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Elevating the Impact of Nonprofits with Custom AI-Powered Solutions

Financial & Analytics Nonprofit Programming Solutions

To satisfy your financial and analytical management needs, Chetu offers custom program development services designed to improve resource alignment and increase visibility within your organizational expenses. Our custom nonprofit programming solutions allow you to accelerate your nonprofit organization’s funding, planning, and rapid reporting.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Nonprofits

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts can integrate AI into nonprofit management platforms to streamline the functions and increase efficiency in their operations.

Fundraising Personalization

Our experts can develop AI that personalizes donor interactions and improves peer to peer fundraising efforts. Nonprofit systems leverage AI to segment donors, predict preferences, and create tailored engagement strategies. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can provide real-time support, answer inquiries, and assist with donation processes.

Predictive Analytics

We develop AI algorithms that predict future outcomes based on previous data. Organizations can forecast donor behavior, optimize fundraising campaigns and anticipate potential challenges by integrating predictive analytics into nonprofit tools.

Volunteer Management

We can integrate AI into nonprofit applications that streamlines volunteer management processes. Nonprofit programs use AI to match volunteers with opportunities that align with their skills, availability, and interests. Additionally, AI can automate scheduling, communication, and performance tracking, making managing volunteers swift and efficient.

Fraud Detection & Risk

We can integrate AI to detect fraudulent activity patterns and identify potential risks. Our nonprofit solutions incorporate AI algorithms to monitor financial transactions, identify suspicious behavior, and mitigate fraud risks. This helps safeguard the organization’s resources and maintain donor trust.

Impact Assessment and Reporting

Our AI-powered solutions assist in assessing the impact of nonprofit programs and generating comprehensive reports. By integrating AI into management systems, nonprofits can automate data collection, measure outcomes, and generate accurate reports. Improving these operations is essential for accountability, transparency, and demonstrating impact to stakeholders.

Workflow Automation

Our experts develop AI solutions that automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, document processing, and administrative duties. Nonprofit organizations can free up staff time for more strategic and value-added activities, enhancing overall productivity by integrating AI into nonprofit management platforms.

Accounting Solutions

Chetu is proud to be a leading accounting solutions provider for nonprofit and fundraising campaigns. We create solutions for mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms.

Treasury Management

We develop a custom treasury management software solution that manages spending guidelines, generated FED and state-wide compliance forms, and increase efficiency by tracking everything that you spend so that you can make more informed spending decisions.

ERP Integration

We integrate with ERP systems, delivering a single, unified platform where all back-office processes are streamlined. With ERPs, such as NetSuite, nonprofit organizations can easily create a precise budget for the true cost of mission delivery.

Fund Accounting System

We engineer custom fund accounting programs specifically for government organizations or nonprofits, programmed with modules for fundraiser planning and donor management.

Compliance Management System

We engineer compliance management solutions to ensure that nonprofits understand their compliance responsibilities and incorporate them into business processes. We program all necessary features, including those for procurement, HR, supplies and contractors.

Project and Team Management

We integrate Confluence with Jira to provide a project management solution alongside Jira's software development tools. We leverage Jira Issues Macro and Jira Query Language (JQL) to display Jira issues created from within Confluence.

Custom Nonprofit Platform Integrations

Chetu’s software developers can seamlessly integrate intuitive software for nonprofits with third-party platforms to enable streamlined donation processes, real-time donation campaign monitoring, and interactive gamification to engage further donors that are vital for nonprofit organizations.



Chetu’s software experts can integrate Jotform to customize all your documentation needs to grow your nonprofit’s presence. Streamline all donor online forms, organize volunteer applications, and mobilize partnerships with persuasive applications customized to boost sponsorships and co-branding.



Our expert software developers understand how critical effective fundraising is for nonprofits. We can integrate your nonprofit platform with Fundly to streamline all digital fundraising efforts and propel your nonprofit organization forward.



Chetu’s dedicated software developers can leverage Donorbox to modernize fundraising, enabling your nonprofit to safely and efficiently receive donations via the Internet. Our expert-level developers work to ensure all transactions are secure by implementing trusted and proven resources, enabling expedient receipt of all donations.



