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Custom UiPath Services

Chetu helps businesses leverage RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) technology to automate business processes across all applications, interfaces and environments using robots programmed with human-like capabilities, similar to AI (Artificial Intelligence). We implement and integrate the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform to your business workflows, core software systems, ERP, CRM, CMS and more for select industries including Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Transportation and Retail.

UiPath Implementation

UiPath Implementation

We ensure your business is operating the required Windows software and .Net Framework as well as appropriate hardware requirements to ensure successful implementation of all UiPath solutions including desktop automation, web scraping automation, GUI automation, screen scraping, Citrix automation, SAP automation, Excel automation and more.

UiPath Installation

UiPath Installation

Chetu utilizes UiPath Platform Windows installer to access all necessary installments for the entire UiPath suite. We include Chrome and Firefox extensions along with installation of Java Bridge, .exe installer, Windows Server Operating System, PowerShell, Azure, .Net Framework, IIS, Web Deploy extension, URL rewrite, SQL server and Kibana.


UiPath Upgradation

Our Chetu developers ensure software and hardware compatibility and data protection when upgrading your current version of UiPath Enterprise edition and vice versa using the UiPath Platform installer. We also support the transition to UiPath Community edition if it best fits your business model.

UiPath Configuration

UiPath Configuration

We configure the UiPath platform for High-Density Robots, User additions and Proxy settings for improved security to help businesses have a competitive advantage over the competition. We configure unique experiences that have the most impact, driving company success and revenue.

UiPath Customization

UiPath Customization

UiPath solutions are extensible tools that can be scaled and tailored to your specific needs. Our developers customize all UiPath automation solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio, NuGet Package Explorer and .dll for requested features to best meet business requirements.

UiPath Integration

UiPath Integration

Our expert developers integrate UiPath RPA solutions into your business workflows, core software systems and third-party applications to export data to cloud-based and onsite databases including ERP's, CRM's or CMS platforms using RESTful API's.

UiPath Automation Solutions

Using UiPath automation solutions Chetu delivers the best practices for your business processes including accounts payable, claims processing, contact center, finance and accounting or healthcare payer automation needs.


UiPath Desktop Automation

UiPath desktop automation automates rule based tasks by creating a presentation layer automation that does not require coding or changing the underlying legacy application to deliver solutions in days rather than months. At Chetu we ensure UiPath desktop automation also has task recorder, user event capabilities, allows you to create automation apps and deploy them to all computers in your business.

UiPath Web Scraping Automation

Chetu developers help facilitate UiPath web automation processes dense web demands including form filling, screen scraping, data extraction, data transfer between applications, website testing and periodical report generation to automate repetitive tedious tasks. We ensure UiPath 100% has playback accuracy, compatibility with all web languages, automated data entry, easy web testing with no coding necessary.

UiPath GUI Automation

GUI automation is a support tool for screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, app integration and content migration. Our expert developers ensure UiPath's GUI automation is compatible with a variety of environments including Win32, Java Flash, PDF, Chrome and more with GUI controls recognition, GUI action recorder, image and OCR based automation, background automation and the UI automation API.

UiPath Screen Scraping Automation

Chetu understands the importance of UiPath screen scraping for data migration and integration as it enables any and all modern apps to communicate with legacy apps that do not offer an API. We implement UiPath screen scraping tools to provide 100% accuracy, have screen OCR capabilities, work in every code environment and include web scraping all done fast and reliably.

UiPath Citrix Automation

At Chetu, we provide service that help UiPath automate Citrix XenApp's with a powerful image recognition engine, a shared clipboard and on-screen OCR. UiPath's Citrix automation is unmatched in Citrix GUI automation, saves FTE with automated data entry and extraction, includes increased tracking, accuracy and auditability all with enterprise level scalability.

UiPath Mainframe Automation

Using UiPath mainframe automation, Chetu integrates applications and architectures to mainframes. Our developers understand how UiPath unlocks the mainframes and configures them to respond to new demands and enables API's, rapid mobilization, monitoring and tracking and flexible breadth of scalability.

screen scraping automation

UiPath SAP Automation

Our developers understand SAP and UiPath technology to ensure UiPath SAP automation software is compatible with all major SAP software suites including custom applications, accurate process reply, saves FTE's, SAP application integrations and is scalable to enterprise grade technology with no coding involved so you can stay competitive in a changing business environment.

UiPath Excel Automation

UiPath's Excel automation helps ease the complications of transferring data between applications by automating Excel with no previous installation required. Our developers ensure the solution also integrates and migrates data with enterprise applications and databases, automates without programming ensures accuracy, speed, increased productivity and efficiency to free your business to face higher-value tasks.

UiPath Macro Recorder

UiPath's macro recorder is a business tool capable of automating tasks by recording mouse and keyboard actions, data entry on web forms and data extraction with modifiable parameters for recording sequences in detail. Our industry experts ensure it is capable of creating macro on Citrix apps and has a large library of pre-defined actions with no programming required.

UiPath sap automation

The Anatomy of UiPath Software

The UiPath Platform is composed of intelligent tools that design, manage and execute tedious business tasks. UiPath Orchestrator, Studio and Robot are each the underlying components that power UiPath RPA solutions.

UiPath Orchestrator

UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator is a highly scalable server platform that permits you to deploy, start, stop and schedule processes using a console and to track the activities of the UiPath robots using a single interface to manage multiple robots that run your system. Chetu's software services help leverage UiPath's auditing and monitoring activities, schedule processes and manage work queues.

UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio is an intuitive visual processing modeling tool that helps businesses design processes intended for automation with ease. The clean workflow design canvas recorders capture and imitate user performance perfectly. Chetu helps you leverage the UiPath platform that enables your complete control over what you automate.

UiPath Robots

UiPath Robots

UiPath Robot has attended and unattended automation, meaning there are front and back office bots that execute your required processes. The back office robot (unattended) works in batch mode without intervention whilst the front robot (attended) shares the interface layer with a human agent who holds control over utilization.


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