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Cognos Analytics Services

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Cognos Analytics Services

Chetu provides Cognos analytics services that include programming with Cognos Report Studio to create custom dashboards, utilize business objects manipulations, request real-time queries, yield data-intensive reports, and design unified user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX), as well as program responsive design and offline support features across all device types.

Cognos Integration

Our developers provide end-to-end software services, including integration of legacy data with raw data silos, custom development, scalable system migrations, and modernizations. Our services also include intuitive data modeling, visualizations, data integrity, self-service and collaboration tools, and database services for all enterprise systems.

Cognos Design

We design Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and program features such as data discovery / mining, real-time reporting, big data processing, predictive analytics, decision support, executive dashboards, custom KPI tracking, performance scorecards, and more. We help you manage your mission critical data for optimal insights.

Cognos Developers

Our Cognos developers write custom reports and program BI (Business Intelligence) systems to deliver enterprise-wide data insights for on-premise, web, cloud, mobile, and hybrid platforms. Our expertise includes IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Cognos Express, Financial Performance Management tools, and other IBM software.

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Get more information about our software services and how we customize them to your Cognos Analytics needs.

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