Our software experts can integrate Donately to provide multiple donor payment options with embedded tools such as Wordpress, Squarespace, and Webflow, enabling the creation of customized, interactive campaigns to attract multiple donors to boost your nonprofit’s messaging campaign.



Chetu’s expert-level developers can leverage Snowball to deploy an intuitive CRM software that optimizes donor data, efficiently tracks donations and gifts, and enables creation of a fully customized online store to sell products to raise funds for your nonprofit. Chetu’s skilled software experts can seamlessly program and integrate this one-stop-shop resource to modernize your nonprofit operations.



Attract top donors with Qgiv fully customized and integrated with your nonprofit management system by Chetu. Our expert developers utilize Qgiv to create intuitive donation receipts detailing every donation’s direct impact, enabling donors to gain unique insight and transparency into how their charitable funding is making positive gains within your nonprofit.



Chetu’s adept nonprofit software developers seamlessly integrate OneCause, an intuitive platform for nonprofits that promotes mobile auctions and enables gamification of donor drives, keeping prospective donors engaged while providing a rich, end-user experience.



Chetu’s dedicated developers integrate RaiseDonors and utilize its custom reporting options to enable real-time campaign monitoring and generate customized thank you and donor acknowledgement reports to individualize donor end-user experiences.



Chetu’s nonprofit software specialists configure and integrate Vision2 to help meet the demands of church donor campaigns. Our software experts enable mobile text-to-give with unlimited transaction options and the ability to create recurring gifts. With customized donor self-service tools, Vision2 facilitates donor independence that adheres to all tax-free donation regulations.

Software Support Services For Nonprofit Systems

We’re dedicated to empowering nonprofits with comprehensive software system support, including financial management assistance. We resolve technical issues and we also optimize software usage and ensure proactive maintenance.

Nonprofit Technical Support

Our technical support is instrumental in maintaining the seamless operation of nonprofit applications. Our expert team excels in swift issue resolution, minimizing downtime. We go beyond reactive solutions by utilizing predictive maintenance to address potential issues before they impact operations diligently. We tailor to the needs of nonprofits, and support guarantees optimal performance.

24/7 HelpDesk For Nonprofit Application

We emphasize the critical role of regular maintenance in sustaining optimal performance for nonprofit applications. This approach ensures reliability, minimizes downtime and enhances overall operational efficiency for nonprofit organizations. Our expert system auditing guarantees a thorough examination of your applications, identifying potential issues before they escalate. We excel in server administration to elevate the performance and ensure the seamless operation of applications.

Extended Support & Maintenance for Nonprofits

We anticipate the evolving needs of nonprofit organizations, so our extended support includes regular security updates to safeguard your nonprofit software against emerging threats and vulnerabilities. We provide grant writing and fundraising support, legal compliance guidance, and technology upgrades. Stay at the forefront of technology with our support, ensuring your nonprofit applications have the latest features and enhancements.

Dedicated Nonprofits Customer Support

We understand nonprofits' unique challenges and underscore the importance of responsive and dedicated customer support. Our commitment is unwavering and ensures top-notch customer services, prioritizing the needs of nonprofits to guarantee a seamless and positive experience throughout every support stage. We offer Volunteer management assistance, marketing and communication support, and Technology and IT consulting for nonprofits.

Membership Management

We develop membership management solutions for the nonprofit industry. Giving nonprofits the volunteer management they need.

Member Database Management

We provide user-friendly nonprofit software allowing for centralized fundraising and donor management activities which are not purpose-built according to how your organization operates. Keep track and manage your donor relationships, pledges, and interactions.

Vendor Management

Integration into VendorInsight is a web-based vendor risk management solution that simplifies vendor and contract management process through automated workflows, easy-to-use features & vendor news/risk monitoring.

Meeting and Transportation Logistics

We deliver success-driven custom meeting management software solutions featuring unified communications, robust fleet asset management capabilities, employee access portals, and more.

Dues and Grant Management

We create custom grant and fundraising management systems that enables nonprofit administrators to manage grant administration processes, donation forms, fundraising activities, and grant requisitions.

