when needed. Seamless software is useful for communication purposes between the two.

Franchises have the option to decide what database management system will be integrated with their Franchise Support System Software.

A franchise management platform would require integration to a Database Management Systems (DBMS) chosen by the franchisee to store data, generating reports, and forecast market trends. It is encouraged that off-premise, on-premise, and cloud database architecture are fully private.

Franchise support system software enables franchise representatives to stay on top of running establishments in their assigned regions. Franchise and franchisee interactions are streamlined and hassle-free. Although, semi-centralized franchisees have flexibility being independently owned their product selection and marketing tools remain the same.

The end-to-end solution provides document management for invoices, contracts, and purchase orders. Franchises stay organized and get much more out of their software's integration capabilities to supply chain EDI's.

Custom franchise software presents users with simplified dashboards for ease of navigation. Dashboard reports and overall location performance overviews are adjustable based upon data filters and parameters for critical decision-based planning.

A universal franchise support software system makes monitoring of existing territories by region hassle-free. Franchisors take full advantage of anniversaries planning of payments and dues. Anyone who understands the franchise business understands poor time management stems from disorganization.


Chetu developers provide small-medium and enterprise sized franchisors with custom software solutions for operations.

The Four Pillars of Franchise Support System Software

There are four important features needed to develop a robust franchise support system. These four features organize the entire eco-system. Successful franchisors have custom software development for their brand using these tools.

1. Data Auditing and Business Intelligence Reporting

Franchisors and franchisees understand the importance of data auditing or business intelligence (BI) reporting pathways. BI tools include features to assist with operations enhancements, trend assessments, and market forecasting. Cloud BI provides access to data while keeping information secure and compliant within networks.

BI data warehouse provides data aggregations that businesses use for reporting and auditing.

Individualized BI components are available for mobile devices, browser apps, and desktop computers.

Multi-platform access assists professionals who want remote visibility in real-time. BI networks provide reporting such as predictive analytics, benchmarking, and even the processing of big data.

Custom franchise management software development does streamline BI data analysis. The technological advancements of analytical processing goes a long way.

It helps franchises and franchisees considerably grasp all things that involve service-oriented architectures and how they function.

BI reporting pathways presents users with dependable and effective analysis.

2. Human Capital Management Software

Franchisor software development simplifies the hiring process for franchisees by providing human capital management integration solutions because staff training and onboarding are critical to any business.

Custom software development provides applicant tracking systems and recruitment solutions for the HR (human resources) department. Customized human capital management pathways aid with the training and tracking of staff members, attendance, time, and onboarding.

Integrate electronic filing of documents and automation of content curation duties. Payroll reporting, verifications, and IRS policies are regulated through custom payment systems.

A robust franchise software platform provides support for managing HR responsibilities. HCM provides performance management, benefits, payroll, Affordable Care Act compliance, and even recruitment.

3. SCM Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management systems are important to owners and managers of franchises. These software systems enable businesses to manage inventory pathways.

There are integration solutions to manage stock, product identification, visibility and even evaluating sales performance. QR and RFID codes enable options that can transform the way franchises create make purchase orders.

Management of cloud inventory should be automated to supply chain management distributors using API's and vendor configuration modules. Software updates are deployed and managed across the entire franchise network.

Custom software development can automate logistics, shipping, PO's, and fulfillment using electronic data interchanges (EDI). Development of custom franchise support system software and EDI integration of SCM will create a paperless environment to keep costs down and inventory in stock.

4. Operations Management and Marketing Solutions

Franchises are often enthusiastic about the idea of getting assistance with operations management and marketing matters.

Custom franchise software development provides operational planning and to increase sales through marketing. A centralized franchise platform accommodates all sorts of requests that involve funnel marketing, customer databases, lead management, and implementation.

Custom operational marketing software also provides sales and marketing analytics responsibilities. Franchisors must invest in providing comprehensive marketing collateral.

Having control of marketing collateral, distribution, and launches across all franchises is important for branding. Enabling owners to order signage and dining room décor provides a cohesive esthetic to the public and increases brand recognition.

Franchisors presenting franchises with customized professional franchise management software creates a unison consensus throughout the organization. It enables the creation of a centralized process and access point. Custom software development is an asset to upper management and head-quarters that want to provide support and strengthen a franchises' impact internally and throughout the markets.


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