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Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Cognos Business Intelligence Software

By: Tobias Briegel

Cognos Development

What is Cognos?

Cognos is a performance management and business intelligence software suite intended for use by business users without technical knowledge. Enterprise sized organizations use Cognos to pull and analyze corporate data and produce reports to help them make knowledgeable business decisions.

Here’s where we’re going if you want to jump ahead:

Business intelligence

Business intelligence has grown significantly over the past year. The IT industry has gone through a fluctuating change of business and technology trends resulting in a market of business intelligence software, cloud computing vendors, and big data and analytic platforms among other offerings.

One of the biggest cloud-based and cognitive-computing giants in the market today is IBM, a global technology company that provides cloud based services and hardware software. IBM currently offers a suite of web-based integrated business intelligence solutions called IBM Cognos.

IBM Cognos Software arms businesses with compelling data storytelling that leverages the use of captivating visualizations, dashboards and graphs.

Below we discuss the top three reasons businesses are upgrading to Cognos Business Intelligence Software.

Cognos Self-Service

The IBM Cognos platform has self-service functionalities and self-service analytics solutions that give business users the ability to work with corporate data despite not having knowledge in data mining. In other words, no other data related experience is required with the self-service capabilities available in IBM Cognos.


The reports available are used to perform data aggregation and create user-friendly inquisitive data graphs and visuals. In addition, self-service Business Intelligence allows users to analyze and then visualize data without needing to involve your IT department.

Cognos Web-Based Interface

IBM Cognos provides a single access point to all the corporate data available through a web-based interface consisting of querying, reporting, and online analytical processing. Web-based modeling within the platform creates data modules that allows users to use the tool to search for text and return relevant information.

Some of the web-based interfaces in the Cognos platform include the following components:

These functionalities allow users to enhance data discovery and traditional business intelligence solutions in a single place. The power in web-based interfaces allows for no required maintenance in desktop applications or browser plugins and overuse in storage.

Cognos Dashboarding

IBM Cognos Analytics communicates insights and places them into dashboards and stories. Visualizations within the platform include dashboarding, graphs, charts, plots, tables, and maps. Users can drag and drop data into screens to witness effective visualization to aid in analysis.The dashboarding functionality available in IBM Cognos gives a snapshot function where users are allowed to create blocks of historical data on-premise or in the cloud. Users are also able to upload and blend data while exploring the visualization of complex data points and multiple data sources creating one personalized view. Additionally, the self-service dashboard features within the platform allows for smart interaction with business data such as automated dashboard and pre-built templates suitable for applying data to dashboard quickly. Dashboarding allows for impactful data storytelling, analytic queries, and more. If your business requires custom business intelligence and configured Cognos functionality, contact us today. We are Cognos Technology Partners who offer custom software solutions that complement Cognos products.


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