Committee Management

We build custom nonprofit board and committee engagement platforms that enable users to manage communications easier, secure document storage & sharing, and organize meetings online or in-person easily.

Grant Seeking and Fundraising

We integrate with payment portals to enable recurring online donations and online payment processing. We also create custom online fundraising tools to enable automated grant seeking, fundraising tracking, organization, application approvals, reports, and other essential grant documentation.

Event Management

We integrate custom CRM modules and capabilities into your current event registration systems to enhance SMS messaging, promotions, contact listings, check-ins, direct email capabilities, and more.

Grant Award Management

Our world-class grant award management systems enable organizations to effectively manage their programs, award multiple grants on an annual basis all while providing the ultimate user experience.

Social Media and Marketing Automation

We engineer highly advanced social media and marketing automation platforms to ensure 100% content authenticity.

Mass Email Campaigns

Our custom email marketing tools are seamlessly integrated with third-party solutions, including Constant Contact, MailChimp, and other compatible email platforms.

Social Media

We integrate with your social media networks to enable you to manage your online interactions across multiple social media platforms, increasing your reach, visibility, and audience engagement.

Marketing Automation

We develop marketing platforms that enable users to track and manage their advertising and marketing campaign activities all in one unified platform.

Interactive and Action Driven Website

We integrate WordPress or Joomla CMS solutions when we build dynamic websites or mobile applications to enhance business automation processes.

Automated Calling

Custom , allowing enhanced customer engagement through ACD modules, SIP integrations, and enterprise workload management.

We develop custom automated calling and tracking software that allows for optimized enterprise workload management, SIP integrations, enhanced customer engagement, ACD modules, and more.

Faith Based Management System

Chetu develops faith-based management solutions for churches, religious institutions, and nonprofits. allowing nonprofits to manage their human resources and logistical needs.

Live Streaming

We provide solutions for live streaming of services and events. We engineer custom online collection portals to facilitate subscription-based live streaming for gifts and payments.

Multi-Site Management

Chetu creates operational management solutions for churches and faith-based institutions with multiple branches.

Member Portal

We develop member portals that allow users to keep track of member information, interactions, tax deductions, pledges, donations, and more.

Tithing and Donations

We create custom-tailored donor databases to effectively manage donors and facilitate automated online giving.


Easily create financials such as balance sheets, income statements, and budgeting reports. Gather data from multiple sources and track your financial health & donor retention in real-time.

Child Check-in

Child check-in software enables users to schedule events, monitor attendance, and quickly print out name tags directly on the spot. You can also opt to receive notifications whenever families stop coming multiple days or weeks in a row.

Nonprofit Management Software: Frequently Asked Questions

A specialized tool or platform designed to assist nonprofit organizations in managing various aspects of their operations, including donor management, fundraising, volunteer coordination, event management, and financial tracking.

Donor management systems help nonprofits manage donor relationships, donations, and volunteer work. It enables personalized strategies for donor retention.

Fundraising software refers to specialized tools used by nonprofit organizations to streamline and automate their fundraising efforts. It enables nonprofits to manage donation processes, cultivate donor relationships, and conduct online or offline campaigns. By leveraging fundraising software, nonprofits can optimize their fundraising strategies, attract donors, and ensure sustainable financing.

Yes, assistance is offered to facilitate your data migration to the nonprofit software, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal use of the platform’s features.

Custom software can provide numerous benefits, such as improving efficiency in managing operations, streamlining communication with donors and volunteers, enhancing fundraising efforts, simplifying event planning, automating financial processes, and providing valuable data insights for informed decision-making.

AI empowers nonprofits by leveraging donor data to personalize fundraising efforts. Through AI tools, organizations analyze giving patterns, interests, and demographics to tailor appeals and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

AI improves prospecting for nonprofits by finding the right contacts, eliminating the need to reach out to many people and hoping for matches to achieve goals.

A dedicated helpdesk and support line is accessible to address any urgent issues or concerns you may encounter while using the nonprofit software, providing timely assistance and solutions.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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